Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10) by Harriet Steel @harrietsteel1 #BookReview #KindleUnlimited

Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10) by [Harriet Steel]


It’s January 1940 and the day of Nuala’s famous motor rally. Excitement is at full throttle, but matters take a dark turn when that same evening, human remains are found buried in a lonely corner of a local tea plantation.
Inspector de Silva has a cold case to solve. Add a playboy racing driver, a missing Bugatti and a family scandal hushed up years ago into the mix and he has plenty to think about. You can be sure that whatever happened in the past, now de Silva’s in the driving seat, you’re in for a gripping ride.


Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10)


What a tremendous series this is that whisked me away to January 1940, just after the start of the second world war in1939. I was more than ready to rub shoulders with the gentry out in Nuala, Ceylon, and one of my favourite couples Inspector de Silva and his sharp thinking and beautiful wife, Jane. The story takes off at speed as the couple go to watch motor cars racing around the town, incorporating the original narrow streets and much wider streets from British intervention. After the race, they all retire to a tea plantation to celebrate the prince’s win.

It is early Sunday morning that de Silva gets a call from his long-standing boss. The remains of a skeleton had been discovered, at the plantation, but whoever could it be? This is the tenth book in this cosy crime series, with its close circle of regular performers.
Although The Inspector and his wife are often included, in this circle of the town’s elite, they know their place too.

It isn’t too long before the bones are identified, and the investigation begins. Finding the bones was the easy part, digging into how and why this person died, and by whom is another. There are a handful of suspects very quickly, and all of them have a reason for murder, but who was the one to take that step.

I feel passionate about this series and the characters with their quirks and pompous attitudes. The Inspector always seems quite chilled, not rushing headlong to conclusions. His wife Jane is his sounding board guiding him without him knowing it in the right direction that he would have eventually taken anyway. Highly recommended as always.


Harriet Steel

Harriet Steel is a British author who writes a series of widely praised, atmospheric mysteries in a traditional style. A few years ago, she spent time on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and this is where they are set, but in the 1930s rather than the modern day, when it was still the British colony of Ceylon. Her love of history, art, and travel influences her writing, and she also published four historical novels before turning to crime.
Born in London, her family then moved to a farm in the country where she grew up. She later studied law at Cambridge University and was a lawyer for many years before becoming a writer. She would love to go back in time and spend a day having lunch with Hercule Poirot, tea with Miss Marple, and dinner at the Ritz with Lord Peter Wimsey.

Twitter: @harrietsteel1

Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10) by [Harriet Steel]

Did You Miss Me? by Sophia Money-Coutts @HQstories #DidYouMissMe? #NetGalley

Did You Miss Me?: The laugh-out-loud funny rom-com of summer 2021 about the one who got away by [Sophia Money-Coutts]


You never forget the one that got away, do you?

Nell Mason is extremely happy with her life – or at least, that’s what she tells herself. She’s lucky to have a high-powered job as a lawyer, even if it does come with an eccentric set of billionaire divorce clients. And she’s absolutely fine living with her sweet, if slightly dull, boyfriend Gus in their London flat where they have very sensible sex once (OK, sometimes twice) a week. She’s definitely not stuck in a rut.

But when Nell bumps into childhood friend and first love Arthur Drummond who broke her heart fifteen years ago, she’s more than a little shaken. The seemingly perfect life she’s worked so hard for starts to feel, well, less perfect. Maybe Nell’s been kidding herself all these years. Can she ever get over her first love?


Did You Miss Me?


Nell is content with her life as a high flying divorce lawyer for the rich and famous. She and her equally successful partner Gus have been together for 11 years. Gus doesn’t believe in marriage and sees it just as a money-making business rather than about being in love. Nell just goes along with it but is a secret bridal magazine reader.

Nell is put into a difficult position when her mum leaves her dad, then shortly after, her dad breaks his leg. She has no choice but to move back home to look after him, much to the disgruntles of Gus. It isn’t long before she bumps into the man she thought would one day be her husband. But things hadn’t worked out like that.

Arthur Drummond had returned to the deal with the winding up of the stately home he had grown up in. The place was going to wrack and ruin and would cost too much to repair. He was married and living in America. Nell and Arthur had unfinished business in the past that needed to be dealt with.

Nell is an entertaining character that I liked from her first appearance. She has settled too much for the easier life, going along with others views rather than airing her own. Gus is like an overgrown spoilt child that she lets get away with whatever he wants. He is a great character for the book that made me cringe.

The story is pure entertainment from start to end and made me giggle at their over the top reactions. The quiz night is something else. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline which had more than its share of twists, and I liked seeing the changes in Nell, she was like a butterfly, quite unrecognisable from her early beginnings in the book.
A lovely, uplifting story, that I keep giggling at.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Sophia Money-Coutts

Sophia Money-Coutts is a journalist and author who spent five years studying the British aristocracy while working as Features Director at Tatler. Prior to that she worked as a writer and an editor for the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail in London, and The National in Abu Dhabi. She writes a column for The Sunday Telegraph called Modern Manners and often appears on radio and television channels talking about important topics such as Prince Harry’s wedding and the etiquette of the threesome. Did You Miss Me? is her fourth novel.

Did You Miss Me?: The laugh-out-loud funny rom-com of summer 2021 about the one who got away by [Sophia Money-Coutts]

Just Haven’t Met You Yet! by Sophie Cousens @SophieCous #NetGalley @penguinrandom #JustHaventMetYouYet #ContemporaryComedy

Just Haven't Met You Yet: The new feel-good love story from the author of THIS TIME NEXT YEAR by [Sophie Cousens]


Tell me the story of how you two met…

Laura has built a career out of interviewing people about their epic real life love stories.

When she picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport, Laura wonders if this could be the start of something that’s written in the stars.

From piano sheet-music to a battered copy of her favourite book, Laura finds in the bag evidence of everything she could hope for in a partner.

If Laura’s job has taught her anything it’s that when it comes to love, you can’t let opportunity pass you by. Now Laura is determined to track down the owner of the suitcase, and her own happy ending.

But what if fate has other ideas?


Just Haven’t Met You Yet: The new feel-good love story from the author of THIS



What an uplifting read, perfect for the beach, bed or travelling, as long as you don’t mind the looks, you know the ones from other passengers when you burst out laughing and do uncontrollable giggles. This story put me on cloud nine.

Laura is the frontline interviewer for talking to couples about the unusual ways they came together and fell head over heels in love. Her intimidating boss calls a group meeting, to see what new ideas can be used to up their ratings. The whole room of people is like rabbits in headlights as she selects employees for their ideas.

Although both of Laura’s parents are dead, she tells them about how they met, and it’s all very romantic and heart pounding. Her boss gives her 4 days to travel out to Jersey, and find out more from relatives she hasn’t seen in years. Events soon set Laura on her mission out there, as fate has dealt its hand. Will this be her time. Will she meet her soul mate? Only time and a hilarious few days will decide.

What a little beauty this story is. It is such a long time since I chuckled so much at such a good feel read. Sophie Cousens delivers characters with flaws, baggage (even the wrong baggage lol) and imperfect lives that I just loved. I could relate to them so easily. I loved the situations that they faced, gasped at the trainer incident, howled with laughter at the cows and fell in love with the people of Jersey.

I can’t ask for more from a writer. I have been whisked away from my four walls and lived every page. Perfection!

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


An image posted by the author.

Sophie Cousens worked in TV in London for over twelve years, producing The Graham Norton Show, Big Brother and Ant and Dec. She now lives in Jersey and balances her writing career with working for an arts charity and taking care of her two small children. This Time Next Year is her first novel. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Twitter: @SophieCous

Just Haven't Met You Yet: The new feel-good love story from the author of THIS TIME NEXT YEAR by [Sophie Cousens]

The Sound of Violet by Allen Wolf @SoundOfVMovie #NewRelease #NetGalley #movie #cinema #BookReview #hollywood #romcom #drama #romantic #autism #autismawareness #neurodiverse

The Sound of Violet by [Allen Wolf]


Desperate to find a soulmate, Shawn goes on one awkward date after another until he encounters the alluring Violet. He starts dating her, but his autism keeps him from realizing that she’s actually a prostitute.

Shawn thinks he’s found a potential wife while Violet thinks she’s found her ticket to a brand new life. This hilarious and dramatic award-winning story has been adapted into a major motion picture.


The Sound of Violet


What an incredible story this is! Shawn is smart, works hard and is extremely well organised, but most of all, he is desperate for a girlfriend. He works in what should be the perfect setting, a dating agency, where he has access to women’s profiles. But Shawn is autistic and has no filter about his thoughts, which tumble from his mouth uncontrollably. He can come across as abrasive, insulting and rude. Not the best qualities that a woman is looking for in a man. Dates often end within minutes of meeting him, with a second date never happening.

Shawn has a brother who looks out for him, although his brother has his own place. Shawn lived with his grandparents, but after the death of his granddad, he sees it as another reason to find a wife. After all, when his grandmother dies, he needs someone to look after him.

It is a long time since a character moved into my heart, but that is where Shawn is still living. He made me laugh so many times. Although Shawn is unable to judge situations, he heightened my emotions. I saw more than I have ever before, the huge blackness of not being able to ‘read people’, and it felt terrifying.

There are so many fabulous characters in this story, his protective brother, Colin, his grandma and of course, the very vibrant Violet. There are so many tragic lives in this story, but it is so uplifting in so many ways.

I am overjoyed, that the book has been made into a film, which will be released in 2022. I really can’t wait. The characters playing the parts are perfect, and the dialogue is like it is in the story, from the clip I have seen. Do look it up on YouTube. The link is below the author information.

I wish to thank Don Fitzgerald. Publicist of Morning Star Pictures, for an invitation to read and review this book via Net Galley.


Allen Wolf

Allen Wolf has won multiple awards as a novelist, filmmaker, and board game creator. His debut novel, The Sound of Violet, won a Book of the Year Award from Foreword Reviews, Gold Medal from the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, Silver Medal from the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, Bronze Medal from the IP Awards, and was a finalist for the USA Book Awards. Kirkus Reviews wrote, “The high-concept narrative is entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual.”

Allen wrote, directed, and produced the movie version of The Sound of Violet that is expected to debut in theaters in late 2021.

As a filmmaker, Allen wrote, directed, and produced In My Sleep which was released worldwide, won multiple film festivals, and is available on Amazon and iTunes. Hollywood Reporter raved, “In My Sleep never rests, a credit to the tight, psychologically astute pacing of filmmaker Wolf.”

Wolf created five board games that won 38 awards – You’re Pulling My Leg!, Slap Wacky, JabberJot, You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior, and Pet Detectives. They have brought smiles to hundreds of thousands of people around the world through his company, Morning Star Games, and are all available as books on Amazon.

He graduated from New York University’s film school. He married his Persian princess and they have two kids together. He enjoys traveling around the world and hearing other people’s life stories. Allen also cherishes spending time with his family, chocolate, and visiting Disneyland.

Twitter: @SoundOfVMovie

The Sound of Violet by [Allen Wolf]

Fatal Trade by Brian Price @HobeckBooks #FatalTrade #NewRelease #BookReview

Fatal Trade (DC Mel Cotton Crime Series Book 1) by [Brian Price]


Fatal Trade is the first, gripping DC Mel Cotton crime thriller from the brilliant Brian Price.

Glasgow, 1999

Reaching the point of no return, Martina is ready to make her move. After years of being the victim, it’s now time to turn the tables.

Mexton, 2019

The small grey-haired woman grimaced as she entered the police station, dragging a tartan shopping trolley containing her husband’s head.

‘What are you useless buggers going to do about this?’

DC Melanie Cotton’s fledgling career is about to take an interesting turn. Freshly promoted to CID, Mel is excited by this disturbing and mysterious case – her first murder investigation as a detective.

She’s determined to make her mark.

But as she discovers, there’s far more to this case than a gruesome killing, and Mel’s skills and courage are about to tested to the limit.


Fatal Trade (DC Mel Cotton Crime Series Book 1)


The story begins in 1999 when a young woman sets her life on a new course of revenge. It isn’t a quick fix, she wants the top men that profit from young girls like her. By 2019 patience is paying off.

DC Mel Cotton’s first case will take her and her team into the heart of gangland Glasgow and the hardened criminals that control the sex trade in the area. Someone is causing quite a stir, especially when a known criminal’s head is brought into the station in a shopping trolley by his ex-wife. No one seems to know anything. Everyone is edgy. The story never loses momentum, even though I often knew what was round the corner.

As the criminal world jumps to wild conclusions about the reasons behind everything that is happening, the bodies keep piling up. The police seem to be one step behind what is going on. It was the anticipation of what I knew was going to happen when the characters didn’t, that makes it such an adrenaline rush.

Once the seeds of doubt were sown, it was a matter of sitting back and watching the show. The writing is brilliant and reeled me in for the ultimate heart in my mouth conclusion.

I am looking forward to joining DC Mel Cotton and her team again soon.

I wish to thank Hobeck Books for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.

Brian Price

Brian Price is a chemist and biologist who retired from the Environment Agency in 2016. He is the author of Crime Writing: How to write the science and runs a website offering tips on science for crime writers ( He is an avid reader of crime fiction and has also written a number of short stories, one of which was a runner up in the Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival 2019 and another was short listed in the Chorley Writers Circle competition in 2018. He taught science and technology courses for the Open University for 26 years. Previous books include P for Pollution and C for Chemicals (with Mike Birkin).

Fatal Trade (DC Mel Cotton Crime Series Book 1) by [Brian Price]

Life According to Brian by B M Dawes @BMDawes1 @RandomTTours #BlogTour #LifeAccordingToBrian #BookReview

Firstly I would like to thank Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me on the Blog Tour for Life According to Brian by B M Dawes.

Life According to Brian by [B. M. Dawes]


Life According to Brian chronicles forty-four stories of mishap and misadventure of a scale unparalleled in modern man. Disguised in comedy to protect the seriously guilty, the story follows Brian’s escapades traversing the world and captures not only the lunacy of life but the luck involved in avoiding one’s own death.

The guidebook for the mentally impaired includes: poaching, drugs, imprisonment, kidnapping, poisonings, alien hunters, crocodile suicide and much, much more…

The sorry episodes are being played out via a game of chess. God and Charles Darwin, seeking to save mankind, are plotting Brian’s untimely demise. The winner of each play gets to choose the method of death. Constantly interrupted by visiting deities, kings, queens and E.T., the two main players are frustrated in their attempts to have some peace and play the game, with a nice cup of tea and some Mr Kipling cake.

Send the kids away, euthanise the cat, find a comfy chair, pour a pint of the finest whisky…have a reliable psychiatrist on speed dial.

Come inside and enjoy the ride…


Life According to Brian


What can I say? The story follows the life and antics of Brian, who has been born into a pretty well to do family and the privileges that come side by side with it. Unfortunately, there isn’t an ounce of common sense in Brian’s brain, so does he not only get misled easily with his pals, but he is also a great orchestrator of mischief himself.

The story follows Brian from an early age, who is like a cat with multiple lives, with the scrapes that he gets himself into. Political correctness is nowhere insight, and the lunatics seem to have taken over, but it is a book that you won’t be able not to laugh at.

Brian lives in a permanent state of drunkenness that I feel he has never had a hangover for yet, only because he hasn’t ever been sober! Each chapter is a new adventure that takes you around the world, where he and his pals stamp their mark on the place and people they meet. Their adventures result in them never being able to return. Each story is unique and quite often deadly.

Among all this craziness are God and Charles Darwin playing a mind-blowing game of chess, while other characters of history mull about. You won’t have read anything like this book, and it feels like a magnet that won’t leave your hand. Very funny, over the top and compelling. Love or hate Brian once he is in your head, he won’t come back out.



B. M. Dawes was born in Perth, Australia, in 1971, where he first discovered his fear of venomous snakes. This legitimate threat to life would then follow Brian to Zambia from the age of three to six. Escaping not only the marauding bandits and numerous attempts by his loving sister to shorten his already young years, Brian would then flee to Bahrain where he would misadventure throughout his teens. He attended university in Queensland, Australia, where he learnt his trade as a professional drinker and erred on the side of erring. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his long-suffering partner and two loving children, who have a pending life policy on their benevolent dad.

Twitter: @BMDawes1

Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2) by Adam Hamdy @adamhamdy @panmacmillan #BookReview #NewRelease #NetGalley #RedWolves

Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2) by [Adam Hamdy]


A daring escape from a Cairo prison.
An assassin who kills with a single touch.
A vicious drug war on the streets of America.

Suspecting these events are related, ex-MI6 officer Scott Pearce uncovers a chilling plot to unleash a terrifying new toxin on an unsuspecting world. When Pearce’s team deploy to fight the menace on two fronts an undercover operation goes horribly wrong, leaving Pearce in a race against time to stop this deadly new threat.

Pearce has burned the espionage rulebook, but now he is about to find out he’s not the only one who can light a fire, and his enemies are determined to see the world burn . . .

Red Wolves is the stunning second novel in the Scott Pearce series from Sunday Times bestselling author Adam Hamdy. In this adrenaline-charged thriller following on from Black 13, Pearce finds himself trying to stop a sinister new breed of weapon.


Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2)


This is the second book in the Scott Pearce series, and it brings together again four unlikely characters that are the world’s only hope. The story opens with a daring prison break that leaves a massacre behind the escapees. The authorities are baffled, but Pearce has that gut feeling that it isn’t a one-off event. Two more take place and only Pearce link them together, but he is far from solving the puzzle.

It becomes an international problem, as it touches down on different continents. A new life and death race is about to begin that will become all too real. Kidnappings and a ticking clock are on the cards. The stakes have never been higher, with some of the chapters that tear you apart.

Another fabulous storyline with heart in the mouth moments that turn the pages faster. I am growing to love the unpredictable choices that this elite group make. There is a ruthless edge about them, even with each other, which is fascinating, unpredictable, and deadly.

The scary thing about these books is you could see something like this happening. Another terrific read.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Adam Hamdy

British author and screenwriter Adam Hamdy works with studios and production companies on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the author of Black 13, a Scott Pearce novel, and the Pendulum trilogy, an epic series of conspiracy thriller novels. James Patterson described Pendulum as ‘one of the best thrillers of the year’, and the novel was a finalist for the Glass Bell Award for contemporary fiction. Pendulum was chosen as book of the month by Goldsboro Books and was selected for BBC Radio 2 Book Club. Prior to embarking on his writing career, Adam was a strategy consultant and advised global businesses in the medical systems, robotics, technology and financial services sectors. 

Twitter: @adamhamdy

Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2) by [Adam Hamdy]

The Noise by James Patterson and J.D. Barker @JP_Books @jdbarker #TheNoise #NewRelease #BookReview #NetGalley


Terror has a new sound . . . and it comes from the darkest corners of James Patterson’s imagination.

A gigantic explosion rips through a town in the shadow of Oregon’s Mt Hood. The community is almost annihilated. The only survivors are young sisters Sophie and Tennant Riggin. How they lived is a mystery.

But it’s a mystery that a team of elite government investigators is bent on solving. Sent to research the fallout and the girls – why did only they survive? – they secretly hold conflicting objectives. For Dr Martha Chan, a psychologist who analyses large-scale medical emergencies: study them. For Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Fraser, a career military leader with an inherent mistrust of civilians: contain them.

But as the phenomenon threatens to ripple across the Pacific Northwest, it also threatens to topple the chain of command. Dr Chan and Lieutenant Colonel Fraser are caught between the perpetrators of the threat – and those who have the power to survive it.


The Noise


It had to start somewhere, like all disasters, and it will take everyone it can. Sixteen-year-old Tennant, and her eight-year-old sister Sophie, have only ever known the commune where they were born. They are off-grid, not registered with any government services and independent on the land where they live, with their parents and extended family.

The girls are out hunting rabbits when they hear an ever-increasing noise that is approaching. Their dad scoops them up and puts them down a shelter in the ground. After the horrific noise passes, Tennant is somewhat damaged but, her sister is traumatised and changed. When they emerge, everyone in their community is either missing or dead except their dog Zeke. A specialist team from the government are deployed to determine what has just happened and look for survivors.

It is one hell of an edgy read because I hadn’t a clue if it had been a natural disaster, an invasion, man-made or an attack from an alien force. What I did know was it wasn’t going to go away very soon. Patterson and Barker meld together for a seamless pairing of two very different authors, and it works superbly. The characters are crisp and distinctive, with the intrigue sizzling. The characters have an uneasiness about them with an urgency to stop this destructive force while trying not to think of their own families and what could be happening to them.

It is scary how much our lives are in others hands, as decisions are made with no compassion. I like a book that gets to me, and this did just that. I hope that this pairing of authors will continue into the future.

I wish to thank the publisher for a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


James Patterson

James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. The creator of Alex Cross, he has produced more enduring fictional heroes than any other novelist alive. He lives in Florida with his family.

Twitter: @JP_Books

An image posted by the author.

J. D. Barker is the international bestselling author of numerous books, including Dracul and The Fourth Monkey. His novels have been translated into two dozen languages and optioned for both film and television. Barker resides in coastal New Hampshire with his wife, Dayna, and their daughter, Ember. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Twitter: @jdbarker

The Noise by [James Patterson]

The President’s Daughter by James Patterson and Bill Clinton @JP_Books @BillClinton

The President’s Daughter: the #1 Sunday Times bestseller by [President Bill Clinton, James Patterson]


James Patterson and Bill Clinton – the ‘dream team’ (Lee Child) – return with a thriller even more compelling than global number one bestseller The President is Missing. ____________ Every detail is accurate because one of the authors is President Bill Clinton. The drama and action never stop because the other author is James Patterson. ALL PRESIDENTS HAVE NIGHTMARES. THIS ONE IS ABOUT TO COME TRUE. Matthew Keating, a one-time Navy SEAL and a former US President, has always defended his family as fiercely as he has his country. Now these defences are under attack. And it’s personal. Keating’s teenage daughter, Melanie, has been abducted, turning every parent’s deepest fear into a matter of national security. As the world watches, Keating embarks on a one-man special-ops mission that tests his strengths: as a leader, a warrior, and a father. Because Keating knows that in order to save Melanie’s life he will have to put his own on the line… ____________ ‘Propulsive, exhilarating, and unnervingly believable. You won’t just read The President’s Daughter, you’ll devour it.’ KARIN SLAUGHTER ‘A thriller with inside secrets and riveting excitement that only the partnership of Patterson and Clinton could produce.’ WALTER ISAACSON, internationally bestselling author ‘A smart, taut, utterly fantastic roller coaster that had me holding on for dear life’ CHRIS BOHJALIAN, bestselling author of The Flight Attendant ‘Highly entertaining’ NEW YORK TIMES ‘Deftly interweaves action scenes and family dynamics’ SUNDAY TIMES ‘Clinton and Patterson’s novel puts their respective expertise to good use’ TIME ‘Rich with the authenticity only a president can deliver’ ROBERT CRAIS, bestselling author of the Elvis Cole series ‘James Patterson, the grand master of American storytelling, is on fire here and Bill Clinton’s two terms in the White House give the book an authenticity that, quite frankly, the competition will never come even close to matching.’ TONY PARSONS, bestselling author of Your Neighbour’s Wife ‘I loved this book … I read it from start to finish … An absolute page-turner’ ROSS KING ‘Like The President Is Missing, this is a rollicking ride combining Clinton’s insider knowledge of the top echelons of US power with Patterson’s snappy pacing and forensic prose.’ INDEPENDENT ‘Even better than their first … A rattling rollercoaster of a thriller, with a distinctly feisty President’s daughter.’ DAILY MAIL ____________ Real reader reviews: ‘The previous collaboration between the two authors was one of my favourite thrillers ever … this one was even better!’ ‘A thriller with all the punch and authenticity expected from the two authors’ ‘Mind-blowing … like, did I really just read that?’ ‘Outstanding … has you on the edge of your seat’ ‘An exciting rollercoaster of a page-turning read’ ‘A great story, believable characters … I couldn’t put it down’ ‘A terrific pulse-racing thriller’ ‘Absolutely blown away’ ____________ Praise for the authors’ previous collaboration, THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING: ‘The political thriller of the decade’ LEE CHILD ‘Thoroughly enjoyable … a quick, slick, gripping read’ THE TIMES ‘A bullet train of a thriller’ AJ FINN ‘One writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting and another with an exceptional grasp of global politics. The literary running mates have earned a second term.’ GUARDIAN ‘The plotting is immaculate… the writing is taut’ SUNDAY TIMES ‘Heart-pounding, gripping, terrifying … a genuinely masterful thriller’ LOUISE PENNY ‘Truly authentic … I read it in one gulp. You will too.’ HARLAN COBEN ‘This book moves like Air Force One’ MICHAEL CONNELLY ‘Engrossing from page one’ DAVID BALDACCI

BUY LINK: The President’s Daughter


What a beauty this is, as it brings together a perfect pairing for this type of thriller. The story centres around former US President and ex-Navy Seal Matt Keating. A powerful man is hell-bent on payback from a time that Matt was in office. Matt still has the privilege of 24-hour protection. His daughter, after becoming an adult does not. Not that Mel ever wanted protection in the first place.

Mel is a fabulous character who wants to lead her own life out of the limelight of the press. Unfortunately, this has made her an easy target for someone seeking revenge against her dad. Mel had played out in her mind many scenarios, but not the one she was now in. Within minutes she knows just how deadly her abductors were.

With Matt’s successor as President making the whole thing a publicity boost for her popularity ratings, rather than getting his daughter back, it isn’t long before Matt is calling in old favours from his time as President and a former Navy seal. It is to become an elite unit of experience, tac-ticks and adrenaline. Mind games twist the story, with emotions that hit rock bottom and highs that give you that punch in the air feeling.

The insight into the workings of politics has a natural feel to it as Bill Clinton’s experience gives the story authenticity and James Patterson nose for a gripping plot, perfection. There isn’t a dull moment with characters that didn’t need to grow on me, it was instant. I enjoyed the side-line stories that linked the characters, with double-crosses, slights of hand and at times shocking and brutal vengeance. A brilliant Book.


James Patterson

James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author and most trusted storyteller. He has created many enduring fictional characters and series, including Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett, and Maximum Ride. Among his notable literary collaborations are The President Is Missing, with President Bill Clinton, and the Max Einstein series, produced in partnership with the Albert Einstein Estate. For his prodigious imagination and championship of literacy in America, Patterson was awarded the 2019 National Humanities Medal. The National Book Foundation presented him with the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community, and he is also the recipient of an Edgar Award and nine Emmy Awards. He lives in Florida with his family.

Twitter: @JP_Books

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States in 1992, and he served until 2001. After leaving the White House, he established the Clinton Foundation, which helps improve global health, increase opportunity for girls and women, reduce childhood obesity and preventable diseases, create economic opportunity and growth, and address the effects of climate change. He is the author of a number of nonfiction works, including My Life, which was a #1 international bestseller. With James Patterson, he is co-author of the #1 international bestselling novel The President Is Missing

Twitter: @BillClinton

The President’s Daughter: the #1 Sunday Times bestseller by [President Bill Clinton, James Patterson]

A Parent Apart by Gary Wright @Gaz_Wright83 #AParentApart #BookReview #KindleUnlimited

A Parent Apart by [Gary Wright]


Decisions define us. Decisions have consequences. Who lives… And who dies.

In Beachbrook, on the south coast of England, Andrew had a choice to make. Save his daughter, or save her friend. A decision no parent should have to face, but one that sets in motion a tragic series of events.

With the decision came a dark secret, one that Andrew thought he could keep hidden from his family, his friends and the police.

Two families collide as grief-fuelled recriminations expose the human flaws that haunt us all. The protection of self, the security of family and the fear of losing it all.

From the back cover:

A day at the beach. A momentary lapse in supervision. A parent’s worst fears realised.

Andrew Wicks would do anything for his family. When tragedy strikes, he is forced to make a split-second decision, one that is layered with deception, desperation and self-preservation. As a tenacious police officer unravels his web of lies and exposes the truth, worlds collide.

There is no greater pain than losing a child. There is no greater torment than knowing it was avoidable.

Gripping, haunting and totally compelling, this is a novel that will make you question how far you would go to preserve the sanctity of family life.


A Parent Apart


Andrew almost drowns when he is a young boy, and the fear of the ocean has stayed with him ever since. He is married and a father himself now, still petrified every time his young daughter is near the sea. One day, while he and his wife are looking after their friend’s little boy, tragedy strikes, and Andrew is faced with a terrible decision. Save his daughter or his best friend’s son. Still in shock, when Andrew is questioned about the accident, he lies about the choice he made which child should live and which should die.

Oh my, just a few chapters in and I am torn into a thousand pieces. I still have images created from the sorry of seeing this child release what will happen.

It is a heart-wrenching story of a family fighting to know what happened to their son, and that gut feeling that they aren’t being told the truth, by Andrew. A police force not knowing if the death is by accident or foul play, and Andrew’s torment not only about the choice he made but the lies he is telling now. Andrew’s daughter knows the truth, but she is traumatised by the events that day herself.

The story is told from everyone’s perspective and how it affects them personally. It is like walking in all these characters shoes and being them. I went through every emotion, from guilt and regret to despair and utter insanity. It is very hard to believe that this is the author’s debut novel as he not only captured each of the characters to perfection, he captured me too.

The author takes this story much further than I could have imagined that he would. I still shudder thinking about this story and have waves of emotion roll over me like a violent stormy ocean. An author to keep your eye on. Superb writing.


I was a police officer for ten years before several cardiac arrests caused me to retire at the age of 29.  I was diagnosed with a life limiting, hereditary and incurable disease of the heart muscle (ARVC), which is the leading cause of sudden death in young people.  I’m so lucky to still be here as it is normally diagnosed post-mortem.  I was incredibly sporty, and to be told that I needed to quit all of that changed my life dramatically.  Writing filled the void.  Writing, and my two wonderful children who came along in the past few years (Florence is four and Sully will be two in August).  I now own a coffee shop in Ramsgate harbour with my beautiful wife, and we have the winter off each year.  That is my time for writing!  From a cardiac perspective, I am now stable.  I have gadgets and gizmos attached to my heart to keep it ticking, and am on various medications.  Life is good, and life is for living!

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A Parent Apart by [Gary Wright]

You Again by Nick Spalding @NickSpalding #YouAgain #NetGalley #BookReview

You Again? by [Nick Spalding]


From the bestselling author of Dumped, Actually comes a hilarious, heartfelt story about marriage, divorce and what the hell happens next.

Amy and Joel’s honeymoon in the Maldives was the perfect week of love, sun, sex and a free minibar…but unfortunately, it was also the high point of a marriage that quickly descended into an absolute disaster zone.

Eight years on, they’re back in paradise, trying to recreate the magic with new partners. What a crying shame they’ve picked the same week to do it…

Trapped together on an island small enough to spit across with the wind behind you, Amy and Joel pick up right where they left off: at total loggerheads. And so begins a hideous week of rivalry, one-upmanship and score-settling—as each tries to prove they’ve now comprehensively won at life.

The thing is, hurt and pain are strongest where there was once love. And what if being back in this island paradise, with all its wonderful memories, sets sparks flying in more ways than one?

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Here is a perfect pick you up book. It is light reading and made me smile and cringe on every page. The story follows two couples as they set off for the holiday of a lifetime to the Maldives. But two of them have been there before, on the perfect honeymoon getaway. Now they have a divorce two years behind them and are with different partners.

Amy and Joel had worked together in real estate and were like two peas in a pod until an error at work that they both blamed each other for. It ended their marriage and lost one of them their job. The hate between them had never lessened, and now two years on, Joel has spotted Amy and her new bloke at the airport, and it looks like they are heading the same place as Joel and his girlfriend.

The story takes the couples through an obsessive game of attempting to avoid each other, with hilarious outcomes. It is followed by sabotage, one-upmanship, and the ultimate showdown. There are butt-clenching moments and very windy times ahead in every possible way. I have to say that the author does get inventive in the tac-ticks that they use. Some of this story is corny, but I enjoyed this light side of it, with the over the top situations and the visual delights that were created.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Nick Spalding

Nick Spalding is an author who, try as he might, can’t seem to write anything serious.

Before becoming a full-time author, he worked in the communications industry, mainly in media and marketing. As talking rubbish for a living can get tiresome (for anyone other than a politician), he thought he’d have a crack at writing comedy fiction – with a very agreeable level of success so far, it has to be said. Nick has now sold over two million books – including over a million books sales with Amazon Publishing alone. This flabbergasts him every single day.

Nick lives in the South of England with his lovely (and extremely patient) wife. He’s now in his mid forties – and is rather annoyed at the universe about it, because it gave him no choice in the matter. He’s also addicted to Thai food, still thinks Batman is just about the coolest thing on Earth, and has a dreadful singing voice.


Nick is always happy to hear from people who like his work. It keeps his fragile ego glued together for a little bit longer. If you’d like to get in touch, here’s how you can do it:

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You Again? by [Nick Spalding]