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I wish to thank Rachel Gilbey and Authoright for the invite to take part in the BLOGIVAL SECOND ANNUAL EVENT and I have the pleasure of sharing with you a guest post by Anne Boileu author of KATHERINA LUTHER. NUN. REBEL. WIFE. It makes a fascinating read so do take a look. I have to read this book the reviews are brilliant!




Katharina Luther: Nun, Rebel, Wife
On 31st October 1517, Martin Luther pinned ninety-five theses on the Castle Church door, Wittenberg, criticizing the Church of Rome; they were printed and published by Lucas Cranach and caused a storm. Nine young nuns, intoxicated by Luther’s subversive writings, became restless and longed to leave their convent. On Good Friday 1523 a haulier smuggled them out hidden in empty herring barrels. Five of them settled in Wittenberg, the very eye of the storm, and one of them – Katharina von Bora – scandalised the world by marrying the revolutionary former monk. Following a near miscarriage, she is confined to her bed to await the birth of their first child; during this time, she sets down her own story. Against a backdrop of 16th Century Europe this vivid account of Katharina von Bora’s early life brings to the spotlight this spirited and courageous woman.

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How would Katharina spend a typical summer?

Every summer is different but every summer follows the same pattern:  Easter tide leads us into spring; then we celebrate Ascension Day, Whitsun, the Feast of Mary Magdalene, the Assumption, and Michaelmas. Of course there are many more feasts than that, but you don’t want to hear a recital of the liturgical calendar! Only that of course the Church calendar and the agricultural calendar go hand in hand. Spring and Summer are all about food. Did we put by enough last year to last us through the winter? If we didn’t, then our household is in trouble. May, the loveliest month, is also the hungriest.

There’s a reason why we fast in Lent: provisions will be running low even in February.  Cured hams and pickled beef are nearly finished; the hens are only just beginning to lay and we must keep some eggs for hatching. Worst of all, by the month of May the flour in our bins may be mouldy – in which case we shouldn’t eat it, because the mould makes you crazy and causes babies to abort.

The nanny goats and cows may be pregnant, but fodder is running low too, and the hay may be musty.

But the days are getting longer, the sun warmer; the swallows and storks have come back; and we bite gratefully into the first succulent shoots of asparagus and savour the early green salad leaves and spring onions. But the staple in May is still likely to be mangold-wurzels, dried beans and lentils.

Our two nanny goats wait each morning by the portal of the Black Cloister, listening out for Joachim the goatherd. They put their heads on one side when they hear the herd approaching; bleating, bells, their feet tapping on the cobbles. The maid lets our two goats out; they’ll spend the day grazing in the fields outside the town walls, and come home in the evening. We milk them then, before letting the kids strip suckle.

Meanwhile there’s work to be done in the vegetable and fruit garden. The carrots and spinach and lettuces must be hoed, beans tied up, broad beans sprayed with vinegar against blackfly.  And as June rolls in we have to water the vegetables and mulch the fruit bushes.

And don’t forget, we have to spring clean! For three days the Black Cloister is like a battle ground as we pull  out the bedding and burn infested mattresses. I direct the staff to fumigate all the bedroom cells with baldrian against fleas, bed bugs and roaches. We wash our winter garments too and hang them out in the sunshine, then fold them away with bay leaves and sage in the large oak cupboard on the upper landing.

Come July there’s more to eat, but oh it’s so busy! Our household must take its turn to brew every three months. Then it’s the bees. Sometimes, we’re lucky and a swarm colonises a hive of its own accord, but more often we hear tell of a
swarm, even as late as June, and I will fetch it home, to put it gently into a clean, empty hive.

We’re also busy catering for visitors. When the roads are dry and the days longer travel to Wittenberg from far and wide to meet my husband. If they’re rich they may walk down the street to have their portrait painted by Lucas.

But we make time for fun too! We dance around the Maypole, the travelling fair comes to town at Whitsun, with their exotic shows and stalls; Wittenberg has its own show too, we embellish our goats and cows and hope to win a prize for the most beautiful animal or fowl in its class.

We’re all putting on weight and the children are rosy-cheeked. Cream, cream cheese, butter! We eat the first fatted kid on the Feast of Mary Magdalene and roast goose and gooseberries on the Day of Our Lady’s Assumption.

At Michaelmas we pick apples and pears, and in October young and old go out to help with the grape harvest.

I sigh with relief, though, when the days shorten, and our noses twitch at the first hint of frost on the morning air. The larder, if all has gone well, is well stocked, the Rumtopf filled to the brim with seasonal fruits. And if the plague did not visit us this summer, and all the children in the household are still alive, we can settle down to four months of relative quietness – fewer visitors, dormant garden, contented chickens with spare cockerels for the oven.

Martin and I sit quiet by the fire; Tölpel snoozes at our feet. It’s All Saints’ Day We’re well fed, and happy to rest and reminisce.



Anne Boileau (also known as Polly Clarke) lives in Essex. She studied German in Munich and worked as interpreter and translator before turning to language-teaching in England. She also holds a degree in Conservation and Land Management from Anglia University and has written and given talks on various aspects of conservation. Now she shares, writes and enjoys poetry; her work has appeared in a number of anthologies and magazines; she has also won some awards, including First Prize with Grey Hen Press, 2016. She translates modern German poetry into English with Camden Mews Translators and was Chair of Suffolk Poetry Society from 2011 to 2014.




GRAY JUSTICE by Alan McDermott (A Tom Gray Novel Book#1) @Jambalian




When ex-soldier Tom Gray loses his wife and child to a career criminal, it seems life can’t get much worse. But when the killer is let off with time served on remand, Gray knows there is something fundamentally wrong with the justice system. Engaging the help of his ex-SAS buddies, he kidnaps five repeat offenders and asks the public to vote on their fate: Should they be allowed to continue their criminal ways with inadequate punishment, or has Britain had enough?

His website attracts a worldwide audience and, although the authorities know where he is, they are powerless to stop him.

Can Gray carry out his audacious plan? Will Andrew Harvey and his fellow MI5 operatives find a way to stop him?

Gray Justice, the first book in the Tom Gray series, is more than a simple tale of revenge: it’s a rollercoaster ride with an ending you’ll never forget.



This is the first book in the series of what promises to be pure gold entertainment. Tom Gray, an ex soldier and now successful business man, husband and dad had got life pretty well sorted. That was until a young tearaway decided to take a car and get involved in the police chase that ended Tom’s son’s life and resulted in his wife taking her life not long after because it was all too much. The only thing Tom had to cling to was that the young bloke was in custody a repeat offender and justice would be served. How wrong he was but if the courts wouldn’t do it then he knew some men that would. There was no hesitation from Tom’s old SAS buddies to do what ever he needed to make this right.

Whoa this is a cracking story I felt right up there supporting Tom but I did wonder just how far he would go. Well after the intense training and serving in the SAS let me just say that their is no hesitation, no sir. What a plan! Talk about bring it to the public to decided, it must have saved millions on a referendum. Tom Gray knew the British public were fed up of these criminals simply walking away time and time again. They gained confidence, the Police felt demoralised and the public lived in fear of these yobs. Tom Gray and friends were going to change this, with a little added security to keep MI5 biting at the bit but not daring to make a move against them either.

I love a story where the good guys get to do bad things for the right reasons, it all makes for a sensational read. From the plan going into action Alan McDermott keeps the fast pace increasing in each chapter. This is darn good stuff that when you think you have it sussed you just don’t and you are away again reading at fifty to the dozen because you can’t get enough of this. The plot is brilliant. Already loving Tom Gray and all set to read  more of the series as soon as I can.  So much to look forward to!

Keep reading on to see the tempting tasters below.


Alan McDermott

Alan McDermott is a full time author from the south of England, married with beautiful twin daughters. He used to write critical applications for the NHS, but now he spends his days writing action thrillers.

His debut novel, Gray Justice, has been very well received and earned him membership of He was subsequently picked up by Thomas & Mercer, who published his first 7 books. His latest work is an Andrew Harvey/MI5 spinoff, and Alan is working on his 8th novel.

You can follow Alan on Twitter through his @Jambalian account.

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        BOOK 2

Gray Resurrection (A Tom Gray Novel Book 2)

After the terrorist explosion in which he is believed to have died, Tom Gray has been living a quiet life in the Philippines as Sam Grant, under the watchful eye of his government handler, James Farrar.

His peace is short-lived; Farrar recruits him for a mission that needs Grant’s particular skills, but fate intervenes when Grant is taken hostage in the southern islands by Abu Sayyaf, a militant organisation, and comes face-to-face with a dangerous former enemy.

Gray Resurrection, the second book in the series, is an exciting and fast-paced thriller with an explosive conclusion that reintroduces the inimitable man-of-action, Tom Gray.


      BOOK 3

Gray Redemption (A Tom Gray Novel Book 3)

A year after he was declared dead and began living under an assumed name in the Philippines, Tom Gray wants his life back…

Along with two ex-army buddies and a woman he rescued from terrorists, Gray attempts to make his way home to the UK to clear his name: no easy feat when members of the British government want to kill Gray and his loyal friends, and the long clandestine journey home on a container ship gives Gray’s nemesis, James Farrar, the time to hatch a plot to intercept him.

In Gray Redemption, the third book in the popular and action-packed series that began with Gray Justice, the hunted and the hunters converge. Tom Gray’s only hope is to seek the help of an old adversary and pray he still believes in justice.

         BOOK 4

Gray Retribution (A Tom Gray Novel Book 4)Tom Gray is enjoying time with his family after the birth of his daughter, now three months old, and just wants an easy home life. However, trouble has a way of finding him. While he is visiting his uncle’s new grocery store, thugs arrive demanding protection money, and in the ensuing fight, Gray is hurt. As he recuperates, Gray learns that a team of friends is facing grave danger on a mission in a tiny war-torn African nation, where an evil warlord is kidnapping boy soldiers to do his work in his bid for supremacy. Gray sets off on a rescue mission, but with his attention now divided between two continents, events are spiraling out of control, and Gray must fight to save all that is dear to him.

In Gray Retribution, the fourth book of the popular, action-packed Tom Gray series, suspense builds to an unforgettable ending.


         BOOK 5

Gray Vengeance (A Tom Gray Novel Book 5)

Da Sunan Annabi has a ruthless new leader whose aim is to train British nationals to bring England to its knees.

As their plans unfold with deadly precision and Britain is crippled by a series of attacks, the government is forced to deploy its new secret weapon: a surveillance network that can spy on nearly every human being on earth. It is nearly foolproof—but is it ethical? And does that even matter now?

Soon, Tom Gray and his daughter are in the militia’s sights, and their lives depend on Gray finding the man behind the recent atrocities. His desperate search leads him to Africa and Cuba, for a final showdown with an enemy he could never have imagined.

Gray Vengeance, the fifth book in the action-packed Tom Gray series, leaves you breathless until the very last page.


        BOOK 6

Gray Salvation (A Tom Gray Novel Book 6)

When the body of an MI5 operative is found floating in the Thames, police frogmen find a significant clue nearby: Nikolai Sereyev, an MI5 informer and mid-level player in a Russian criminal organisation. Both men have been brutally murdered.
Andrew Harvey is tasked with finding his colleague’s killer, and quickly uncovers a plot to assassinate a visiting dignitary on British soil. No sooner has he scraped the surface of the case than the tables are turned and he becomes a pawn in a game of international brinkmanship that leads all the way to the Kremlin.
Harvey’s girlfriend, Sarah, also a secret service operative, is hot on his trail, but when she too becomes compromised, security chief Veronica Ellis knows there is only one man she can turn to. He’s a loose cannon, but she needs his help to rescue her agent and prevent a full-blown international incident.
The trouble is, Tom Gray has gone to ground. Finding him is just the beginning.
This book is the sixth in the series but can be enjoyed equally as a standalone novel.






TrojanWhen MI5 learns that a horrifying new weapon is in enemy hands, agent Andrew Harvey is called in to track it down before it reaches British soil.
The clock is ticking. Andrew and his girlfriend, Sarah, also a secret service operative, have only one lead: a beautiful refugee, desperate not to lose her son. But is she desperate enough to betray everything she believes in? And will she do it in time to help them prevent a terrifying attack?
As Andrew and Sarah race to unravel a convoluted web of subterfuge and exploitation, they discover there is more at stake than even they knew. And somewhere, at the heart of it, lurks a faceless enemy, who is prepared to use everything—and everyone—at his disposal.

Available from Amazon for £1.00 on Kindle, Free on Kindle Unlimited, also available to purchase as Paperback, Audio and Audio CD



THE ASHES OF BERLIN by Luke McCallin #Blog Tour @mccallinluke @noexitpress #AshesofBerlin

Firstly I wish to thank Anne Cater and No Exit Press for inviting me to take part on this Blog Tour for THE ASHES OF BERLIN by Luke McCallin



World War II is over, and former German intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt has returned to Berlin. He’s about to find that the bloodshed has not ended — and that for some, death is better than defeat.
A year after Germany’s defeat, Reinhardt has been hired back onto Berlin’s civilian police force. The city is divided among the victorious allied powers, tensions are growing, and the police are riven by internal rivalries as factions within it jockey for power and influence with Berlin’s new masters.
When a man is found slain in a broken-down tenement, Reinhardt embarks on a gruesome investigation. It seems a serial killer is on the loose, and matters only escalate when it’s discovered that one of the victims was the brother of a Nazi scientist.
Reinhardt’s search for the truth takes him across the divided city and soon embroils him in a plot involving the Western Allies and the Soviets. And as he comes under the scrutiny of a group of Germans who want to continue the war — and faces an unwanted reminder from his own past — Reinhardt realizes that this investigation could cost him everything as he pursues a killer who believes that all wrongs must be avenged…

Longlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger and the CWA Historical Dagger 2017
The Times Book of the Month (Dec 2016) and Sunday Times Crime Club star pick
Third in Gregor Reinhardt series, following The Man From Berlin & The Pale House
The Man From Berlin was shortlisted for a CWA Historical Dagger award, reached #2 on the Kindle Bestsellers chart and was a Top 10 Historical Fiction book; it has an average rating of 4.6/5 stars on Amazon
Literary crime fiction reminiscent of Dan Fesperman’s Sarajevo thriller, Lie in the Dark & Philip Kerr’s ‘Berlin Noir’ trilogy with the atmosphere of The Third Man
For fans of CJ Sansom, Martin Cruz Smith, Alan Furst, Charles Cumming & William Ryan



Set in post war Berlin in 1947 Gregor Rainhardt, a former police officer, has returned to his home town to try carry on with normal life but this is now a new world. Berlin is still very much in ruins both the body and the soul of it. Divided into sectors Berlin is a place where it’s residents are more the outsiders, children living like urchins and supporters and fraterniseres of the SS shunned. Even the police force is now divided, being employed by either the Americans, French, British or Sovient Union factions There is no trust even here, as the allies that fought against a common enemy have no trust with each other, informers and spies are in abundance. Rainhardt has been employed by the Americans but he is not a man that is particularly liked or respected by his fellow officers.

When a call is received about, what is thought at first glance, the dead body of a drunk at the bottom of the stairs in an American sector apartment block, Rainhardt is one of the officers to respond. He follows a blood trail up the stairs that very much puts doubt on that being the case and he discovers yet further body in one of the upper apartments. While the other police officers seem to concentrate their investigation on the death of Carlsen, a British Agent, which seems much more high profile, Rainhardt homes in on the death of Noell, a former German Air Force veteran.  Rainhardt could really be labelled, ‘does not play well with others’, but he works on instinct as well as facts and this case pulls him like a magnet.

Rainhardt wants a normal life but the past doesn’t want to let go, not yet, for some people the war hasn’t come to an end and it forces Rainhardt to revisit his past that he had worked hard on leaving behind him. This is no ordinary killing and as he begins to piece together murders that don’t work within ‘sectors’, it becomes clear that this is the work of one man. It seems that with each piece of this puzzle Rainhardt’s life expectancy is getting shorter.

This really is a stunning novel that describes a Berlin that feels as much displaced in the world as its residents. There really isn’t anything light and wonderful about this book, it is dark, grave and utterly compelling. This is the third book in the series, the former two set in the war years and Rainhardt’s participation and family. Do read on after you finish the story for a short piece by the author about post war Berlin, truly fascinating. Just Brilliant!



Luke McCallin was born in 1972 in Oxford, grew up in Africa, went to school around the world and has worked with the United Nations as a humanitarian relief worker and peacekeeper in the Caucasus, the Sahel, and the Balkans. His experiences have driven his writing, in which he explores what happens to normal people – those stricken by conflict, by disaster – put under abnormal pressures. He lives with his wife and two children in an old farmhouse in France in the Jura Mountains. He has a master’s degree in political science, speaks French, and can just get by in Russian. When he’s not working or writing, he enjoys reading history, playing the drums, and heading into the mountains for a run.


DEADLY GAME by Matt Johnson (Robert Finlay #2) @Matt_Johnson_UK @OrendaBooks

Deadly Game (Robert Finlay, #2)


Reeling from the attempts on his life and that of his family, Police Inspector Robert Finlay returns to work to discover that any hope of a peaceful existence has been dashed. Assigned to investigate the Eastern European sex-slave industry just as a key witness is murdered. Finlay, along with his new partner Nina Brasov, finds himself facing a ruthless criminal gang, determined to keep control of the traffic of people into the UK. On the home front, Finlay’s efforts to protect his wife and child may have been in vain, as an MI5 protection officer uncovers a covert secret service operation that threatens them all… Picking up where the bestselling Wicked Game left off, Deadly Game sees Matt Johnson’s damaged hero fighting on two fronts. Aided by new allies, he must not only protect his family but save a colleague from an unseen enemy… and a shocking fate.



When you begin a new series and come to read the second book sometimes you have to recap about what happened before. That isn’t the case with this one. Wicked Game has stayed firmly in my memory as an absolutely unforgettable book. Deadly Game, I am sure is going to do just the same.

Police Inspector Robert Finlay’s life had been literally blown apart resulting in him, his wife Jenny and daughter having to move to a safe house and start again. I absolutely loved Jenny from the last book and although she only plays a minor role really in Deadly Game, she still remains a favourite of mine. Jenny would be more than happy for Robert to bow out of the service as his past is not willing to give him up. Robert certainly can’t return to the role he had before and there isn’t a lot of jobs that sort of fits his CV. Robert’s past had brought tremendous danger home to his family but he just can’t hide away, if he does the bad guys win. Suffering from night terrors and PTSD, he ritually has to check under and round every car before he gets into it but he is determined to work again.

When MI5 liaison officer for the family Toni Fellows arranges Robert a little R & R time in Egypt including a cover story for his past, it seems it may be just what he needs but circumstances fling him into the lime light and clutches of a family best to be avoided. Back home Robert is offered a new role in a completely different direction than he has had experience of before, investigating the harrowing, brutal sex trade that is pouring into the UK from Eastern Europe. His is partnered with the brilliant DS Nina Brasov, ace character.  Unfortunately Robert begins to recognise familiar faces.

Matt Johnson has once again produced a belting read. I loved the short chapters in the book. to begin with the scenes have a gentle build with them progressing to the more hard core details much later on, some which are very harrowing. Due to Matt Johnson’s own career he creates characters that feel like they exist. They are not all good people even if they are on the same side. Sadly because of the type of work which these officers  are involved in they can become damaged themselves and find it hard to cope. This isn’t the made up bits, this is the risks they really face daily. It does make you respect the work which these people do to protect us. A brilliant read again, so looking forward to a third book.


Matt   Johnson

Matt Johnson served as a soldier from 1975-78 and Metropolitan Police officer from 1978 -1999.

His debut novel Wicked Game – a crime thriller – was published by Orenda Books in March 2016. The sequel Deadly Game, was published March 2017.

Wicked Game was listed for the Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger award, has topped the Amazon and WH Smith KOBO charts in several categories and at the end of 2016 was listed by Amazon UK as the highest-rated ‘rising star’ novel of 2016.

Deadly Game tackles the current and sensitive topic of people trafficking – it is told from the authentic view that only a former cop could achieve.

Peter James, the international best-selling novelist said of Matt’s first book “Terse, tense and vivid writing. Matt Johnson is a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes said of Wicked Game – “From the first page to the last, an authentic, magnetic and completely absorbing read.”

Such endorsements would be serious praise were Matt to have been trained as a writer and have come though a traditional route. But he didn’t. In fact, his journey from the military, through policing to eventual publication might be described as unique.

In 1999, Matt was discharged from the police with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whilst undergoing treatment, he was encouraged by his counsellor to write about his career and his experience of murders, shootings and terrorism.

Matt was eventually persuaded to give this a go, and one evening, he sat at his computer and started to weave his notes into a work of fiction that he described as having a tremendously cathartic effect on his own condition. He used his detailed knowledge and recollections to create what has been described by many readers as a fast paced, exciting and authentic tale of modern day policing and terrorism.

I could be argued that Matt Johnson is living proof PTSD is a condition that can be controlled and overcome with the right help and support. He has been described by many fans as an inspiration to fellow sufferers.






This is the first book in the Robert Finlay series and a link to my review

Both books can be read as stand alone but this is a brilliant read too I would read this one first to get the whole Robert Finlay experience.

The Chalky Sea by Clare Flynn #TBConFB @clarefly


Two troubled people struggle to find their way in a turbulent world.
In July 1940, Gwen Collingwood drops her husband at the railway station, knowing she may never see him again. Two days later her humdrum world is torn apart when the sleepy English seaside town where she lives is subjected to the first of many heavy bombing attacks.

In Ontario, Canada, Jim Armstrong is debating whether to volunteer. His decision becomes clear when he uncovers the secret his fiancée has been keeping from him. A few weeks later he is on a ship bound for England.

Gwen is forced to confront the truth she has concealed about her past and her own feelings. Jim battles with a bewildering and hostile world far removed from the cosy life of his Canadian farm. War brings horror and loss to each of them – can it also bring change and salvation?



I must say that I am not a big lover of history books but I am fascinated with books set around the war years. There was such a tremendous innocence about the whole idea of fighting for ones King and Country. It was glorified sending off young men into a reality that was nothing like they were equipped or prepared for. Many dying on the first days they were fighting. Canadian volunteers were flown over to train to fight, although rarely used and stationed eventually at Eastbourne, one of the heaviest  bombed places throughout the war. Two of these soldiers were estranged brothers, Jim and Walt Armstrong, farmers from Ontario.

When Gwen Collingwood’s husband Roger went off to do his bit for the war effort, she soon volunteered herself to help round the town and discovered that the local poorer folk were far less reserved in all matters than she was. Being more of the middle upper class, Gwen had been raised to keep all of her emotions well under control. What she had thought were duties to be endoured in the  bedroom as little as possible, these women found pleasure. To say that this left her feeling confused and dare I say a wee bit wanting would be an understatement.  Circumstances soon had it that the she wouldn’t be living in her big house on her own much longer. The lodgers she took in were to open her eyes into another world.

What I loved about Clare Flynn’s book was the changes that took place with the characters. It made the people more open and honest, talking and taking opportunities as they came up. Life got a value back in Eastbourne because here they knew that anyone could die any day. It seemed that every sense was awakened and heightened. Unlikely friendships were made that would have been unthinkable just a few years earlier. The friendships that formed crossed the barriers of class with life being the greatest commodity one could have.

This is a heartfelt story, beautifully told. There is also additional facts about Eastbourne through the war years in the back of the book.



Award-winning author, Clare Flynn is a former global marketing director. She lives on the south coast of England. Her first novel, A Greater World, set in the Blue Mountains of Australia in the 1920s, was awarded an Indie BRAG Medallion in 2015. Kurinji Flowers, a gripping story of love and loss set in colonial India on a tea plantation in the 1930s and 40s, also gained a BRAG Award in 2015. Letters from a Patchwork Quilt, achieved a 5 Star Medallion from Readers’ Favorite. The Green Ribbons is set in rural England in 1900 and has also been honoured with a coveted BRAG Medallion. She is currently at work on the sequel to The Chalky Sea, set in Canada in the aftermath of the war. All Clare’s novels feature places she knows well and she does extensive research to build the period and geographic flavour of her books. Clare is fluent in Italian and loves spending time in Italy. In her spare time she likes to quilt, paint and travel as often and as widely as possible. Clare is an active member of the Historical Novel Society, the Romantic Novelists Association, The Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors.


GONE TOO FAR by Steven Suttie (DCI MILLER #4) @StevenSuttie



DCI Miller is faced with a head-ache and a half in the latest Manchester based adventure GONE TOO FAR.

Kathy Hopkirk, the nation’s most detested “celebrity” has disappeared.

Famed for her outrageous remarks and nasty observations about ordinary people in the street and stars from the showbiz world, Kathy has always taken great delight in grabbing the headlines and causing as much controversy as possible. But now she is in the news for a different reason. She is missing.

While visiting Manchester for work, she was staying at The Midland. The iconic, world famous hotel was the last place Kathy was seen, CCTV recorded her leaving on foot. Her destination was unknown. Three days later, her disappearance was reported to police by her manager. The sensational news was met with great interest by the British public, though very little surprise or sympathy. Kathy Hopkirk had been pushing it for years. It looks like this time, she may just have Gone Too Far.

DCI Miller and his team are overwhelmed by the amount of vitriol and hatred which surrounds the missing woman. Where do they possibly start with this one? Kathy has had thousands of death threats on Twitter alone.

DCI Miller is back with another roller-coaster case.



This is the 4th DCI Miller novel in the series and it most certainly lives up to the ones that went before. Steven Suttie is a tell it has it is author that holds no punches. His characters are people you know, they may have  different names where you live but they are all here. The writing flows with a natural rhythm and includes relevant news and events that have taken place which gave the story a time line I could easily relate to.

When Kathy Hopkirk just disappeared it wasn’t her family that reported her missing, only her manager that was losing commissions from the absence of her obnoxious appearances. Yes Kathy is a celebrity, with no talent except to belittle other people for their circumstances. The public are outraged but not because they care about her but simply it is a need to know the juicy bits. All quite sad really to think that no-one would really give a damn for her wellbeing. It even takes a polite kick up the backside to get some of the police working on the case to be slightly interested and really put effort into the investigation.

The more the police delve and the more obvious it is that something is very wrong with the whole scenario.  This is a very dark and disturbing story that unfolds on a recently topical subject that rattled a lot of peoples pasts and brought them crashing down. How far will someone go to keep the past buried? Steven Suttie brings his normal humour into this story to  lighten the read on a dark subject. Is there murder and violence, yes. Would I recommend this book ? most definitely. Loved it!



Steven Suttie

Steven Suttie was born in Kirkcaldy, in Scotland, about 40 years ago. He grew up in Manchester and now lives in rural Lancashire. Steven is married and has four children and during the week he works for the RSPCA.

In 2014, Steven published a fast paced crime thriller called “One Man Crusade.” This was the first of the DCI Miller series, which went on to become an Amazon UK best seller in several kindle categories. One Man Crusade is the story of a serial killer who has won the hearts and minds of the British public. This story has plenty of twists and turns that keep you reading for just “one more chapter.”

The second DCI Miller book was released in 2015, called “Neighbours From Hell.” This is a funny, tragic and exciting story centred around the social class divides in Great Britain today.

Miller 3 “Road To Nowhere” came out in 2016, and is described by readers as an action packed, “unputdownable” thriller.

Miller 4 “Gone Too Far” is the author’s latest gritty thriller. In it, Britain’s most obnoxious celebrity Kathy Hopkirk has been reported missing and DCI Andy Miller has to try and find out what’s happened to her.

All four Miller books are free to read with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.

Steven’s debut novel, “The Clitheroe Prime Minister” was released in 2013. This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek look at the state of Britain today, and especially the “elite” people who run things. The inspiration for the novel came from the normal, working class folk of the north, and the kind of things they say to one another between pies. The book is a regular top 10 best seller in its category of political humour, triumphantly topping the number 1 spot in April 2015. Steven’s chufty badge is on order.



An image posted by the author.


STORMCOCK by ROBIN ROUGHLEY (Plymouth series #1) @robroughley


Think you know about vengeance? Then think again.
For over five years Abe Mathews has been hunting the white-haired assassin.
Obsession and vengeance drives him and at last he is close to bringing the man named Plymouth to justice.
Though Plymouth is playing a deadlier game. One in which he is putting his life in the crosshairs in order to bring the guilty forward and he will stop at nothing to inflict his own horrific brand of retribution.
However, as Mathews draws closer to his quarry he is forced to question the truth about the man with the blue eyes and savage smile.
There are others who will cross any line to kill Plymouth those who have suffered beyond imagining at his hands.
As the noose tightens and people start to die, Mathews must decide who he can trust before the clock stops ticking.
Meanwhile, Plymouth relentlessly draws out those who want to see him dead in an electrifying game of life and death that will have a devastating impact on those unwittingly pulled into the vortex of violence.



Well this is a bit of a win, win, situation because although this is Book 1 in the new Plymouth series, Plymouth is also a tremendously well known character that pops up periodically in the super DS Lasser books. (The ink is already drying on number 15, not that I am drooling or anything). I was so excited about this book because Robin Roughley has created a real top notch psycho hit man that makes this lady and a lot of others weak at the mention of his name. Plymouth has gained his own unique groupies.

At 34 Plymouth has learnt how to blend, just as well because with his white hair, piercing blue eyes and model like physic he is more than eye catching. So it isn’t long before he has a very flattered hotel receptionist, Bethany, by his side treating her to the very best in sophistication and now with the ability to just be a couple rather than a lone man. This gives him access to far more places to blend in at while working.  Plymouth had been hired to do a job but there are also people out there to hunt him down and not all of them are on the same side. He is always focused on a kill but there will always be collateral damage.

When there are so many bad guys then police involvement is definitely on the cards. Abe Mathews has been hunting down Plymouth for the last 5 years and he has never been this close before. What Mathews saw all those years ago haunts him, he wants justice for a dead family. There is also DI Fay Ferry and John August. I am still not sure of Fay, she is a very in your face kind of impulsive woman that can only see a target not the danger for her or anyone else. Then there is John August, he is a really nice guy and sort of watches over Fay. They balance each other out pretty well.

This a cracking story and perfect introduction to what makes Plymouth tick. It sort of gives you a taster of the cool, calm and calculated killer in the first chapter, then establishes the other characters a little before wakening all of your brain cells to new methods of causing physical pain and eventually death for victims. There is far more to Plymouth than you first think. A brilliant read and ready for more. Robin Roughley is doing what he is best at, mayhem, mystery and murder. Excellent!



Robin Roughley lives in Wigan in the North West of England (God’s coal bunker) the land of the pie, clogs and whippets.
He is the author of sixteen crime/thriller novels fourteen of which feature the force of nature that is DS Lasser. He also writes the haunting DS Marnie Hammond series for Bloodhound Publishing and Stormcock the first in the explosive Plymouth series.
If you love your crime fiction crammed with square jawed heroes driving flash cars and glorious women who shimmer with inner light, then the novels are probably not for you.
However, if you prefer your characters to be flawed, with a sprinkling of dandruff and old acne scars, the plots to be laced with dark humour, then give them a try.


DS Lasser Crime Series

1 The Needle House
2 The Way that it Falls
3 Tethered to the Dead.
4 Twisted
5 More Equal than Others
6 Vanished Beneath
7 Riven
8 Bad Self
9 Crave
10 Moment Back
11 Conspiracy of Ravens
12 Dark Necessities
13 Living Ashes
14 Stations of the Cross


DS Marnie Hammond Series

1 Keep You Near


Plymouth Series

1 Stormcock



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