My name is Susan Hampson but friends call me Sue so I hope that is the name you will know me by.

I have always had a love of reading but it did escalate once I was bought a kindle in 2011. I read and listen to a book per day most days but it is only over this last 18 months that I have realised how important reviewing is to other fellow readers and to authors. I believe over time that my reviews have improved same as anything else you do regular. If I like an author’s books I tend to buy everything they write. I am a keeper of books but also use Kindle Unlimited too. I always respect that an author has spent months and months to produce a novel and I won’t after just taking a night to read it put up a terrible review. I would contact an author or publisher and say this novel isn’t for me. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it but I have chosen badly.

I am not perfect, I never have been.  I’m the one as a child that always walked into lamp posts and fell over. Mum tried to help and used to put me plasters on my knees before I went out to save me the trouble of coming back in.  I have 5 grown up children and ten grandchildren all which seem to have taken after me bless ’em to the extent that they have set up a joint chat page called Mum’s bad Genes!

I love reading, I always have but my punctuation and grammar aren’t the best but I do know a good book when I read it. That is what I review on the story.

I do reviews on Amazon UK, Goodreads, NetGalley, my FB Book Page, Twitter with links to the publisher and author.

I love lots of genres Criminal Procedural, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Romance, comedy and Fantasy. I do like variety. Feel free to contact me for further information anytime on email: susanhampson57@hotmail.co.uk



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