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The Shadow Man: The most gripping crime thriller of 2021 from the bestselling author of books like Perfect Remains by [Helen Fields]


The brand new crime thriller from the bestselling author of the Perfect series – Helen Fields is back with her first stand-alone novel!

He collects his victims. But he doesn’t keep them safe.

Elspeth, Meggy and Xavier are locked in a flat. They don’t know where they are, and they don’t know why they’re there. They only know that the shadow man has taken them, and he won’t let them go.
Desperate to escape, the three of them must find a way out of their living hell, even if it means uncovering a very dark truth.
Because the shadow man isn’t a nightmare. He’s all too real.
And he’s watching.
Helen Fields is back with a heart-pounding new book, perfect for fans of Cara Hunter and Stuart MacBride.


The Shadow Man

The Shadow Man, Thrillers, Crime, Scotland, Crime Fiction, Police Procedural, Rachel Lynch, M J Lee


OMG if you read this book in bed, you will be sleeping with the light on for the rest of the night. Well, that is if you can sleep. I am always waiting for the dip of intensity when the opening has been so powerful, but it never happened. The story kept the edgy and unpredictable urgency through every chapter and every page.

It is a stand-alone read, but I hope it becomes a series. The core characters have a uniqueness about them and sparks mischief that made me want to punch the air. So yes, there are some lighter moments in the story and times that made my heart race in a good way.

The story has characters that have complex pasts, so unusual connections are made between them, and dangerous lines crossed that made me step back in awe, just to remember that I needed to breathe. The story centres around abductions that have no pattern.

An American forensic psychologist, Connie Woolwine, has been brought in to partner DI Brodie Baarda, to hunt this man down. She has a unique way of connecting to victims and killers that gave me shivers. At this point, I must say, that another star of this book was pathologist Alisa Lambert, who could quite easily have her own series of books. A fabulous character.

Set in Scotland, this is a beauty to lose yourself in and occupy every brain cell you have. Just when you think that this book has peaked it takes a massive leap to a new mind-numbing height. A nerve-racking, mouth open ending! Highly recommended read. Stunning.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Helen Fields

An international and Amazon #1 best-selling author, Helen is a former criminal and family law barrister. Every book in the Callanach series has claimed an Amazon #1 bestseller flag. The last book in the series, ‘Perfect Kill’ was longlisted for the Crime Writers Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger in 2020, and others have been longlisted for the McIlvanney Prize, Scottish crime novel of the year. Helen also writes as HS Chandler, and has released legal thriller ‘Degrees of Guilt’. Her audio book ‘Perfect Crime’ knocked Michelle Obama off the #1 spot. In 2020 Perfect Remains was shortlisted for the Bronze Bat, Dutch debut crime novel of the year. Now translated into 16 languages, and also selling in the USA, Canada & Australasia, Helen’s books have won global recognition. Her historical thriller ‘These Lost & Broken Things’ came out in May 2020. Her first standalone thriller – The Shadow Man – from HarperColllins will be published on February 4, 2021. She currently commutes between West Sussex, Scotland and California. She lives with her husband and three children.

TWITTER: @Helen_Fields

The Shadow Man: The most gripping crime thriller of 2021 from the bestselling author of books like Perfect Remains by [Helen Fields]

The Song of the Psychopath by Mark Tilbury @MTilburyAuthor #TheSongOfThePsychopath #NewRelease #BlogBitz #BookReview #TwistedTilbury

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A year after going missing from home, Tommy Scarlett is found unconscious in an isolated country road. He has a fractured skull, broken wrist, and numerous other injuries. Recovering in hospital, Tommy has no recollection of the past. He doesn’t even recognize his own family.

After returning home, Tommy suffers severe headaches and acute depression. Desperate to help him, his father puts him into the care of a private therapist. But Tommy soon learns his troubles are far from over.

As the past is slowly unlocked, it becomes increasingly clear that Tommy has suffered an ordeal so horrendous it beggars belief. And those responsible are determined to silence him by any means possible.

Can Tommy find out what really happened to him and bring those responsible to justice?

Or will the past finally catch up with him and finish him off for good?

BUY LINK: Song Of The Psychopath 


Well if things weren’t bad enough for what poor Tommy Scarlett had gone through, after being missing for a year! Tommy has woken up in the hospital with broken bones, finding out he has been abused in every way possible, a complete loss of memory and facing a world with Covid running riot! I am delighted that someone has made this part of everyday life for 2021 reads!

Twisted Tilbury, as regular readers of this author have come to know him, lives up to this gruesome title yet again. The characters that are from the dregs of terminally damaged people, which are impossible to heal.

Tommy is sat on the fence until his mind decides which side he will come down on. My heart was pounding with every episode he experienced with PTSD flashbacks that put his family and him in severe danger.

All of the Scarlett family are feeling like they are to blame for his disappearance in the first place, so they all have issues to overcome. His older sister swears that she will never give up on him and feels the blame falls on her the most.

I thought the characters were perfect in the story. OMG, the story is so edgy, and I was never sure of just how far Tommy would go when he had his flashbacks. The last third of this story just blew me away, it is one of the best I have read for shocks and tingles. I couldn’t read anything else for days after this. Twisted Tilbury is keeping his worthy title. What a beaut!

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


An image posted by the author.

Mark lives in a small village in the lovely county of Cumbria, although his books are set in Oxfordshire where he was born and raised.

He’s always had a keen interest in writing and after being widowed and raising his two daughters, Mark finally took the plunge and began self-publishing. After being published by an indie publisher Mark has now returned to self-publishing and is re-launching his back catalogue, before a new thriller is due out March 2021

When he’s not writing, Mark can be found playing guitar, reading and walking.



Song Of The Psychopath

Find You First by Linwood Barclay @linwood_barclay @HQstories #BookReview #FindYouFirst #NetGalley #NewRelease


Tech millionaire Miles Cookson has more money than he can ever spend, and everything he could dream of–except time. He has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and there is a fifty percent chance that it can be passed on to the next generation. For Miles, this means taking a long hard look at his past . . .

Two decades ago, a young, struggling Miles was a sperm donor. Somewhere out there, he has kids–nine of them. And they might be about to inherit both the good and the bad from him–maybe his fortune, or maybe something much worse.

As Miles begins to search for the children he’s never known, aspiring film documentarian Chloe Swanson embarks on a quest to find her biological father, armed with the knowledge that twenty-two years ago, her mother used a New York sperm bank to become pregnant.

When Miles and Chloe eventually connect, their excitement at finding each other is overshadowed by a series of mysterious and terrifying events. One by one, Miles’s other potential heirs are vanishing–every trace of them wiped, like they never existed at all.

Who is the vicious killer–another heir methodically erasing rivals? Or is something even more sinister going on?

It’s a deadly race against time . . 


Find You First


Miles Cookson is one of the good guys in the world. He is a self-made millionaire and single, but he has heard that he has a genetic condition that will eventually kill him. As a young struggling student, he had been a sperm donor, so he is determined to discover what ‘children’ he has out in the world. He intends to leave his money to them and let them know that they too could carry this devastating gene.

What a refreshing storyline this was. I liked Miles straight away, even with all his money, he didn’t see himself as better than anyone else. He enjoyed the luxuries it brought with it but valued people for who they were not what they had. On the other end of this spectrum is a couple of young people trying to find their biological father.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story and picking out the similarities and differences of nature and nurture amongst them. It is a very twisty story full of surprises and shocks that caught me out time and time again. It wasn’t a book that could be put down because it felt like I was up against the clock.

The story revolves around money and how the characters view its worth. It brings out the best and the worst in people. A complete story that ties up all the ends. A great book.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly


Linwood Barclay is an international bestselling crime and thriller author with over twenty critically acclaimed novels to his name, including the phenomenal number one bestseller No Time For Goodbye. Every Linwood Barclay book is a masterclass in characterisation, plot and the killer twist, and with sales of over 7 million copies globally, his books have been sold in more than 39 countries around the world and he can count Stephen King, Shari Lapena and Peter James among his many fans.

Many of his books have been optioned for film and TV, and Linwood wrote the screenplay for the film based on his bestselling novel Never Saw It Coming. He is currently working with eOne to turn the Promise Falls trilogy into a series. Born in the US, his parents moved to Canada just as he was turning four, and he’s lived there ever since. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Neetha. They have two grown children.

Twitter: @linwood_barclay

An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young Book 1) Carol Wyer @carolewyer @AmazonPub #NewRelease #BookReview

An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young Book 1) by [Carol Wyer]


A killer running rings around the police. A detective spiralling out of control.

DI Kate Young is on leave. She’s the force’s best detective, but her bosses know she’s under pressure, on medication and overcoming trauma. So after her bad judgement call leads to a narrowly averted public disaster, they’re sure all she needs is a rest.

But when Staffordshire Police summon her back to work on a murder case, it’s a harder, more suspicious Kate Young who returns. With a new ruthlessness, she sets about tracking down a clinical, calculating serial killer who is torturing victims and leaving clues to taunt the police. Spurred on by her reporter husband, Young begins to suspect that the murderer might be closer than she ever imagined.

As she works to uncover the truth, Young unravels a network of secrets and lies, with even those closest to her having something to hide. But with her own competence—and her grip on reality—called into question, can she unmask the killer before they strike again?


An Eye for an Eye


Here is the start of another very engaging series by author Carol Wyer. One thing that I love straight away about this author’s books, is that they take place around where I live. It makes it all so much more visual.

DI Kate Young has had it rough when you meet her and is on leave after being involved in a traumatic event where a lot of people lost their lives. It has left her with PTSD and flashbacks that interfere with her everyday life, but a vicious murder has taken place and her boss needs her back on the job.

It is clear, whatever is going on, is very personal between the murderer and the victim. The planning is detailed and the staging unique and baffling. Then a second victim is found. The men had been murdered in the same manner. Both respected within their circles of friends and colleagues. The pressure is on Kate as she struggles with what is real, and what is in her mind.

Kate’s husband, a dedicated reporter that seeks the truth as much as her, is never far from her thoughts. The closeness and dedication of the pair without question. Kate realises that she must clear her mind if she is to solve the murders. Then what a story unfolds. I was speechless and numb as this jigsaw that didn’t have all the pieces, begins to form another picture that makes sense.

It is a first-class read that had me fascinated by its historical side of the investigation, the why? The who? and the what is still to come, because the fat lady has still to sing an encore and it will be one hell of a performance when she does! I am looking forward to the second book in this series.


Winner of The People’s Book Prize Award, Carol Wyer is a bestselling author and stand-up comedian who writes feel-good comedies and gripping crime fiction. A move to the ‘dark side’ in 2017 saw the introduction of popular DI Robyn Carter in Little Girl Lost, the #2 bestselling book on Amazon, #9 bestselling audiobook on Audible and Top 150 USA Today bestseller. A second series, featuring DI Natalie Ward, quickly followed and to date her crime novels have sold over 750,000 copies and been translated for various overseas markets, including Norwegian, Italian, Turkish, Hungarian Slovak, Czech and Polish. Carol has been interviewed on numerous radio shows discussing ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’ and ‘Ageing Disgracefully’, and on BBC Breakfast television. She has written for Woman’s WeeklyTake A BreakChoiceYoursWoman’s Own and HuffPost. She currently lives on a windy hill in rural Staffordshire with her husband, Mr Grumpy…who is very, very grumpy.

Twitter: @carolewyer

An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young Book 1) by [Carol Wyer]

Where Madness Lies by Sylvia True @sylviatrue #WhereMadnessLies #JewishLiterature #BookReview #TopHatBooks #NewRelease

Where Madness Lies: A Novel by [Sylvia True]


Germany, 1934. Rigmor, a young Jewish woman is a patient at Sonnenstein, a premier psychiatric institution known for their curative treatments. But with the tide of eugenics and the Nazis’ rise to power, Rigmor is swept up in a campaign to rid Germany of the mentally ill. USA, 1984. Sabine, battling crippling panic and depression commits herself to McLean Hospital, but in doing so she has unwittingly agreed to give up her baby. Linking these two generations of women is Inga, who did everything in her power to help her sister, Rigmor. Now with her granddaughter, Sabine, Inga is given a second chance to free someone she loves from oppressive forces, both within and without. This is a story about hope and redemption, about what we pass on, both genetically and culturally. It is about the high price of repression, and how one woman, who lost nearly everything, must be willing to reveal the failures of the past in order to save future generations. With chilling echoes of our time, Where Madness Lies is based on a true story of the author’s own family.


Where Madness Lies


One woman links two stories together fifty years apart, both revolving around mental health issues. In 1934 Germany Inga’s sister Rigmor suffers from bouts of severe depression, so her wealthy Jewish mother agrees to her being committed to a mental institute partly because of embarrassment and because she wants her daughter to get better.

Paperwork and lies soon entangle Rigmor in the system the won’t let her go as doctors are heading down the path of experiments, sterilisation and extermination of those not perfect for the new German dream of Adolph Hitler

In the present day, 1984, a much older Inga comes to the aid of her granddaughter Sabine who has signed herself into a clinic because of postnatal depression she thought she was in control and didn’t realise that she had signed away the rights to her baby. The story jumps between past and present and had been hushed up all these years, until now.

This story has been written with passion and it wound its way into me. I was very overwhelmed with the cruelty that was going on behind secret locked doors. At times I cried more than once. But not all the doctors at this institute were eager to follow orders. There was more than one scene in this story that I read with a hand over my mouth because it was just too terrible.

Inga had lived through the hell of the past, now she was determined that things would be very different even if she had to risk her future now.
The story is based on events that happened to the author’s family. Somethings should never be forgotten.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


An image posted by the author.

Sylvia True, author of the popular novel The Wednesday Group, was born in Manchester, England, and now lives in Massachusetts with her husband and dogs where she teaches high school chemistry.

TWITTER: @sylviatrue

The Art of Death by David Fennell @DavyFennell @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n #BlogTour #NewRelease #BookReview

Firstly I wish to thank Tracy Fenton for inviting me on the Blog Tour for The Art of Death by David Fennell



London’s latest art installation is a real killer . . .

An underground artist leaves three glass cabinets in Trafalgar Square that contain a gruesome installation: the corpses of three homeless men.

With the artist promising more to follow, newly-promoted Detective Inspector Grace Archer and her caustic DS, Harry Quinn, must race against time to follow what few clues have been left by a savvy killer.

As more bodies are exhibited at London landmarks and live streamed on social media, Archer and Quinn’s pursuit of the elusive killer becomes a desperate search.

But when Archer discovers that the killer might be closer than she originally thought – she realises that he has his sights set firmly on her . . .

He is creating a masterpiece. And she will be the star of his show.



What a cracking debut. Now I had heard of live art, but this is the other extreme as a psycho artist displays the people which he has killed as exhibits that everyone can see. The works of art have titles, the first three victims are homeless, called “The Forsaken”, and he streamed it online @nonymous. These are not by any means random killings, and they certainly aren’t the last.

Oh wow, if you are a little squeamish then walk away if not then you are in for a brutal and heart-pounding few hours. Although this was Grace Archer’s first day as a DI, this case already had that make or break feel about it. The pace is like lightening and the story complex but it is all put together in such a way that each display makes it unforgettable.

Grace is a complex character herself with a team that comes across like water and oil, but it works. This nut job has a finale in mind that could have easily made this a memorable stand-alone but ……….. I am looking forward to more from this author who has created a very likeable DI that you can’t help but get behind.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


David Fennell was born and raised in Belfast before leaving for London at the age of eighteen with £50 in one pocket and a dog-eared copy of Stephen King’s The Stand in the other. He jobbed as a chef, waiter and bartender for several years before starting a career in writing for the software industry. He has been working in CyberSecurity for fourteen years and is a fierce advocate for information privacy. David has played rugby for Brighton and has studied Creative Writing at the University of Sussex. He is married and he and his partner split their time between Central London and Brighton

Twitter: @DavyFennell

Hunted by Antony Dunford @HobeckBooks #NewRelease #BookReview #KindleUnlimited #ActionAdventure

Firstly I wish to thank Rebecca Collins of Hobeck Books for inviting me to read and review this book, Hunted by Anthony Dunford.

Hunted by [Antony  Dunford]


The brilliant debut action adventure thriller by Antony Dunford, shortlisted for the 2019 UEA Crime Writing Prize and longlisted for the 2020 Grindstone Literary Novel prize.

Once a member of the world’s first all-female special forces unit, the Norwegian Hunter Troop, Jane Haven is now helping her brother Kennet protect some of the world’s most endangered animals at his Kenyan Wildlife Conservancy.

Drawn away from her vigil protecting Douglas, the world’s last remaining male Northern White rhino, Jane returns to find a scene of devastation and murder.

Everything and everyone Jane cares for is affected.

But before she can track down the killers, Jane finds that she’s the one being hunted…

Hunted is a thrilling adventure that transports the reader into the savage beauty of the African bush. Antony Dunford captures the majesty of Kenya’s wildlife, and in Jane Haven, he’s created a modern kick-ass heroine for the Extinction Rebellion generation.




The opening chapter of this book just made me feel connected. I loved the steady pace, the calm and connection of both the characters and the precious wards, which are in their care. Jane Haven has seen terrible things in her not too distant past and still maintains a level of fitness that is envied by most men. Jane is working for her brother Kennet at a Kenyan wildlife conservation centre.

Douglas, a white rhino, is the last male of his kind. What a character he is. He knows what he likes and knows how to wrap people around his little stumpy horn to get what he wants. Douglas had his horn removed to deter any poachers from killing him for it. Douglas is getting on a bit now but still has many years left to be spoilt. His daughter and granddaughter are in sight of where he is.

Circumstances have it that the centre is running with minimal staff when a call goes out and Jane goes to investigate. When she returns things are never going to go back to how they were.

Jane is a character that I fell in beside every step of the way through this book. It feels like Jane has been living a bubble, because of the position her brother held, but we were both going to have our eyes opened. Nothing adds up or makes sense, but she is determined to get justice. It is a terrific story that affected so many lives for so many different reasons. The story didn’t go the way I thought it would. It has that gobsmacking turn of events that brings your blood up a few degrees. I had to take a time out.

Oh boy, some terrible people in this world think they are untouchable but this author made them so very real to me. It is a tremendous story he has written. If he wanted to make a point, believe me, he has done that. It has a real wake you up ending. I am so looking forward to reading more of his stories and following Jane where ever she goes.

I wish to thank the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Up Close

I was born in Bradford and grew up in West Yorkshire, 
variously in Cleckheaton, Scholes, Moorend, and Ilkley. Grim and dour and wild. But also magnificent and open and kind. Landscape, literature and a hint of mayhem rolled together from the start. For example, when I was at school my inspirational A level English teacher, Gina Wild, took us on a field trip to Haworth. We were studying Wuthering Heights, and it was only just up the road, so why not? I remember two things about that trip. The first was getting a lift there with Gina and two other students and being late for the start of the talk she’d arranged. The second was turning back from the walk to Top Withens (the moor-top bothy that inspired the farm of Wuthering Heights) not because we were cold, tired, and put off by the wind and the rain, but because the pubs had opened and we were missing good drinking time. Ale in Yorkshire is very important.


Hunted by [Antony  Dunford]

Family by Owen Mullen @OwenMullen6 @BoldwoodBooks #NewRelease #WhiteCollarCrime #BookReview

Family: An addictive, action-packed thriller you won't be able to put down in 2021 by [Owen Mullen]


The Glass family business is crime, and they’re good at what they do. Vengeance took Luke Glass behind bars – but now he’s free and he’s never going back. Luke wants out of the gangster life – all he has to do is convince his family to let him go.

His brother holds the reins of the South London underworld in his brutal hands – nobody tells Danny Glass no and expects to live – not even DCI Oliver Stanford, bent copper and one of the Met’s rising stars. The way Danny sees it, his younger brother and sister Nina owe him everything. The price he demands is loyalty, and a war with their arch enemy gives him the leverage he needs to tie Luke to the family once more.

Luke can’t see a way out, until Danny commits a crime so terrible it can’t be forgiven. Love turns to hate when secrets are unearthed which pit brother against brother. Left with no choice but to choose a side, Nina holds the fate of the family in her hands.

In the Glass family, Owen Mullen has created a crime dynasty to rival the Richardsons and the Krays. Heart-pounding, jaw-dropping with non-stop action, Family is perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers and Mandasue Heller.

What readers say about Owen Mullen:

‘Owen Mullen knows how to ramp up the action just when it’s needed… he never fails to give you hard-hitting thrillers that have moments that will stay with you forever…’

‘One of the very best thriller writers I have ever read.’

‘Owen Mullen writes a good story, he really brings his characters to life and the endings are hard to guess and never what you expected.’


Family: An addictive, action-packed thriller you won’t be able to put down in 2021

Owen Mullen Family Banner


Owen Mullen has pulled all the stops out with this hard-hitting gangster thriller as it has all those gruesome qualities to hit the adrenalin spot from page 1.

Danny Glass heads the family business with his two siblings Luke and Nina, who he brought up and protected from their alcoholic and abusive father. The debt will never be paid off as he expects their support always. The family rule the South London underworld, but a rival gang has seriously crossed the line, and Luke has evened up the score the best he could. When Luke, is released from prison for the crime he committed after seven years, he feels his loyalty debt to Danny is well and truly paid off, but it is not that simple. Danny won’t ever let him or sister Nina leave.

OMG, Danny Glass is a psychopath without an off switch no matter who he is coming up against! To go against him is fatal to humiliate him is genocide. When a couple of newbies make a fatal error of judgement, events are put into motion, that haven’t a brake.

What a tremendous story this is. Was it far fetched? Definitely not, think Krays and add some. Danny is a terrifying character with a ton of patience. He is calculated, and more than happy to wait his time, which makes him even more terrifying. He has protection from high places, who rake in the rewards of looking the other way, losing evidence and warning him of plans to bring him down but even Danny can overstep the mark. A line is crossed that cannot be erased, and Danny just can’t let it go.

I was glued to every page of this story, and even with its size read it in one sitting. When events had taken place, I had to know what Danny would do to even the score, but I was numb as I read. The descriptions of events that followed were like I was there. I felt so very helpless my heart rate increased and I don’t think I have ever felt so helpless, reading a book.
If you like gangland thrillers, then this is a perfect read for you.

Everything of gangland life is in these pages. I do hope there is going to be more of this from Owen Mullen. I have read all of his books, and they have been brilliant, but this is another league, and he is top in this premiership. Stunning!

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.



Bestselling author Owen Mullen is a McIlvanney Crime Book Of The Year long-listed novelist.

Owen Mullen graduated from Strathclyde University, moved to London and worked as a rock musician, session singer and songwriter, and had a hit record in Japan with a band he refuses to name; Owen still loves to perform on occasion. His great love for travel has taken him on many adventures from the Amazon and Africa to the colourful continent of India and Nepal. A gregarious recluse, he and his wife, Christine, split their time between Glasgow, and their home away from home in the Greek Islands where all of his crime thrillers were created.

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Family: An addictive, action-packed thriller you won't be able to put down in 2021 by [Owen Mullen]

The Island by C L Taylor @callytaylor @HQstories #Bookreview #NetGalley #YoungAdultThriller #NewRelease


Welcome to The Island.

Where your worst fears are about to come true…

It was supposed to be the perfect holiday: a week-long trip for six teenage friends on a remote tropical island.

But when their guide dies of a stroke leaving them stranded, the trip of a lifetime turns into a nightmare.

Because someone on the island knows each of the group’s worst fears. And one by one, they’re becoming a reality.

Seven days in paradise. A deadly secret.

Who will make it off the island alive?


The Island


Every year six families had gone on holiday with each other since they had met at anti-natal classes. Some of the now teenagers had siblings. Not. all the families could meet every year, either because of finances or for some, family tragedies. The six families had gone to Thailand this year, but the teenagers had all changed over the years, had their distinctive characters and styles. Each year they became more like strangers to each other.

Jefferson is all about survival skills so for his birthday this year, his parents have hired a private island for the six teens to go to for a week, with an experienced guide too. After playing a campfire game of what their phobias are, their guide becomes very ill and dies. The youngsters are left to fend for themselves with no way to contact the outside world. But things are going to take a dangerous turn. Who else is on the Island?

This is a great YA thriller that will get set your imagination alight trying to work out why mysterious things are happening. The teens have to overcome their worst nightmare situations. The Island is both a beautiful and deadly with the group falling apart with each other. Hormones are on the boil and rational thinking non existent.

The days are ticking down until they will be picked up, that is if they can survive until then. It is a fabulous Y. A. novel.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


C.L. Taylor

C.L. Taylor is an award winning Sunday Times bestselling author of eight gripping psychological thrillers including SLEEP, a Richard and Judy Book Club pick for autumn 2019. Her books are not a series and can be read in any order:


2014 – The Accident
2015 – The Lie
2016 – The Missing
2017 – The Escape
2018 – The Fear
2019 – Sleep
2020 – Strangers
2021 – Her Last Holiday

She has also written standalone two Young Adult thrillers:

The Treatment

The Island

C.L. Taylor’s books have sold in excess of a million copies, been number one on Amazon Kindle, Audible, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play and have been translated into 25 languages and optioned for TV.

SLEEP won the ‘best ebook’ award in the Amazon Publishing Readers’ Awards. THE ESCAPE won a Dead Good Books award. THE FEAR was shortlisted in the Hearst Big Book Awards in the ‘Pageturner’ category.

C.L. Taylor lives in Bristol in the UK with her partner and son.

TWITTER: @callytaylor

Shiver by Allie Reynolds @AuthorAllieR @headlinepg #Shiver #BookReview #NetGalley #NewRelease

Shiver: who is guilty and who is innocent in the most gripping thriller of the year by [Allie Reynolds]


They don’t know what I did. And I intend to keep it that way.

How far would you go to win? Hyper-competitive people, mind games and a dangerous natural environment combine to make the must-read thriller of the year. Fans of Lucy Foley and Lisa Jewell will be gripped by spectacular debut novel Shiver.

When Milla is invited to a reunion in the French Alps resort that saw the peak of her snowboarding career, she drops everything to go. While she would rather forget the events of that winter, the invitation comes from Curtis, the one person she can’t seem to let go.

The five friends haven’t seen each other for ten years, since the disappearance of the beautiful and enigmatic Saskia. But when an icebreaker game turns menacing, they realise they don’t know who has really gathered them there and how far they will go to find the truth.

In a deserted lodge high up a mountain, the secrets of the past are about to come to light.




Set in the beautiful French Alps, high in an out of season ski resort, five former snowboarding champions meet up for the time in ten years. The last time that they were together Saskia disappeared and has never been found. Each of them had received an invitation, but none of them had sent the invitations out. They all had their secrets, and someone was determined to find out what had happened to Saskia the last time they were all there.

The story runs on parallel timelines with events ten years ago, and what happened, to the reveal and conclusion in the present day. All five of them had changed, settled into new careers and retired from the lime-light of attracting sponsors and being one of the chosen to represent their country in world-class events.

The group all came from very different backgrounds with the only thing binding them together being their skill on a board. The group were extremely competitive with each other, pushing boundaries. In present day, the group were becoming quite paranoid as to which of them could be pulling the strings, cracking open old feelings and memories buried in the past.

The setting both breathtaking and deadly. Like an artist having a new canvas to work from every time fresh snowfalls. The author comes across as knowing her stuff, both from experience and impeccable research. A brilliant debut with a fabulous group of characters, tense and edgy with no escape from the past or present. Someone knew the truth, and someone was determined to know it. Awesome!

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Allie Reynolds

Allie Reynolds is the author of the thriller SHIVER, which will be published in January 2021.

Born and raised in Lincoln, England, she moved to Australia in 2004. She lives on the Gold Coast with her two young boys and a cat who thinks he’s a dog.

Many years ago she competed at snowboard halfpipe. She spent five winters in the mountains of France, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. These days she sticks to surfing – water doesn’t hurt as much as ice when you fall on it.

Her first ever job was a Saturday job in a bookstore, at age 14. She taught English for many years and became a full-time writer in 2018.

TWITTER: @AuthorAllieR

Shiver: who is guilty and who is innocent in the most gripping thriller of the year by [Allie Reynolds]