Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10) by Harriet Steel @harrietsteel1 #BookReview #KindleUnlimited

Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10) by [Harriet Steel]


It’s January 1940 and the day of Nuala’s famous motor rally. Excitement is at full throttle, but matters take a dark turn when that same evening, human remains are found buried in a lonely corner of a local tea plantation.
Inspector de Silva has a cold case to solve. Add a playboy racing driver, a missing Bugatti and a family scandal hushed up years ago into the mix and he has plenty to think about. You can be sure that whatever happened in the past, now de Silva’s in the driving seat, you’re in for a gripping ride.


Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10)


What a tremendous series this is that whisked me away to January 1940, just after the start of the second world war in1939. I was more than ready to rub shoulders with the gentry out in Nuala, Ceylon, and one of my favourite couples Inspector de Silva and his sharp thinking and beautiful wife, Jane. The story takes off at speed as the couple go to watch motor cars racing around the town, incorporating the original narrow streets and much wider streets from British intervention. After the race, they all retire to a tea plantation to celebrate the prince’s win.

It is early Sunday morning that de Silva gets a call from his long-standing boss. The remains of a skeleton had been discovered, at the plantation, but whoever could it be? This is the tenth book in this cosy crime series, with its close circle of regular performers.
Although The Inspector and his wife are often included, in this circle of the town’s elite, they know their place too.

It isn’t too long before the bones are identified, and the investigation begins. Finding the bones was the easy part, digging into how and why this person died, and by whom is another. There are a handful of suspects very quickly, and all of them have a reason for murder, but who was the one to take that step.

I feel passionate about this series and the characters with their quirks and pompous attitudes. The Inspector always seems quite chilled, not rushing headlong to conclusions. His wife Jane is his sounding board guiding him without him knowing it in the right direction that he would have eventually taken anyway. Highly recommended as always.


Harriet Steel

Harriet Steel is a British author who writes a series of widely praised, atmospheric mysteries in a traditional style. A few years ago, she spent time on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and this is where they are set, but in the 1930s rather than the modern day, when it was still the British colony of Ceylon. Her love of history, art, and travel influences her writing, and she also published four historical novels before turning to crime.
Born in London, her family then moved to a farm in the country where she grew up. She later studied law at Cambridge University and was a lawyer for many years before becoming a writer. She would love to go back in time and spend a day having lunch with Hercule Poirot, tea with Miss Marple, and dinner at the Ritz with Lord Peter Wimsey.

Twitter: @harrietsteel1

Cold Case in Nuala (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book 10) by [Harriet Steel]

The Hiding Place A haunting, compelling ghost story for dark winter nights by Amanda Mason @ZaffreBooks #NetGalley

The Hiding Place: A haunting, compelling ghost story for dark winter nights . . . by [Amanda Mason]


Some secrets can never be concealed . . .

Nell Galilee, her husband and twelve year old step-daughter Maude rent a holiday cottage by the sea, needing time and space away from home. Nell grew up in this small, wind-blown town and has mixed feelings about returning, and it isn’t long before she is recognised by a neighbour, seemingly desperate to befriend her. The cottage has been empty for some time, and from the start Nell feels uncomfortable there. Something isn’t quite right about this place . . .

Maude, furious about being brought here against her will, soon finds herself beguiled by the house’s strange atmosphere. There are peculiar marks in the roof beams above her bedroom, and in another room, a hiding place, concealing a strange, unnerving object.

As the house gradually reveals its secrets, Nell becomes increasingly uneasy – and Maude spellbound. But these women – and the women that surround them – are harbouring their own secrets too, and soon events will come to a terrible head . . .


The Hiding Place: A haunting, compelling ghost story for dark winter nights . . .


It seemed like the perfect book for me when I was staying in Scarborough for a short break, and I went to Whitby for the day. I downloaded the book and strolled through the streets and Abbey listening to this strange story.

It had been seven years since Nell’s father had passed away, which was the last time she had been back to Whitby. She had received an invitation from a relative inviting the family to a forthcoming family reunion party. As soon as they arrived at the cottage, it felt like it was a big mistake. The place was big enough to house fourteen guests, and there was only Nell, her husband Chris and his daughter Maude, who at twelve was having a tough time adjusting to her mum’s partner and the addition of a baby. She wasn’t going to make the holiday easy for anyone.

The holiday home sat among other properties high on a hill overlooking Whitby and felt daunting rather than having character. There was a strange smell to the place too. When one of the neighbours bobs in, she tells Nell that they used to go to school together, but Nell has difficulty remembering the woman. Nell was now a designer of sought after jewellery. Then Chris has to leave to deal with something in the gallery they own. Things go downhill rapidly after Nell and Maude find a hiding place in the cottage with a disturbing and unusual object.

Oh my, this seemed anything but a relaxing getaway for the family. The author adds subtle changes that are happening, and these steadily increase. It seems that everyone has their secrets as well as house keeping them. The story snowballs and grows with secrets of the past, desperation and folklore. Witchy happenings and beliefs, superstitions and desire. A great October read.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason was born and brought up in Whitby, North Yorkshire. She studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, where she began writing by devising and directing plays. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies; The Wayward Girls is her first novel.



The Hiding Place: A haunting, compelling ghost story for dark winter nights . . . by [Amanda Mason]

Wayland Babes by Judi Daykin @HobeckBooks @norfolknovelist#NewRelease #BookReview

Wayland Babes by [Judi Daykin]


Thass bad. Somethin’ dreadful always happens when the chil’un be abroad.

The Wayland Woods in Norfolk – an ancient place where sound and silence, truth and myth, and life and death intertwine.

Some say that the babes of the woods still walk the Earth – wandering through the trees, forever lost, holding hands and searching for help. To see them is a terrible omen. As daylight falls, you may hear the wailing – is it the babes, or just the wind in the trees? What could it mean to see the babes, feel their presence, and be lured deeper into the woods? They look so real. They seem so helpless and desperate.

Five tales tell of five lives touched over five centuries by the so-called babes in the wood. If they beckon, will you follow?


Wayland Babes


Oh my goodness, talk about a scene setter! From the very first page, this book gave me tingles, and yes, I have read plenty of gruesome novels in the past, but this, this was such a hypnotic read.

The story spans five centuries, and the mystery tales that have been passed down through generations about two young children, like sirens of the sea, that coax unwary travellers to their demise in Wayland woods. The spine chilling feeling that made me jumpy was how the roles had reversed. It was how the children used their innocence on unsuspecting travellers that made me cold. The children, after all, had been around many more years than any of their victims.

There are five stories of people with different reasons why they have come to be in the woods. Each set on a different timeline and even with so many years between the mysterious deaths, the stories had been passed down through the generations so that travellers and locals should be aware of others who have not taken heed of the warnings.

The author is a conjurer of cautionary tales of the children and woods, not just visually but the sounds of whistling winds and rustling leaves. The pitying cries of children and the soothing voices of the ones captured in their spell. My favourite tale is the one of the priest. But do read these stories yourself, you will have one you like …………. and one you fear too.

I wish to thank the publisher and author for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.



Yorkshire born, Judi has lived, worked and made theatre in Norfolk for the last forty years. She completed her MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in 2019, and her debut novel was shortlisted for the Little, Brown UEA writers prize. That novel became Under Violent Skies, which was long-listed for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger in 2021.
Judi is a working actor with a portfolio career spanning twenty years of theatre, film and television; directing; workshops; audio narration and medical roleplay. She runs her own theatre company, Broad Horizons, specialising in commissioning new plays recovering and retelling women’s stories.
Delighted to be part of the Joffe Books team, Judi knows that DS Sara Hirst could not be in better hands. While her ghost stories are receiving the best possible treatment from Hobeck Books.

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Diluvian (DCI Robson Book 2) by Jason Minick @JMinick_Author #Thriller #Diluvian #BookReview

Diluvian (DCI Robson Book 2) by [Jason Minick]


DCI Jack Robson has finally achieved some sort of normality in his life. At least, normal by his standards…
But the escape of a high-profile prisoner turns up surprising links to Robson and his family, placing them in the crosshairs of corruption.
Suddenly, Robson no longer knows who to trust.
His pursuit of the escapee becomes enmeshed with a separate, highly secret investigation; one which propels Robson into a world of global conspiracies and unexpected reunions.
Quickly, the enquiry becomes a mission: a test of Robson’s resolve, both emotionally and professionally.
As the boundaries between work and personal life become increasingly blurred, he finds himself forced into choices and actions that are complex, terrifying, and–ultimately–deadly …


Diluvian (DCI Robson Book 2)


Arcam was the first book in this series, and it became one of my top reads of 2018. I must admit that it did make me wary when I came to read the next book in the series. The author, Jason Minick, has not disappointed. The core characters soon sprang back to life for me with just as many, if not more, heart in my mouth moments.

When a high profile killer is being transported, it soon becomes obvious that no amount of specialised training can prepare his guards for what is to go down. Not only is this blast from the past stepping back onto the streets, but he is also determined to punish the man that put him behind bars and ruin him too. DCI Jack Robson will not only face losing his career and reputation but something much more precious.

Diluvian is an all-action, adrenaline-fuelled story, with plenty of car chases and near misses. So many times carrots are dangled, as I thought the odds in the story would swing in another direction, only to be left breathless. There are some pretty gutsy characters in this story. One, in particular, had learned from the best and was never going to give up and let fate take its course.

Now this book, like I said, is an all-action read, but the last half a dozen chapters take this to another level. The rule book is out of the window as lines have to be crossed. Lives lost and the finale faced. Could this be the end! You will have to wait and see.


Jason Minick

Jason Minick lives in the south-west of England. He has a passion for writing, and is a fan of reading many genres.

His debut novel, ARCAM, combines police procedural with conspiracy thriller. It is set in his favourite part of the UK: the south-west of England. Diluvian is the second book in the DCI Jack Robson series.

Jason lives with his wife, Emma, and his three children, Lucy, William and Sophie. The family share their home with two very small dogs, Digby and Tizzie.



Diluvian (DCI Robson Book 2) by [Jason Minick]

Magpie by Elizabeth Day @elizabday @4thEstateBooks #Magpie #NetGalley #BookReview

Magpie: The most gripping psychological thriller of the year from Sunday Times bestselling author Elizabeth Day by [Elizabeth Day]


Sometimes Marisa gets the fanciful notion that Kate has visited the house before. She makes herself at home without any self-consciousness. She puts her toothbrush right there in the master bathroom, on the shelf next to theirs.

In Jake, Marisa has found everything she’s ever wanted. Then their new lodger Kate arrives.
Something about Kate isn’t right. Is it the way she looks at Marisa’s boyfriend? Sits too close on the sofa? Constantly asks about the baby they are trying for? Or is it all just in Marisa’s head?
After all, that’s what her Jake keeps telling her. And she trusts him – doesn’t she?
But Marisa knows something is wrong. That the woman sleeping in their house will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Marisa just doesn’t know why.
How far will she go to find the answer – and how much is she willing to lose?


Magpie: The most gripping psychological thriller of the year from Sunday Times bestselling author Elizabeth Day


What a little corker of a read this is, but so hard to review too. Marisa has reached a point in her life where she wants a baby, and after meeting Jake, she knows he will make the perfect dad. The only problem is that the house where they live isn’t cheap to run, especially when she becomes pregnant, so the only solution is to take in a lodger.

Kate soon moves in and wants to know everything about the pregnancy. Then it’s not long until she is getting a little too close to Jake for Marisa’s liking. It seems like the only person she can talk to is Jake’s mum.

I was already deeply involved with reading about these characters when something just nagged in my mind and made me feel so uneasy. I went from uneasy to sat at the edge of my seat, reading like my book would disappear if I didn’t speed up. There was no sleep that night until it was finished. It is now one of my favourite books this year. Loved it!

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


An image posted by the author.

Elizabeth Day is an author, journalist and broadcaster.

Her memoir, How To Fail: Everything I’ve Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong is a Sunday Times top 5 bestseller and has been described as ‘life-changing’ by critics. Her debut novel Scissors, Paper, Stone won a Betty Trask Award. Her follow-up, Home Fires was an Observer Book of the Year. Her third, Paradise City was named one of the best novels of 2015 in the Observer and the Evening Standard, and was People magazine’s Book of the Week. Her fourth novel, The Party was an Amazon bestseller and a Richard and Judy Summer Book Club pick. It has been optioned for television.

Her chart-topping podcast, How To Fail With Elizabeth Day, is a celebration of the things that haven’t gone right and won the Rising Star Award at the 2019 British Podcast Awards.

Elizabeth is a columnist for You magazine on the Mail on Sunday and a feature writer for numerous publications in the UK and US including The Telegraph, The Times, the Guardian, New York Magazine, the Observer, Vogue, Grazia and Elle. She is a contributing editor for Harper’s Bazaar.

Elizabeth grew up in Northern Ireland and her first job was for The Derry Journal. She won a British Press Award in 2004 for Young Journalist of the Year and was Highly Commended as Feature Writer of the Year in 2013. She has a ginger cat called Huxley who approves this message.

Twitter: @elizabday

Magpie: The most gripping psychological thriller of the year from Sunday Times bestselling author Elizabeth Day by [Elizabeth Day]

Resistance, The gripping new WWII espionage thriller by Mara Timon @MaraTimon @ZaffreBooks @bonnier #Resistance #BookReview #NetGalley

Resistance: The gripping new WWII espionage thriller by [Mara Timon]



May 1944. When spy Elisabeth de Mornay, code name Cécile, notices a coded transmission from an agent in the field does not bear his usual signature, she suspects his cover has been blown – something that is happening with increasing frequency. With the situation in Occupied France worsening and growing fears that the Resistance has been compromised, Cécile is ordered behind enemy lines.

Having rendezvoused with her fellow agents, Léonie and Dominique, together they have one mission: help the Resistance destabilise German operations to pave the way for the Normandy landings.

But the life of a spy is never straightforward, and the in-fighting within the Resistance makes knowing who to trust ever more difficult. With their lives on the line, all three women will have to make decisions that could cost them everything – for not all their enemies are German.


Resistance: The gripping new WWII espionage thriller 


Having read City of Spies last year, I was thrilled to hear that the follow up to that story was to be released. Resistance continues where the previous book ended, and although I would recommend reading City of Spies first, just because it is excellent, this can be read as a stand-alone.

The historical detail is engrossing but doesn’t bog you down in the storyline at all. The two are combined naturally as the author tells a captivating story filled with danger and sheer terror, then adds the human element of betrayal, friendship and love.

Elisabeth is back in Britain working for the Government, de-coding operatives messages from overseas, but when she finds an anomaly she brings it to her superior’s attention. It isn’t long before she and two more women spies are being dropped into occupied France to help set up the Normandy Landings. They know that if their parachutes are seen, it will be presumed that they are men.

There aren’t any allowances for their gender, they have a job to do. It isn’t long before Elisabeth, now Cécile is caught up with her past. What a tremendous story this is. Heart racing, heart-breaking and butterflies.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Mara Timon

Raised in New York, Mara Timon moved to the UK almost 20 years ago; and fell in love with London and the way it melds the old and the new. Growing up with one parent fascinated with literature and the other with history, she started writing from an early age, although it wasn’t until a programme on the BBC caught her interest, and one ‘what if’ led to another, that her first book began to take shape. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Twitter: @MaraTimon

Resistance: The gripping new WWII espionage thriller by [Mara Timon]

Mummy’s Little Secret by M. A. Hunter @Writer_MAHunter @0neMoreChapter_ #MummysLittleSecret #BookReview #NetGalley

Mummy’s Little Secret: An utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists by [M. A. Hunter]


Four little words can ruin a life.

When Jess meets five-year-old Daisy and her mum, Morag, in a local London park, they seem a perfectly happy and loving pair. Until Daisy whispers four little words that send ice seeping down Jess’s spine…

She’s not my mum.

Determined to save Daisy, Jess becomes obsessed with unearthing Morag’s secrets. As she digs ever deeper, her friends and family start to question her own increasingly paranoid behaviour…

Four little words can end a life.

But Jess knows what she heard and she’s certain the fear in Daisy’s eyes was real. Of course she isn’t imagining things… Or is she?


Mummy’s Little Secret: An utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists


Jess has had more than her share of emotional and physical health problems this last year and was still finding life very hard. While at the park with her young daughter, they meet Morag and her daughter Daisy. Daisy waits until her mummy is out of range of hearing her, before whispering to Jess, that Morag isn’t her mum. The little girl looks frightened, and Jess isn’t sure what to do now. She knows that she can’t just let the little girl go but can’t tackle Morag about it either.

A strange relationship begins between the two women, one desperate to fit in for her daughter to start school with children she knows and the other determined to dig into her new friend’s past. But poking the past becomes an obsession. The story is told in the present time, and a gruesome investigation by the police, and in the past with chapters from both women.

I liked how the author toyed with me, revealing little by little of the two women’s pasts. The intrigue of the present-day story had me racing through those pages to find out more about them both.

The story keeps that edginess throughout that had my heart pounding with the choices that they made. It is frustrating and heart-breaking in so many ways, with a brilliant storyline that will make you count your blessing. I constantly had mixed feelings about the characters in the story, but that is a human fault judging people before we know the truth.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


M. A. Hunter

M.A. Hunter has been a huge fan of crime fiction since a young age, and always fancied the idea of trying to write some. That dream became a reality when One More Chapter signed The Missing Children Case Files series.

Born in Darlington in the north-east of England, M.A. grew up in West London, and moved to Southampton to study law at university. It’s here M.A. fell in love and has been married for fifteen years. They are now raising their two children, on the border of The New Forest where the family enjoys going for walks amongst the wildlife. They regularly holiday across England, but have a particular affinity for the south coast, which formed the setting for the series, spanning from Devon to Brighton, and with a particular focus on Weymouth, one of their favourite towns.

When not writing, M.A. regularly binge-watches the latest shows from streaming services, or can be found with head buried in the latest stories from Angela Marsons, Simon Kernick, or Ann Cleeves.

Twitter: @Writer_MAHunter

Mummy’s Little Secret: An utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists by [M. A. Hunter]

The Genesis Inquiry by Olly Jarvis @OllyJarviso @HobeckBooks #BookReview #NewRelease #BlogTour #TheGenesisInquiry

The Genesis Inquiry by [Olly Jarvis]


Is there one last undiscovered, great truth?

A moment zero, a place in time that links all cultures and creeds?

A revelation that will unite us all and change the way we see history forever?

Brilliant but burnt-out barrister Ella Blake accepts an apparently simple brief: investigate the mysterious disappearance of an African American polymath from his rooms at Cambridge University. The Inquiry quickly becomes the greatest challenge of her life – solving the mystery of Genesis.

Facing danger at every turn, can Ella find the answers to the riddles and clues left by the missing genius?

Reunited with her estranged daughter, the Inquiry sends them on a quest across the world and through ancient texts.

What is the secret that binds us all?

Who is behind the dark forces that will stop at nothing to prevent the world from knowing the truth?

The Genesis Inquiry is an epic and gripping thriller by the brilliant Olly Jarvis which asks a key question – what can our shared past tell us about humanity’s future?


The Genesis Inquiry


Ella Blake had been a top Barrister, until three years ago when her world had crumbled after she lost a big court case. Now she tours around in a camper van, keeping herself to herself and had lost touch with her estranged daughter.

Ella is approached by an old acquaintance asking her to try and find out where a missing polymath at Cambridge University has vanished. It is an opportunity to get in touch with her daughter Lizzie, and try and make amends, while at the same time solving this mystery. The first thing they have to find out is what this man had been working on. It isn’t long before their poking into the man’s disappearance puts them in grave danger.

The characters are very engaging from the start, and the plot is fascinating. I did at times find myself checking dates and events in the story, then rushing back to carry on reading. The research for this book is glowing, and how it all gels together fabulously.

The author brings everything to the table with a jaw-dropping story, including car chases, murder, and so much more I am not even going to mention, but believe me, there is something in it for everyone. It is an adrenaline junkie high. Superb!


Olly Jarvis

Olly Jarvis is a writer and criminal defence barrister, originally from London but now based in Manchester.

Drawing on his experiences he writes both fiction and non-fiction with a particular understanding of the pressures and excitement of life in the English courtroom. He wrote highly acclaimed Radio 4 drama Judgement exploring a barrister’s thought processes whilst cross-examining a rape victim. His first novel, Death By Dangerous was long listed for the CWA Debut Dagger.

After leaving University, Olly travelled the world, teaching English, with stays in Paris, Singapore and Indonesia.

Years later, using his knowledge of the Indonesian language he returned to Sumatra where he wrote and presented a BBC documentary entitled Mum Knows Best, which compared two neighbouring tribes, one of which has a matrilineal system of inheritance. He is also the founder and presenter on



The Wilkes Insurrection by Robbie Bach @Robbie_Bach @FSBAssociates #BooReview #NewRelease #NetGalley #TheWilkesInsurrection

The Wilkes Insurrection: A Contemporary Thriller by [Robbie Bach]


An elusive extremist hell-bent on destroying America.

A woman of uncommon valor haunted by her tragic past.

A dark web hacker confronting his conscience.

A failed intelligence officer in search of redemption.

JUST OUTSIDE OMAHA, NEBRASKA, the relative calm at Offutt Air Force Base is suddenly shattered when commercial Flight 209 crashes down onto its runway. Major Tamika Smith must try to rescue survivors From the flaming wreckage and try to make sense of the tragedy. But this was no accident. In a time of national unrest and division, a shadowy mastermind is tearing down the United States from the inside out, moving pawns in an orchestrated plan and playing law enforcement like puppets. More deadly and unusual attacks follow. Soon, thousands are dying and there are precious few leads. Chillingly set against the backdrop of modern-day events comes a story driven by themes of revenge and hope, guilt and redemption, separation and family. In a world of political gridlock, fake news, haves vs have-nots, racial tensions, and more, can Tamika and an unlikely collection of committed Americans stop the destruction in time to rescue a nation descending into chaos?

With heart-pounding action, compelling plot twists, and a rich tapestry of characters, The Wilkes Insurrection is a contemporary thriller of anarchic obsession and heroic ambition. Its perfect blend of callous villains, complex but captivating protagonists, and political intrigue will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


The Wilkes Insurrection: A Contemporary Thriller


Well, buckle up because you will be going on the ride of your life, no matter how you travel with this story. It begins with a journey that not everyone will walk away from. Jonny is on his way home he has to travel a lot with his work.

Now, this author was part of the original team that produced the Xbox 360, and he takes you on a walkthrough, as seen by Jonny. He sets the scene, where he sits, and why, his rituals and small talk with an older couple. Then the plane is targeted by a man that wants to make a point.

The story is viewed by different people, the man who causes carnage throughout the book, the victims and the heroes, one, in particular, Major Tamika Smith. She has her demons from her past. The characters are brought together by these events, and it changes the course in life they had been set on. It has a fast pace, a race against time all the way through. The author is very inventive, with every event being unique with high casualties.

I enjoyed this book, I felt like I had an instant connection with the characters, both the good and bad. I liked too that they were all flawed with life, but dealt with it differently. A super paced story, a very explosive thriller.


Robbie Bach

Robbie Bach is best known for founding and leading the team that created the Xbox. Today he is an entertaining storyteller and catalyzing voice who writes books and speaks to audiences on leadership, creativity, strategy, and civic issues.

Robbie joined Microsoft in 1988. Over the next twenty-two years, he worked in various marketing and business management roles—including supporting the successful launch and expansion of Microsoft Office. As Chief Xbox Officer, he led the creation and development of the Xbox business, including the launch of the Xbox, and its highly popular successor, Xbox 360, as well as the Xbox Live gaming platform. Then as Microsoft’s President of the Entertainment and Devices Division, he was responsible for the company’s worldwide gaming, music, video, phone, and retail sales businesses until he retired in 2010.

In his current role as a civic engineer, Robbie works with corporate, philanthropic, and civic organizations to help drive positive change in our communities. He guest-lectures extensively at a variety of colleges and universities and speaks to corporate, civic, nonprofit, and trade association audiences across the country. In 2015, he published his first book, “Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal.”

He currently chairs the board of the Bipartisan Policy Center and serves on the national board of governors for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He previously served as a board member of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Sonos Inc., Brooks Running Company, the Space Needle Inc., and Year Up Puget Sound. He is the co-owner of Manini’s, Inc., a gluten-free pasta and baking company.

Robbie was an Arjay Miller Scholar at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he earned his MBA, and a Morehead Scholar at the University of North Carolina, where he earned a degree in economics and was named an Academic All-American on the Tar Heel’s tennis team.

He and his wife, Pauline, reside in Medina, Washington with their yellow lab, Roscoe. They have three grown children and one grandchild. He loves peanut M&Ms, upholding heroic ideals, and those motivated to save the world—although not necessarily in that order. “The Wilkes Insurrection” (2021) is his first novel.

Twitter @Robbie_Bach

The Wilkes Insurrection: A Contemporary Thriller by [Robbie Bach]

A Corruption of Blood by Ambrose Parry @ambroseparry @cbrookmyre @canongatebooks #HistoricalFiction #ACorruptionOfBlood

A Corruption of Blood (Raven, Fisher, and Simpson Book 3) by [Ambrose Parry]


Edinburgh, 1850. This city will bleed you dry.

Dr Will Raven is a man seldom shocked by human remains, but even he is disturbed by the contents of a package washed up at the Port of Leith. Stranger still, a man Raven has long detested is pleading for his help to escape the hangman.

Back in the townhouse of Dr James Simpson, Sarah Fisher has set her sights on learning to practise medicine. Almost everyone seems intent on dissuading her from this ambition, but when word reaches her that a woman has recently obtained a medical degree despite her gender, Sarah decides to seek her out.

Raven’s efforts to prove his former adversary’s innocence are failing and he desperately needs Sarah’s help. Putting their feelings for one another aside, their investigations take them to both extremes of Edinburgh’s social divide, where they discover that wealth and status cannot alter a fate written in the blood.

BUY LINK: A Corruption of Blood (Raven, Fisher, and Simpson Book 3)


It is the third outing for some of these characters, in this new and shocking tale set in 1850 Edinburgh. Women were not thought of as capable to do anything that a man could, as they would neither have the brains for most things nor the stomach for others.

It often put women in impossible situations. So to keep their employment, many had to give in to their master’s wishes. If they fell pregnant, theirs and the baby’s life was ruined.

There was only one option for such women. That was the workhouse, where the child would be taken from the mother. The mother had the opportunity to have the child back if they could pay for all the years it had been cared for. Something that rarely happened.

Conception did not just lay with the poor, it could happen to any woman. The only difference was the young lady could be sent away for a while, then return after the birth without the baby.

Dr Will Raven and the newly widowed Sarah Fisher find themselves thrown together in a recent murder case, where reputation, titles and wealth are at stake, besides the life of the man who is said to have committed murder. The tangled web holds terrible secrets as the pair dig deeper.

It is a disturbing story with twists and truths entwined. I like the ‘new’ Sarah very much. Excellent reading.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book that I have reviewed honestly.


An image posted by the author.

Ambrose Parry is a pseudonym for a collaboration between Chris Brookmyre and Marisa Haetzman. The couple are married and live in Glasgow.

Chris Brookmyre is the international bestselling and multi-award-winning author of over twenty novels, including Black Widow, winner of both the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year and the McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Novel of the Year.

Dr Marisa Haetzman is a consultant anaesthetist of twenty years’ experience, whose research for her Master’s Degree in the History of Medicine uncovered the material upon which The Way of All Flesh was based.

A Corruption of Blood (Raven, Fisher, and Simpson Book 3) by [Ambrose Parry]

Be Sure Your Sins (The Mel Cooper Crime Series) by Harry Fisher @HobeckBooks #NewRelease #BookReview #BeSureYourSins


Six people. Six events. Six lives destroyed. What is the connection?

Detective Sergeant Melissa (Mel) Cooper has two major investigations on the go. The first involves six apparently unrelated individuals who all suffer inexplicable life-altering events. Mel is also pursuing a serial blackmailer but just as she’s about to prove the link between this man and the six bizarre events, she’s ordered to back off. So why are her bosses interfering with her investigations? Who are they trying to protect? And how far will they go to stop her? The answers come from a totally unexpected source.

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I began to read this book, then stopped and read the blurb again. I had wondered if I was reading a selection of short stories as each one sort of came to an end and a new story began, but I wasn’t. Just be patient, and all will be revealed.

The opening chapters are very different, with each one having a crime committed and someone being arrested for it. All of the accused protest their innocence, but the cases seem cut and dry. Of course, for every crime, there has to be a victim, and on one occasion it happened to be the mother of a serving officer. There is something rather weird about it all. DS Mel Cooper is soon looking into local crime a little deeper, with surprising results.

The story is on the gentler side of crime, with nothing gruesome or grisly and more on the Cluedo side of investigating as to why and how certain events are linked. The story is thoroughly entertaining. Even on the short breaks, I had to take, while life got in the way, my mind was trying to get in front and work out who was responsible for the tangle of cases.

Although this is a new series, I felt the central characters are already set up well for a second outing. This story was completely wound up, so it could easily be read as a stand-alone.