Doorways by Robert Enright @REnright_Author #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #BermudaJones



There is more to the shadows than just darkness

The Otherside is located at the fringes of our world, hiding in plain sight and existing within our shadows. Shielded from humanity, the Otherside is watched over by the BTCO, a highly secret government agency, whose members all possess ‘The Knack’, a genetic anomaly that allows them to see this other world.

Franklyn ‘Bermuda’ Jones is the BTCO’s finest agent, the only human to have passed to the Otherside and returned. Gifted with the ability to physically interact with both worlds, Bermuda reluctantly stands between both worlds, pining for the life he had to leave behind and the daughter he can no longer see. Teamed with Argyle, an enigmatic Otherside warrior, Bermuda is assigned the case of a missing woman who has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

As Bermuda delves further into the disappearance, he uncovers a threat that could destroy the truce between two worlds…and finds himself in a race against time to safeguard humanity’s very existence.

Discover a new world in this fast-paced urban fantasy packed with thrills, action and the odd one liner.

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by Robert Enright


Do you ever get that feeling of being watched but no matter how hard you look there is nothing there? Well perhaps it isn’t just a feeling, perhaps it is an ‘other’ getting on with their business feeling like they are being watched but see nothing too. Now imagine that from being a small boy you could see things and some things could see you, yep I did say things because these are like the creatures in your worst nightmare and if you can see them you can touch them and if you touch them  well they aren’t all friendly or pretty. It would make you a real weird kid that no one wanted to be with. So welcome to the world of Franklyn ‘Bermuda’ Jones, all grown up now and working as a Special Agent among people like himself at the BTCO (or “Behind The Curtain Organisation”). Keeping their eye on the two worlds.

Bermuda is very much the reluctant hero. I mean who the heck would employ a man who would jump at nothing and shout at ‘imaginary’ creatures. To my world and yours he is a bit of a nutter that wonders round London chuntering away to himself. Then the strange thing is he can take off running through bustling streets like he has a purpose with what feels like the wind behind him that arrives seconds after he has gone past or something topples over or even feels like you have bounced off a brick wall. Well that would be his partner from the ‘otherside’ Argyle, that normal people can not see.

Argyle is rather proud of his position in the team but there again he is there by choice but he is seen as a bit of a traitor by his own kind. I loved this 6ft 8ins sort of gentle giant. It is the pairs job to solve cases of missing people, the type that don’t just go missing but really disappear and it is on the increase, hence ‘Bermuda’s’ name. Now to be honest there are some real bad ass others responsible which puts the pair into some pretty sticky situations. All real entertaining stuff.

I love the idea that Robert Enright has created his main character out of a real screwed up and seriously damaged bloke. He is far from perfect, at times cringe worthy and yet I know that he would be the guy fighting my corner. The story has quite a bit of everything from the fantasy side to a criminal case to a romance and it all works brilliantly together. The name Bermuda doesn’t just cover the fact that he hunts down missing people it covers him really well too as he is quite lost himself, being so isolated, with no-one able to break through his fear.

This is the first story in a three book series but book two is just round the corner. I hope that I find out a little bit more about Argyle in the next book. I think his story could be quite an eye opener. A super pacey read and brilliant start to a fascinating series.


Robert Enright

Born in Edgware, North London, Robert Enright always wanted to write. From online roleplay games to drawing up comic book characters, it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he finally finished a project. Laughably, it was a script for a romantic comedy! After the release of his first self-published novel, One by One (Direct buy link), Robert signed with Urbane Publications to release Doorways. One year later, he decided to leave and will be self-publishing Doorways and the Bermuda Jones series. With three entries in the series to come in 2018, he couldn’t be more excited!

Robert lives in Buckinghamshire with his fiance, dreaming of the day he can get a dog.






Lines of Justice AZDAJA by Lee Sherred @LeeSherredAutho #Review #Debut #KindleUnlimited #SerialKiller #DarkActionThriller

Lines of Justice: Aždaja by [Sherred, Lee]


Bound by honour. Driven by revenge. Two men with a score to settle.

Kosovo, 1999:

Sgt Dean Samson and his team of British soldiers are well aware of the dangers they’ll face and the things they’ll see in a country that has suffered years of oppression and ethnic cleansing. But nothing could have prepared them for Aždaja, a sadistic, mythical, serial killer with a penchant for vile humiliation and unimaginable torture.

Present day:

Since leaving the Army, Samson now a Police Officer, has struggled to erase his darkest memories of Kosovo. When he receives a devastating medical diagnosis, his nightmares come flooding to the surface, forcing him to face up to what he did….and what he didn’t do. With nothing to lose and no one to stop him, he’s at a crossroads. But is he prepared for what lies in wait? Will the horrors of Kosovo return with a vengeance?

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by Lee Sherred


Now I read a lot, well one sometimes two books a day and just now and again I hit on something really special. This is one of those days. The only thing I was gutted about and elated at the same time for is that this is his debut and I couldn’t yet read any more of his books. This is one real exciting author find! If you love J. A.  Konrath’s Jack Daniels series you will be in your element with this.

Now this book won’t be for everyone, it is brutal from the start, very gruesome and one that you know in your heart that this stuff really happens. It was four hours that I just really zoned out of my surroundings and was there in this book just absorbing every little detail of the characters. The drool bucket was out!

The story begins with a group of British soldiers in Kosovo 1999 and the most gruesome discovery of a brutally tortured local policeman and his family murdered by the Aždaja. The Aždaja are sadistic, mythical serial killers that everyone fears because they are so ferocious and to put it bluntly just really get off on inflicting as much pain as they can while keeping someone alive as long as possible. Now events make these British Soldiers memorable and the Aždaja just never forgets.

Sgt. Dean Samson, after leaving the army, joins the police force which brings the story to present day, with a couple of events that occur that change the course of his life. I just loved this bloke from the start. With nothing to lose Dean Samson finds himself on a mission and it is just action, adrenaline and a reading high that you just can’t better.

Lee Sherred’s DEBUT, still can’t believe this is his first book, is one fierce, fast and action packed, sheer entertainment package. I love a book that can switch from making me curl up and cringe behind a cushion to laugh so much the family want to know what is so funny, all on the same page. He hasn’t made his main character into someone untouchable, he feels pain like everyone else and knows when he is beaten. There are some real memorable characters in this story and some that I would like to forget. Loved Storm too, what a story he must have, not a good one but boy he is one faithful fellow.

I can’t recommend this book enough but like I have said very gruesome. I really must have the next book on the first day it is published. So excited about this author’s work. I originally got this book out on Kindle Unlimited but gone back and bought it. This really is one to keep and add to!


Lee Sherred

Author Lee Sherred has led a full life that, in many ways, rivals those of the heroes and anti-heroes he creates. A skilled martial artist, fighter, British Soldier and Police Officer, Lee has amassed a wealth of knowledge in many areas.

A lifelong reader, Lee knew long ago that he’d one day pen his own novels. After a long career serving his country, a significant injury left him with unexpected and unwanted downtime. For the first time in his life he finally found the motivation to put pen to paper, turning his firsthand experiences into absorbingly dark and humorous stories that readers will love.

When not writing, Lee can be found at his home on the South Coast of England, enjoying family time with his wife, kids and a trio of unruly family pets.


Twitter: LeeSherredAutho


Children of the Incubi by Lana M Wiggins



Lily’s life is turned upside down when two ghostly muses appear with a blood-inked contract binding her to write an incredible saga of Heaven and Hell as dictated. In a darkly humorous fashion, Lily fights her muses every step of the way, even after losing her job, her apartment, all her possessions, and nearly losing her life, but Lily cannot resist their fantastic story that outlines a seemingly simple mistake made by Marduk, the Black Dragon, and Amon, the White One, aka the Devil and God. This one simple mistake begins to spiral out of control with far reaching consequences both are powerless to stop, especially the Marriage of Heaven and Hell that springs from an unlikely romantic union that has disastrous consequences when the Elders step forward to right the wrongs of the Black Dragon and the White One.

Marriage of Heaven and Hell is the first book in The Children of the Incubi series, a darkly humorous, romantically erotic, eerily preternatural, softly horrific, and highly irreverent 6-volume adult fantasy Saga of God and the Devil. But Amon and Marduk are not your grandmother’s God and Devil. Lily is surprised to learn that the Gods are not only equal confederates who are fiercely loyal to each other, but they are also sexy, witty, wicked, selfish, clumsy, and tragically flawed.

Humanity awakens the Gods in this epic Saga of love, lust, betrayal, deceit, debauchery, incest, murder, war, dark spirits, revenge, torture, and twisted humor in the Colonies of the Gods.

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by Lana M. Wiggins



I fell under the spell of this story right at the beginning. Lily, a mere human, is railroaded into writing down  a story from two muses that are not of our world but with a binding contact to ensure that she does as they say. I loved the fiery Lily, who got strange looks from people as she witted to the pair of story dictators that no-one else could see. Were they really there or were the voices in her mind, as she had already done a stint in, to put it in Samael’s words, the loony bin. So the story begins darting between Lily and her writing, under protest, each time the story returns to her.

This story has everything from how Heaven and Hell  became divided and ruled by two cousins, God, Amon, the White One, and the Devil, Marduk, the Black Dragon. A  decision that divided the children of the Incubi when King, Phoenix  passed on his crown to his eldest two grandsons. The children of Incubi were a nation that over indulged in love-making, be it with their own partners or with others. Jealousy was a massive issue but it couldn’t prevent the lust that controlled them but made them enemies.

The High Council of Elders consisted of Knowledge, Justice, Truth, Temperance and Strength. They lived eternally and were the wisest of everyone. They really were the all-seeing all-knowing Gods. They let the two new Kings make decisions without guidance but would one day be judged. What the Elders said had to be done.

There are some brilliant stand out characters in this story that made me laugh and at other times hate them for what they did. It is a love story or should I say love triangle that is at the core of all that is going on. And what is going on is a huge secret that only a few people knew about it and it will impact the future in a gigantic way. There are erotic scenes, which to be honest just became part of who the Incubi are and to be expected. This is a little treasure trove of entertainment.

A dark fantasy which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Lana M. Wiggins

Irreverent weirdo scribe who lives to tell tall tales. You’ll often find Lana M. Wiggins hunched over her desk at 3:00am with a giant mug of coffee in one hand, a cigarette in the other while frantically writing stories her characters dictate to her. She loves the adventures these characters take her on with or without her permission, because they take her to places she might never go to otherwise, like Heaven and Hell, or perhaps an old cemetery to witness Voodoo rituals and Pagan rites of passage. Sometimes she hangs out in tiny villages in Scotland, or big cities like London, Paris, New York, or New Orleans to remind her that life is in session. But mostly, you’ll find her in a classroom or coffee shop with eager students who like her for some odd reason. Lana is the author of the dark, urban fantasy series, Children of the Incubi: I: Marriage of Heaven and Hell, II: Blood Mark, III: Banquet of the Lesser Gods, IV: Gods in the Onyx, V: Dead Party, and VI: Revelations. Lana is also the author of Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of a Flower-Child, and Notes from Refuge.

Lana M. Wiggins earned her M.A. in Creative Writing from ULL in 2001, and has been published in a wide variety of literary journals, such as The Deep South Writer’s Conference Chapbook, The Southwestern Review, The Smoking Poet, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Moondance, Dance to Death, Words-Myth, Rose and Thorn, and Knock, among others. She was nominated for the 2009 Kate Tufts Discovery Award, and was a finalist for the Marsh Hawk Poetry Award in 2006. Lana M. Wiggins was also an invited guest poet at the 2008 Encres de Sang International Writer’s Conference in Paris, France. Lana M. Wiggins currently teaches English at Louisiana State University.


Visit Lana at to see what kind of trouble she’s getting into next. She loves to converse with readers, and doesn’t mind answering questions because her life motto is: Question Everything.



Children of the Incubi: II. Blood Mark by [Wiggins, Lana M.]

by Lana M. Wiggins


Dream On by Erik Carter (Dale Conley Action Thrillers #2) @ErikCarterBooks #Review #Blog




Special Agent Dale Conley is going out of his mind. He wants to catch this murderer so bad it hurts—because he’s never seen such gruesome crime scenes …

As a serial killer continues his vicious slayings, Dale scrambles to uncover the connection between the victims. Dale discovers that the deaths are related to a controversial theory, one so astonishing that it threatens to undermine the foundations of society. If Dale is going to stop the bloodshed, he’ll have to confront not only a ruthless enemy but also explosive ideas that could tear the world apart.

Dream On is the second book in the Dale Conley Action Thrillers Series.

If you like fast-paced action, sinister conspiracies, and loads of humor, then you’ll love this page-turning series, perfect for readers of Lee Child and Dan Brown and for fans of Indiana Jones and James Bond movies.

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by Erik Carter


Special Agent Dale Conley of the BEI (Bureau of Esoteric Investigations) is a total history buff, not your general stuff but the more obscure type relics or less known facts stuff.  To him it is like second nature so when anything really weird happens it heads his way.  Well the Bureau have certainly landed him a strange one this time.

A couple of murders take place real quick and although they are in different states they are too similar not to be connected. It is religion that is flagging them up in the most bizarre way. The victims are leaving clues as they lay dying all quoting major players from the bible. What is even more odd is that all the victims were atheists that knew each other years ago but in their dying moments it is as if their beliefs have been turned upside down.

I just loved these stories in this series because they are so off the beaten track from your normal  crime books.  I know there are some comparisons to other writers and special agents, such as Bond well I am going to throw in that they have more of a X Files feel to them to me. The BEI is a Bureau which is working inside the Justice Department and all very hush-hush. They take the weird cases that no-one else has the skills to investigate.

Dale is a very likable character but he is finding this case is a little hard to deal with because the murders are so vicious. His new partner, psychologist Gillian Spiro, is a novice that he watches like a hawk so that he can keep her safe. They have a very professional working relationship and very different people and personalities.  It isn’t all dark though there is a fair bit of humour about too which gives the whole book a lighter feel.

What begins as a brilliant in you face all action what the hell just happened mystery thriller, turns into one awesome story that left me feeling like I had done ten rounds in a boxing ring. Boy it just kept ranking up the gears and then found some more! It is a little belter of a plot. Scary stuff believe me and based on a real controversial religious theory, that the author has played round with but still …………… Now read it and tell me you didn’t shudder like me.

More please Mr. Carter!


Erik  Carter

Erik Carter writes thrillers and mysteries. A trained public historian and design professional, his adventures have led him across America, where he has done everything from hosting a television show to shooting documentaries in the desert to teaching college. These experiences gave the background he needs for his greatest adventure—writing fiction.


Official Website




Stone Groove (Dale Conley Action Thrillers Series Book 1) by [Carter, Erik]

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by Erik Carter




Past Echoes by Graham Smith @GrahamSmith1972 @BloodhoundBook #(Jake Boulder Book 3 #Review #Blog



Looking for a fast-paced and utterly gripping crime thriller? Then try this book by #1 best-selling author Graham Smith, an explosive thriller full of stunning twists and turns.

Tasked with finding a beneficiary and revealing a dead woman’s secret, Jake Boulder travels to New York with his girlfriend Taylor. He also has to find his estranged father for a life-saving transfusion.

Once there he becomes embroiled in a web of mystery, deceit and violence which sees him pitted against a professional assassin known only as The Mortician. Boulder must use every drop of his courage and cunning to survive the chaos that envelops him.

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by Graham Smith


This is a little hard to review because if you haven’t already been keeping up with the series it could just spoil certain story lines that run from one book to another, as in this case. So you may as well read all three really. Believe me when you finish each book you are ready for the next.

Now for a little general information on Jake Boulder, he is a Scotsman living in America and sees himself as a pretty average guy. Average height, average weight and average looks but that is where average stops. I don’t know if he was born with stubbornness and determination to be the best or if it was his childhood that made him that way. I just know that where most kids that keep getting knocked down would stay down, Jake would be the one to keep getting up and learn how not to be knocked down in the first place. Now he is one determined man when he has a mission.

Due to the type of life style he has he doesn’t really go for the long-term stuff with the ladies but Taylor was different. So when the opportunity comes up to travel to New York on a personal life or death matter, plus the chance to follow-up on a promise of a dying lady’s wishes and attend  a wedding that his girlfriend wants him to go to, it seems that he can have all his eggs in one basket. It all sounds too easy and Jake’s life has never been easy.

Now I don’t know if I am just getting more into the series or what but this story real ticked all the adrenaline boxes, emotional melt down buttons and total entertainment requirements. I thought I knew Jake but I have only really known him professionally, well plus a bit, but this story is a Jake that I don’t think even he knew was inside him. This story pushes him into so many personal and emotional areas of his life so quickly from every avenue. It is almost like a shut down of him as a person and a new professional Jake that can’t for a little while see anything but an end result. It is the only way to deal with what he has to do. Total focused.

Out of all the three books, this has to be my favourite, so far but I am sure the author Graham Smith will push Jake even more in the next one. A really belting book.


Graham Smith is married with a young son. A time served joiner he has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000 he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland.

An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009

He is the author of four books featuring DI Harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team and one book. This is the third book in the Jake Boulder series





Watching The Bodies (Jake Boulder Book 1) by [Smith, Graham]

by Graham Smith


The Kindred Killers (Jake Boulder Book 2) by [Smith, Graham]

by Graham Smith



Dreadmarrow Thief (The Conjurer Fellstone #1) by Marjory Kaptanoglu @margiebk #Fantasy #Magic



“A novel that celebrates life and love the way only the best fantasy tales can.” -Kirkus Reviews


In this thrilling fantasy adventure, sixteen-year-old Tessa Skye shapeshifts into a sparrow using a windrider—a forbidden magical amulet. When she accidentally reveals herself to the wicked Conjurer Lord Fellstone, the tyrant has her papa killed. Overcome by guilt and remorse, Tessa sets out for the castle to steal Fellstone’s Dreadmarrow, his most prized magical artifact, which has the power to restore life. She’s joined by Calder, searching for his lost love, and Ash, whose growing attraction to Tessa distracts from his plan to avenge his murdered twin.

DREADMARROW THIEF is an enchanting coming-of-age story about a girl who seeks to wield great power, only to learn it comes at a terrible price.

“The quest narrative is exciting and compelling… a work of classic fantasy.” -The BookLife Prize

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by Marjory Kaptanoglu



This is a young adult read with a medieval setting, a mystery surrounded by magic and  the first book in a new series. I just loved the opening chapter in this story which reveals so much about the path that the story is going to take. There is a very clear good guys bad guys boundary set out from the start, even the woods changed with the darkness that they held. One error would put a wicked magician into top gear to regain all the magical power in the land and a young girl and her father in grave danger.

Tess’s fate and that of her friends were tied from things that had happened in the past  and now Calder and Ash had promised to help her find a very powerful artifact in the magician’s castle. This was Lord Fellstone’s prize posession, as it could not only heal, it could give life back to a dead person.

This is a cracking adventure of discovery for all the three of them. I have to admit though to feeling a little sorry of Lord Fellstone as times. Yes OK he is a bit of a bad ass but the guy had lost a lot too. There are some pretty wicked creatures in the book that one or another come across and have to fight to survive. Not all is as it first seems though with lots of little twists to keep the reader very entertained.

I really liked the back drop stories of Calder and Ash that gave them reasons for making the journey to the castle themselves too. Both have very touching and sad pasts that gave them a feeling of guilt that they hadn’t done enough at the time. Now they had unfinished business themselves to resolve at the castle too.

The story deals with so many issues about love, loss, family and friendship. A book that could be read as a stand alone but I am very fascinated to see where it will take me next.


Marjory Kaptanoglu

Marjory Kaptanoglu is a produced screenwriter and novelist. The indie films based on her scripts have screened at international film festivals, including Santa Barbara, Woodstock, San Diego, Nashville, and Cinequest. Her screenplays have won First Place awards at the Slamdance Film Festival, Table Read My Screenplay, the International Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival, and the Harlem International Film Festival, and have been recognized by the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. She co-wrote the feature film, SLANDER, a political thriller adapted from Christopher Bram’s novel, GOSSIP, currently in pre-production.

Marjory Kaptanoglu’s debut novel, DREADMARROW THIEF, is a semifinalist in the 2017 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, Novel-in-Progress category, under its previous title, FELLSTONE. The screenplay version of the novel won the Grand Prize in the 2016 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards.

Before turning to writing, Marjory worked as a software engineer at Apple Computer, where she designed the text-editing software for early versions of the Macintosh. She graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in English.

Marjory writes in many genres, probably because she also loves reading different genres. What she looks for is a good story, well-told and well-written.





Transformed Potus by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey @SuzanneFalter #A Quirky Romantic Thriller #Review #KindleUnlimited



Screw Camp David.
The first Post-Trump President is a sex addict who hangs in Vegas …
and keeps misplacing the nuclear codes.

In this hilarious, fast paced novel, the first post-Trump President ‘decompresses’ by picking up women in his time off. Which is complicated when the nuclear Gold Codes go missing, and a bad actor is about to infiltrate POTUS’s inner circle.

The CIA calls in Charley, a charismatic transman spy, to use his intuitive skills to vet everyone around POTUS, including his harem. Simultaneously, Charley’s charismatic ex-lover suddenly appears and becomes a key suspect.

Meanwhile, Charley is trying to marry his fiancée- on one of her few weekends off from CIA training camp, 2,000 miles away. When POTUS finds out that Charley’s fiancée is Electra, the world-famous dominatrix known as ‘The Society Dom’, he yanks her out of training so he can have sessions with her in Vegas.

Does Charley seriously have to surrender his fiancée to POTUS as he struggles to find the infiltrator?

Buy Link:

by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey


Although this is the third novel in this series, it can be read very well in its own right. So firstly POTUS is in fact short for President of the United States and this story revolves round the more personal side of the president’s life, not the running the country bit. It is one big mickey take of the behind the scenes look at the big fellow, his whims and demands that he expects to be met at the snap of his fingers because of who he is.

Now the president has a bit of an addiction that involves sleeping with the entire population it seems, as one woman alone doesn’t seem to satisfy his needs. This is a nightmare for his security team, especially Charlie who is supposed to vet each one but he really feels he has better things to do. The president insists on keeping the credit card sized sensitive information of launch codes for nuclear bombs with him. Well not all the time as he does tend to misplace it…….. a lot! Until one day it can not be found and all hell breaks loose.

Charlie is trying to sort out his own life, with wedding plans to marry Electra, an ex dominatrix  that was very well-known in high society as ‘The Society Dom’ but now training to be part of the C.I.A. You can imagine what happens when the President finds out. How far will Charlie go to meet the Presidents demands?

The first half of the book builds up the characters before the story real takes off in the second half. It is quite slap stick funny but very entertaining with its quick pace and change of characters. The President is just one big sleaze ball that was use to getting his own way as a wealthy man and now throughly abusing his power in the position he has, shudder, skin crawl moment.

The two authors have worked well on this book as it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. It makes for a light-hearted read, a book to relax with and just go with the humour. Very funny at times and I just had a vision of what this character would look like, I just couldn’t help it. I am sure near on everyone will have the same image too.


Suzanne Falter

Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker and blogger whose work has reached more than two million people. She has published both fiction and non-fiction. Her novel, Doin’ the Box Step (Random House), was featured in New York Magazine and Cosmopolitan among others. Her non-fiction titles include How Much Joy Can You Stand? and Living Your Joy (both Ballantine.) How Much Joy Can You Stand? was a Dual Main Selection of The One Spirit Book Club. Living Your Joy became a #2 bestseller on Amazon and was named a ‘Best of the Best Self Help Book’ by SELF Magazine. Suzanne’s online writing and videos can be found on Facebook, Google +, YouTube and Pinterest and on her blog at

Following retirement from a successful career on Wall Street in corporate finance and venture capital, Jack Harvey has turned his attention to fiction and the increasingly popular area of gender dynamics.  In his first novel, Transformed, he is partnering with his cousin, author Suzanne Falter.  Jack and his wife have two grown daughters and live in Manhattan and Connecticut.