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Massive congratulations and Happy Publication Day to Seb Kirby for the re-release of his cracking James Blake series with Canelo. Below is my review for TAKE NO MORE.

Take No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 1) by [Kirby, Seb]


He will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

When James Blake discovers his wife murdered in their London home, he is determined to avenge her, and bring her killer to justice.

As the prime suspect, he flees England and sets out on a journey that takes him to Florence, Venice and into a shadowy underworld of death and corruption.

The trail that will lead him to the killer is filled with terrible danger, and will reveal a shocking conspiracy, behind both her death and a lost fortune.

A thrilling, original and fast-paced crime thriller set within the art world, perfect for fans of Ken Follett, Dan Brown and Harlan Coben.


Take No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 1)


What a tremendous start to a new series and a debut novel to boot! This book has just about everything you could possibly expect in a great novel. The opening chapter is perfectly delivered to grab you, keep your attention and leave you with a need to know more about the tragedy that has just unfolded.
I was soon totally engrossed in the whole book which travelled between the U.K, Florence and Venice, dipping and delving into forgotten and missing art and the seedy world of two very old Italian families. The good guys were great and the bad ones ran shivers through me. The chapters simply flowed beautifully and although I only had a basic knowledge of missing artworks in Europe, Seb Kirby supplied an abundance of information which I found totally fascinating.
I loved this story that threw me a couple of curveballs. I will be hunting down the rest of the series now.


Seb Kirby

Seb Kirby is the author of the James Blake Thriller series (TAKE NO MORE, REGRET NO MORE and FORGIVE NO MORE), the psychological thrillers EACH DAY I WAKE, SUGAR FOR SUGAR and HERE THE TRUTH LIES, and the sci-fi thriller DOUBLE BIND.

An avid reader from an early age – his grandfather ran a mobile lending library in Birmingham – he was hooked from the first moment he discovered the treasure trove of books left to his parents. Now, as a full-time writer, his goal is to add to the magic of the wonderful words and stories he discovered back then.

He lives in the Wirral, UK.


Regret No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 2)

Regret No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 2)

Forgive No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 3)

Forgive No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 3)




Take No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 1) by [Kirby, Seb]


The Leopard by Jo Nesbø @PenguinRHUK #Jo Nesbo #HarryHole

The Leopard: Harry Hole 8 by [Nesbo, Jo]


Love twist-filled crime? The Leopard is your next perfect read.

‘A cracking good thriller…that will keep you gripped to the last page’ Guardian

In the depths of winter, a killer stalks the city streets. Two women are found drowned in their own blood. A third woman is hanged from a diving board.

You have allowed this killing to go on.

The crime scenes offer no clues, the media is reaching fever pitch, and the police are running out of options.

It’s time this was stopped.

There is only one man who can help them catch the killer. But Inspector Harry Hole doesn’t want to be found.

…Because I have appointed the next victim.


The Leopard: Harry Hole 8


The Snowman was my first Harry Hole book so it seemed rude not to carry on with the next one. At the end of the last novel, Harry didn’t just leave the building, he left the country, jumping on a plane to Hong Kong, seeking a hole that he never wanted to find his way out of. Harry had lost everything that was important to him so he sank into self destruct mode with booze, drugs, and loans for gambling from people you don’t play round with. A knock on the door and the offer of another serial killer case back home didn’t entice him but the news that his dad was dying did.

Coming back home to massive debt forces Harry back to work, in a fashion and on his terms with the pick of his small team. Kaja Solness, the detective that managed to do the impossible and get him back home is top of his list. By the time they are ready to go the third victim had been murdered. Complicating everything further is a new battle of whether the case should be handled locally with police or if a newly formed national agency should take over headed by Mikael Bellman. Harry really can’t be goaded into a strutting contest and to be honest I wanted to clip Bellman’s feather back myself!

Oh boy, is this killer vicious and inventive in his methods of slow torturous deaths, both male and female. When a connection is made it takes Harry to a whole new level of fight for survival mode kicking in as childhood memories could be the only thing that saves the day.

My heart plummeted in so many chapters as Jo Nesbo shows no mercy for his characters or readers, with heart in my mouth moments to expected endings. A truly top read.


Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo is one of the world’s bestselling crime writers, with The Leopard, Phantom, Police, The Son and his latest Harry Hole novel, The Thirst, all topping the Sunday Times bestseller charts. He’s an international number one bestseller and his books are published in 50 languages, selling over 34 million copies around the world.

Before becoming a crime writer, Nesbo played football for Norway’s premier league team Molde, but his dream of playing professionally for Spurs was dashed when he tore ligaments in his knee at the age of eighteen. After three years military service he attended business school and formed the band Di Derre (‘Them There’). They topped the charts in Norway, but Nesbo continued working as a financial analyst, crunching numbers during the day and gigging at night. When commissioned by a publisher to write a memoir about life on the road with his band, he instead came up with the plot for his first Harry Hole crime novel, The Bat.

The Leopard: Harry Hole 8 by [Nesbo, Jo]

If Only I Could Tell You by Hannah Beckerman @orionbooks @hannahbeckerman #IfOnly #BookReview #NetGalley

40622294. sy475



‘I loved it’ Jojo Moyes

‘Compelling and moving . . . it made me cry’ Marian Keyes

‘Had me totally gripped. Highly recommended’ BBC Radio 2’s Sara Cox


Audrey’s family has fallen apart. Her two grown-up daughters, Jess and Lily, are estranged, and her two teenage granddaughters have never been allowed to meet. A secret that echoes back thirty years has splintered the family in two, but is also the one thing keeping them connected.

As tensions reach breaking point, the irrevocable choice that one of them made all those years ago is about to surface. After years of secrets and silence, how can one broken family find their way back to each other?


If Only I Could Tell You: The hopeful, heartbreaking story of family secrets you need to read in summer 2019


It is summer and my eyes are puffy and red, my nose streaming and I am surrounded by tissues. It is years since I had hayfever, this is just my reaction to the last few pages in this book. Oh wow!

In the first few pages of this book, I was horrified, my mind racing to make sense of what I had just witnessed, ok I wasn’t fully in the ‘know’ but something was definitely amiss here. Then when tragedy struck the family I thought I had it all worked out.

From only ten years old Jess had decided that she wanted nothing to do with her older sister. By the time they were grown-up Jess was determined that their daughters would never meet. By the time their mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, she knew that she couldn’t even mend bridges between them just to give their mother her final wish.

Audrey, Jess and Lily’s mother was determined to resolve the feud that had eaten away at her family for the past 28 years. She was stuck in the middle loving them both and heartbroken that they could never all be together. Lily swore she didn’t know what she had done and Jess refused to talk about it.

Audrey knows that if she can’t get her girls together before she dies then the family will never survive, it will never happen. I loved the ploys she used, smiled at how she played situations and loved her cunning. At the times when she was growing weaker, they were her strongest moments.

The story unfolds like petals falling from a flower until finally all that is left is the root of the problem. And I cried and cried. Then I read some more and well and truly howled. Such a powerful story, such a tender story and If Only I Could Tell You, but you will have to read it yourself. Outstanding!

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I reviewed honestly.


Hannah Beckerman

Welcome to my author page and thank-you for visiting! I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, but it was only a few years ago that I took the plunge and sat down to write my first novel, The Dead Wife’s Handbook. Earlier this year, I published my second, If Only I Could Tell You, which took me a very long time to write, but which I’m immensely proud of: if you decide to dive in, I hope you enjoy it.

Aside from writing books, I’m a journalist (writing mostly about books and authors) and an events chair, interviewing writers at literary festivals and publishing events around the country. (I like to pretend it’s work, but essentially it’s just one long creative writing masterclass).

I live in London with my husband and daughter, in a house which is currently pet-less but I suspect may not stay that way for long.

I love chatting to readers and fellow writers, both in the flesh and online, so please do come and say hello on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And if you click on the Follow button above, Amazon will tell you about my upcoming releases.


FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/HannahBeckermanAuthor/

Twitter: @hannahbeckerman


If Only I Could Tell You: The hopeful, heartbreaking story of family secrets you need to read in summer 2019 by [Beckerman, Hannah]

White Gold by David Barker @BlueGold201 @UrbaneBooks #BookReview #KindleUnlimited

White Gold: A totally gripping international thriller (Gaia Trilogy Book 3) by [Barker, David]



Sim Atkins, Overseas Division agent, returns to Earth, having saved the Moon base from a deadly terrorist plot (see Rose Gold). All Sim can think about is finding the criminals responsible.

But his fury and lust for revenge are put on hold when a nuclear warhead is stolen by Terra Former leader Matthias Larsson. Can Sim and his colleagues track down the terrorist cell and disarm the device in time?

White Gold is the gripping finale in the compellingly original Gaia Trilogy, page-turning thrillers that provoke as well as excite.


White Gold: A totally gripping international thriller (Gaia Trilogy Book 3)


This third and final book in this cracking series runs as smooth from book two as turning onto the next chapter. Sim is returning to Earth from the Moon after his son’s tragic and senseless death and the only thing moving one foot in front of the other for him is the thought of getting hold of who was responsible for this terrorist attack.

This is a full-throttle all-action read with so much going on with all of the main characters. In the last book Freda, Gopal and Rabten had been imprisoned in Russia but early in this book, they manage to break out, with the help of a bit of technology. Their journey is a complicated hide in plain sight plan for Gopal and Rabten but for Freda, whose features just don’t blend in it is a matter of hiding however she can. Now that doesn’t work out too well.

Sim is given something to live for back home but circumstances tare him away from people he loves again. The adrenaline rush has never been greater in this series than it is in the last quarter of the book, as the bad guys are drawn out of the woodwork and exposed. The race across Europe is exceptional with old acquaintances coming together again to form an unstoppable force.

The lengths people will go to for power, wealth and control is terrifying as the world just continues oblivious to it all. A belting end to this slightly futuristic story, with believable technology, and unfortunately believable world leaders too.

Set in 2034 this story isn’t too far into our future but there are plenty of warning signs to take heed of. I hope in reality we get it all together a little better. A brilliant series perfect for reading one after another, that would be epic!


An image posted by the author.

I live in Berkshire with my wife, daughter and three pet rats. I spend half my week travelling into London where I work as chief economist for an international fund, and spend the other half writing at home.

My debut, Blue Gold, was published by Urbane Publications in May 2017 and its sequel, Rose Gold, is scheduled for May 2018.

I attended the Faber Academy How to Write a Novel course in 2014 with the best-selling Ali Land (check out Good Me, Bad Me). And I appear on the Radio Berkshire monthly show Radio Reads with Bill Buckley and Claire Dyer.


Website: http://www.daidbarkerauthor.co.u

Twitter: @BlueGold201


Blue Gold: The world war for water provides a gripping story for international thriller fans!

Blue Gold:

Kindle Edition

Rose Gold (Book 2 in the Gaia Trilogy)

White Gold: A totally gripping international thriller (Gaia Trilogy Book 3) by [Barker, David]

Vicious Circle by C.J. Box (Joe Pickett Book #17) @cjboxauthor @Hoz_Books

Vicious Circle (Joe Pickett Book 17) by [Box, C.J.]


One man hell-bent on avenging his family, the other dead-set on protecting his…

Joe Pickett always knew there’d be a day of reckoning. And now that day has come.

Two years ago, his daughter was beaten and dumped by the side of a country road. Joe’s determination to avenge her forced him into a catastrophic confrontation with the Cates clan that left three of their number dead and put the two survivors behind bars. Now the youngest son, Dallas, is out of prison and back in town.

Joe knows exactly why he’s returned, but all he can do is wait for Dallas to make the first move.


Vicious Circle (Joe Pickett Book 17)


 I have been with Joe Pickett from the very first book and have loved every single one of them. Joe is a solid family man, a hard worker, honest and fair. He has well and truly earned his high ranking badge as one of Wyoming Big Horn Mountain rangers. I fell in love with this place and the author’s ‘come to life’ descriptions. The harsh winters, beautiful but deadly too. What I really like is the feeling of home in Jackson Hole that I get every time I open a new book to read about familiar characters, hoping that my favourites will be hidden in other chapters further in the book. It really is something special for an author to give you a feeling of missing home when you have never been there.

What begins as a search by air for a missing local man in the mountains turns into the search team making him a visible target for the killers that are hunting him down. Helpless there is little they can do from the air by the time they realise what is happening it is too late.

Past events are back to haunt Joe Pickett and his family as Dallas, a former Rodeo star and only one of two family members that are still alive after nearly killing Joe’s adopted daughter, is back for revenge. His prison sentence is over and he has a couple of new acquaintances in tow to lend a hand at what they do best.

This isn’t really a series that I feel you can just nip in and out of as the rolling characters are tied in to the family from different books. The books began when the girls were only small, only two of them then and now only one is at home looking forward to college.

Dallas is a real mummy’s boy and although she is now only able to move her neck and head, after her encounter with Joe in an earlier book, she still manages to rule the inmates of the prison she is in. She is one scary lady.

My skin crawled with the arrogance of Dallas, but Joe is determined to bring his rein finally to an end to protect his daughters.

This is a perfect addition to this already superb series.


C. J. Box

Edgar Award-winning author C.J. Box is the author of nineteen novels including the Joe Pickett series. He’s also won the Anthony Award, Prix Calibre 38 (France), the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, and the Barry Award. His short stories have been featured in America’s Best Mystery Stories of 2006 and limited-edition printings. 2008 novel BLOOD TRAIL was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin (Ireland) Literary Award.

Box is a Wyoming native and has worked as a ranch hand, surveyor, fishing guide, a small town newspaper reporter and editor, and he co-owns an international tourism marketing firm with his wife Laurie. They have three daughters. An avid outdoorsman, Box has hunted, fished, hiked, ridden, and skied throughout Wyoming and the Mountain West. He served on the Board of Directors for the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Box lives in Wyoming.




Vicious Circle (Joe Pickett Book 17) by [Box, C.J.]

The Revenant by Michael Punke @BoroughPress #TheRevenant #BookToFilm

The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie by [Punke, Michael]


Winner of 3 OSCARS including BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTOR

Winner of 5 BAFTAS including Best Actor, Best Director and Best Film

Winner of the 2016 Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Actor – Drama, and Best Director

The novel that inspired the epic new movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.

Hugh Glass isn’t afraid to die. He’s done it once already.

Rocky Mountains, 1823

The trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company live a brutal frontier life. Hugh Glass is one of the most respected men in the company, an experienced frontiersman and an expert tracker.
But when a scouting mission puts Glass face-to-face with a grizzly bear, he is viciously mauled and not expected to survive. Two men from the company are ordered to remain with him until his inevitable death. But, fearing an imminent attack, they abandon Glass, stripping him of his prized rifle and hatchet.

As Glass watches the men flee, he is driven to survive by one all-consuming desire: revenge. With shocking grit and determination, he sets out on a three-thousand-mile journey across the harsh American frontier, to seek revenge on the men who betrayed him.

The Revenant is a remarkable tale of obsession and the lengths that one man will go to for retribution.


The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie


It seems that I am doing a run of books that have been made into films at the moment and to be honest this is a pearler. I saw the film first with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy playing leading roles. I was glad that I had seen the film first as I couldn’t have conjured such scenery in my mind or the bear attack and its savagery. Do read the book but watch the film first if you get a chance.

Set in 1823 it follows the lives of a small group of men who are trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. The conditions are brutal, the weather extreme and the men as tough as any you will ever read about. The area is deep in Indian country so the men are out surveying the area to ensure it is safe to hunt, Hugh Glass accidentally comes in between a mother and her cubs he only has time to get off one shot before the mother bear pins him to the ground savagely clawing and biting him until the bullet finally does its job.

When Glass is found he is one mass of shredded flesh. His scalp hanging from his head and his throat ripped open leaving a gapping windpipe, and his back with claws that have reached his bones. His boss stitches him up the best he can but they are all sure he won’t survive. Two of the men are left behind to make him comfortable and bury him when he is dead but impatience has one of them tell the other he has died, taking his gun and hatchet with them. Glass watches them leave, unable to call out.

Over the next couple of days he rests then begins to drag himself three thousand miles to find the men the abandoned him to die. This is one epic read.

To say that this book is less than 300 pages it carries one hell of a story of endurance, quick thinking and a man powered by revenge. Glass encounters Indians, hunger and infection but never gives up.

The amazing thing about this story is that it really happened. This is a true story. I was bowled over with it all. A magnificent book and a magnificent film!


Michael Punke

Michael Punke is a writer, novelist, professor, policy analyst, policy consultant, attorney and currently the Deputy United States Trade Representative and US Ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He is best known for writing The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge (2002), which was adapted into film as The Revenant (2015), directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, with a screenplay by Iñárritu and Mark L. Smith, and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.

The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie by [Punke, Michael]

Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro Cornelia Funke @RealGDT @CorneliaFunke #BlogReview #PansLabyrinth #NetGalley @BloomsburyBooks #NewRelease


This enthralling novel, inspired by the 2006 film, illustrates that fantasy is the sharpest tool to explore the terrors and miracles of the human heart

You shouldn’t come in here. You could get lost. It has happened before. I’ll tell you the story one day, if you want to hear it.

In fairy tales, there are men and there are wolves, there are beasts and dead parents, there are girls and forests.

Ofelia knows all this, like any young woman with a head full of stories. And she sees right away what the Capitán is, in his immaculate uniform, boots and gloves, smiling: a wolf.

But nothing can prepare her for the fevered reality of the Capitán’s eerie house, in the midst of a dense forest which conceals many things: half-remembered stories of lost babies; renegade resistance fighters hiding from the army; a labyrinth; beasts and fairies.

There is no one to keep Ofelia safe as the labyrinth beckons her into her own story, where the monstrous and the human are inextricable, where myths pulse with living blood …


by Guillermo del Toro


Loved that this is the book of the film rather than the film of the book, in this perfect pairing of Guillermo Del Toro and Cornelia Funke. It is a dark and twisted tale that seems to have all the goodness sucked right out of it, with characters that are selfish, cruel and greedy. The only glimmer of light is that of Ofelia.

The story begins in Spain in 1944 with Ofelia and her pregnant mother going to live with Vidal, an officer in Franco’s army. The house is very isolated but from where Ofelia can explore deeper into the woods. She meets Pan, a faun, who sets her a number of tasks to complete.

The story dances between the two realities of Ofelia, both equally full of danger and cruelty as seen through her child eyes.

Vidal is a sadist who uses the excuse of war to bathe in the torture of captured soldiers openly. These scenes are brutal. Ofelia’s mother only wanted somewhere safe for her daughter and unborn child, but Vidal has no compassion for her or Ofelia, his only goal is to have the baby. She is just a vessel to keep the baby safe until he is born.

The book has pictures to accompany the story which enhance it further. A super read but only a fair tale by name, definitely not for children.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo Del Toro has enjoyed huge critical and commercial success as a film director in both his native Mexico and Hollywood. His works include Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II, and Hellboy. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children.

Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is the hugely successful author of the Inkheart Trilogy, The Thief Lord and a whole host of other popular children’s novels and picture books. She was born in 1958 in the German town of Dorsten. After finishing her studies, Cornelia worked for three years as a social worker. For a while, she illustrated books, but soon began writing her own stories, inspired by the tales that had appealed to the children she had worked with.
During the late 1980s and the 1990s, she established herself in Germany with two children’s series, namely the fantasy-oriented Gespensterjäger (Ghosthunters) and the Wilde Hühner (Wild Chicks) line of books. Her international breakthrough came with the fantasy novel Dragon Rider (1996), which stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 78 weeks, and was continued with The Thief Lord (2000, translated into English in 2002), which immediately climbed to the #2 position of the New York Times bestseller list, stayed there for 19 weeks and sold 1.5 million copies.
Her follow-up novel was Inkheart (2003), which won the 2004 BookSense Book of the Year Children’s Literature award. Inkheart was the first part of a trilogy which continued with Inkspell (2005), which won Cornelia her second BookSense Book of the Year Children’s Literature award (2006). The trilogy concluded with Inkdeath (published in Germany in 2007, England in Spring 2008, USA Autumn 2008).
Inkheart the movie was also released in 2008 and starred Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren, and Paul Bettany.


Twitter: @RealGDT

Twitter: @CorneliaFunke


Stop at Nothing by Tammy Cohen @MsTamarCohen @TransworldBooks #NewRelease #StopAtNothing #NetGalley

Stop At Nothing by [Cohen, Tammy]


WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO GET JUSTICE FOR YOUR FAMILY? A gripping, relatable and intriguing thriller from one of the best-loved writers in the genre. For fans of Lisa Jewell, Heidi Perks, and C L Taylor.


A mother’s job is to keep her children safe.

Tess has always tried to be a good mother. Of course, there are things she wishes she’d done differently, but doesn’t everyone feel that way?

Then Emma, her youngest, is attacked on her way home from a party, plunging them into a living nightmare which only gets worse when the man responsible is set free

But what if she fails?

So when Tess sees the attacker in the street near their home, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. But blinded by her need to protect her daughter at any cost, might she end up putting her family in even greater danger?

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to make it right . . .


Stop At Nothing


When the man suspected of attacking Tess’s teenage daughter is released from custody, she is frustrated and furious. Neither Emma or the lady that came to her rescue that night could identify the man in a police line up. A couple of days later Tess sees the man in the street and swears that she will make sure that he doesn’t get the chance to attack any other young girls. With the support and encouragement of her daughter’s rescuer, Frances, she embarks on a mission to ‘out’ her daughter’s attacker and destroy his reputation.

Oh my this is like poking a bear with a stick, you get a few little warning growls to back off to start with but there is nowhere to hide if you go too far. Tess’s mental state isn’t in a good place with her life and health having more cracks in it than a condemned building as she is emotionally torn between her aged parents, her daughters, and ex-husband.

Tammy Cohen has again served up a heart pounder that makes reading the addiction it is to me. Loved the interwoven storylines of menopause, dementia, single parents and accepting that kids love their dads too. But most of all I loved how Tess was portrayed. This modern-day single parent coping with aged parents, in the care in the community system that real means get family to support more, and learning to let go of not only grown-up children but past relationships. This all rolled up in the hormonal battle of menopause.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Tammy Cohen (who previously wrote under her formal name Tamar Cohen) has written several acclaimed novels about family fall-out: The Mistress’s Revenge, The War of the Wives, and Someone Else’s Wedding. The Broken was her first psychological thriller, followed by Dying for Christmas. Her brand new hardback novel, First One Missing is out now.

She lives in North London with her partner and three (nearly) grown children, plus one badly behaved dog.


Twitter: @MsTamarCohen


Stop At Nothing by [Cohen, Tammy]

The Suffering of Strangers (Anderson & Costello #9) by Caro Ramsay @CaroRamsayBooks @blackthornbks #NetGalley

The Suffering of Strangers (Anderson and Costello thrillers Book 9) by [Ramsay, Caro]


DI Costello faces a disturbing child abduction case; a six-week-old has been stolen and replaced with another baby. The swap took cold and meticulous planning, so Costello treads the seedy, Glaswegian backstreets for answers. She’s convinced that more than one young life is at stake.

Promoted into the Cold Case Unit, Colin Anderson reviews the unsolved rape of a young mother, whose attacker is still out there. Each case pulls Anderson and Costello in the same direction and, as their paths keep crossing, they begin to suspect their separate cases are dangerously entwined.


The Suffering of Strangers (Anderson and Costello thrillers Book 9)


When an exhausted new mum leaves her sleeping six-week-old baby in the car while she nips into the shop she is horrified to discover that her car and baby are gone when she gets back just a few minutes later. She is flooded with relief when a call comes in to say the car has been spotted just a couple of streets away. When she got there the baby isn’t hers. This baby has downs syndrome.

Although this is the 9th book in the series I seemed to pick out the core story without any problems, although there was a huge number of characters in the book. It is recommended though to read the series in order to fully understand all the subplots that keep coming up from other cases.

I really took to Costella and Anderson, two Scottish detectives that are at the beginning of the story working on different cases from different timelines but they keep coming together like a pair of magnets.  This police procedural ticks all the right boxes connects all the dots and opens up something much bigger than either of them could have dreamed up.

Brilliant characters, super location, and a fabulous plot.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Caro Ramsay was born and educated in Glasgow. She has been writing stories since she was five years old, developing a keen interest in crime fiction and a passion for the genre that lead her to write Absolution, her first novel.



The Suffering of Strangers (Anderson and Costello thrillers Book 9) by [Ramsay, Caro]


In the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story that Inspired ‘Moby Dick’ by Nathaniel Philbrick

In the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story that Inspired ‘Moby Dick’ (Text Only): The Epic True Story That Inspired "Moby Dick" by [Philbrick, Nathaniel]


The epic true-life story of one of the most notorious maritime disasters of the nineteenth century – and inspiration for ‘Moby-Dick’ – reissued to accompany a major motion picture due for release in December 2015, directed by Ron Howard and starring Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker and Cillian Murphy.

When the whaleship Essex set sail from Nantucket in 1819, the unthinkable happened. A mere speck in the vast Pacific ocean – and powerless against the forces of nature – Essex was rammed and sunk by an enraged sperm whale, and her twenty crewmen were forced to take to the open sea in three small boats. Ninety days later only a handful of survivors were rescued – and a terrifying story of desperation, cannibalism and courage was revealed…

One of the greatest sea yarns ever spun, ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ is the true story of the extraordinary events that inspired Herman Melville’s masterpiece ‘Moby-Dick’.


In the Heart of the Sea


This is another book that I was introduced to because I saw the film first. The movie I felt was more the fluffed up storytelling side while the book was driven home with solid hard facts. The movie I enjoyed but the book is pure quality.

The book begins with facts, who is who, their backgrounds, details of the ships the recruitment of the crew. The pay they were expected to make and the work they were required to do. I was spellbound with the remedies of treating illnesses, which at times made me physically gip! This was a true history book of facts.

I was introduced to each person that would sail on the ill-fated ship The Essex, what happens was documented by the 14-year-old cabin boy in 1820, as they encountered disaster after disaster in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The whaling ship was not due back home for 2 years and the crew of twenty would be diminished.

For the unlucky crew of The Essex, nature was about to hit back at them when a huge whale attacked the ship causing so much damage that the crew had to take to three rowboats. What follows is an account of how some of the crew managed to survive the 90 days they were at sea.

This is an absolutely engrossing book to read, there is little or no emotion from the author but he certainly stirred up enough in me for both of us. There are glimmers of hope, like a preverbal carrot continually been hung in front of these desperate men, that were just like cruel taunts. An island with no visible water, calculating the wrong direction and what to do when the food ran out?

The book goes on after the investigation of what had happened and the lives of the survivors afterward.

The book Moby Dick was created because of this factual event, a book I must revisit. This book is not just memorable it is unforgettable.


Nathaniel Philbrick

Philbrick was Brown’s first Intercollegiate All-American sailor in 1978; that year he won the Sunfish North Americans in Barrington, RI; today he and his wife Melissa sail their Beetle Cat Clio and their Tiffany Jane 34 Marie-J in the waters surrounding Nantucket Island.

After grad school, Philbrick worked for four years at Sailing World magazine; was a freelancer for a number of years, during which time he wrote/edited several sailing books, including Yachting: A Parody (1984), for which he was the editor-in-chief; during this time he was also the primary caregiver for his two children. After moving to Nantucket in 1986, he became interested in the history of the island and wrote Away Off Shore: Nantucket Island and Its People. He was offered the opportunity to start the Egan Maritime Institute in 1995, and in 2000 he published In the Heart of the Sea, followed by Sea of Glory, in 2003, and Mayflower. He is presently at work on a book about the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Mayflower was a finalist for both the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in History and the Los Angeles Times Book Award and was winner of the Massachusetts Book Award for nonfiction. In the Heart of the Sea won the National Book Award for nonfiction; Revenge of the Whale won a Boston Globe-Horn Book Award; Sea of Glory won the Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Naval History Prize and the Albion-Monroe Award from the National Maritime Historical Society. Philbrick has also received the Byrne Waterman Award from the Kendall Whaling Museum, the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for distinguished service from the USS Constitution Museum, the Nathaniel Bowditch Award from the American Merchant Marine Museum, the William Bradford Award from the Pilgrim Society, the Boston History Award from the Bostonian Society, and the New England Book Award from the New England Independent Booksellers Association.


In the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story that Inspired ‘Moby Dick’ (Text Only): The Epic True Story That Inspired "Moby Dick" by [Philbrick, Nathaniel]