Before I Left by Daisy White #Blog Tour @DaisyWhite1922 @JoffeBooks

I wish to thank Jill Burkinshaw and Joffe Books for inviting me to take part on this tour for BEFORE I LEFT  by DAISY WHITE


Nineteen-year-old runaway Ruby Baker and pregnant best friend Mary escape domestic violence in London to find a new home in Brighton. They join a glitzy set of party girls, who are hell-bent on enjoying themselves in the new freedom of the 1960s.

But their new life soon comes under threat. Someone is watching Ruby. A tall stranger who Ruby keeps spotting in the shadows. This man may have followed them from London. And Ruby fears her dark secret will be exposed.

Then a murder at a local beauty spot brings danger for the party-loving set, and the first murder is followed by a second. Rumours of occult sacrifices spread across town.

In a breathtaking conclusion, Ruby faces a race against time to save someone very close to her, and her new life may be destroyed and her secrets exposed.

Discover a gripping new writer today. Great for fans of Lisa Jewell, Angela Marsons, or LJ Ross.



Loved this book that I opened up and found myself straight into the 1960’s, what a fabulous era. A time when you worked hard so that you could party even harder, well that was what it was like for Ruby and Mary now that they were making new lives for themselves in Brighton. Life was certainly looking up for them both, Ruby’s former life in Croydon was sketchy but mother to be Mary had dodged an abusive marriage. It was behind them now, a place to live, both landing on their feet with apprentice hairdressing jobs and of course Ruby’s stalker. Thought I would just throw that one in. Not that she knew about it yet but definitely there all the same. Now I have that tingle down my back, the thought of someone watching when you don’t know just really creeps me out and I am still fairly at the beginning of the book. Yikes!

It is Pearl, Ruby’s cousin that has helped them fit into their new lives with their jobs, accommodation and of course the crazy parties but a series of murders begin to take place but of course it is something that always happens to someone else, that is until a girl in their group becomes a victim. This now close band of friends decide to do some digging about themselves. What they uncover takes them to some pretty unexpected dark places.

This is quite an uneasy read at times, for one you don’t know why Ruby has left Croydon so quickly and for another has any of these murders anything directly to do with them? There are so many possibilities which I shall leave you to discover. It really does get to be an edge of your seat read. What memorable characters too. It is really funny how with some characters you give them accents when you read, well this book was like that for me. One of my favourite characters was Johnnie who owned the hairdressers where the girls worked, but everyone stands out each one memorable. Do also check out the glossary in the back of the book for words and slang used in this era. Looking forward to more of the same.

I wish to thank Jill Burkinshaw and Joffe Books for an ARC of this novel which I have reviewed honestly.



DAISY WHITE is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and author. Her Ruby Baker adult crime series is published by Joffe Books – the first book, ‘Before I Left’ is out on July 20th. she also has the YA Tigers Trilogy with Fire & Ice YA Books, plus YA Cloud Red with Limitless Books. In addition to her traditionally published work Daisy also self-published her YA bestseller Roadkill in 2012, at the beginning of her writing journey!
Daisy would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and review her books, as she learns something new from each critique.


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The Lawn Job by Chuck Caruso #Blog Tour @jcdarkly @CLBPress #TheLawnJob

Firstly I wish to thank Eve Wersocki of Midas Public Relations for inviting me on this Blog Tour for The Lawn Job by Chuck Caruso

The Lawn Job
Chuck Caruso

Published by Cloud Lodge Books

21st July 2017


Utterly compelling” – Ken Bruen, award-winning crime writer

“Everything had been fine until Mrs. Pasarelli brought him that iced tea and started teasing him, acting all flirty. Even so, he’d tried to be polite and get back to work. But then she went and spread out in that bikini so he could get a good look at her. She had to know that he’d look. She had to know he’d get hot for her.”

Ex-con man Craig Collins is scratching a living mowing lawns for fancy clients – and keeping his fingers light with a spot of petty theft. But when the lady of the house, the wife of the local celebrity pizzeria owner “Big Gino” Pasarelli, starts becoming a little too flirty Collins gets the boot.

When Collins learns of Pasarelli’s own passionate indiscretions a plot to get his revenge begins to take shape. Collins and his sometimes girlfriend Juana, a transgender stripper, lure Pasarelli into a sex-tape scandal.

With the grit, dark humour and energy of A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, The Lawn Job is a twisted tale to keep the heart-pounding until the final page.



When Mrs Pasarelli, the trophy wife of Big Gino, plays a little game of flirting with the Lawn man and ex con Craig Collins, it results in a catalyst of events that is never going to end well.  Well OK Collins did have his hand in a couple, lets say dodgy schemes but he had built himself a nice little gardening and landscaping business up in this affluent area of Portland Oregon. After a few phone calls or messages from Mrs. Pasarelli to her neighbours his list of clients disintegrated within hours ending with a message from Big Gino himself asking to meet him that night. I really liked Big Gino a self made business man that although dismissed Collins gave him extra cash, a sort of severance payment to help him out. This enraged Collins further though and  the first plot began to form in his mind to get even with his wealthy employer for sacking him.

This book is full of colourful characters that ranged from gun runners and terrorists to a pretty irresistible and charismatic transgender stripper called Juana. Now some of the scenes do get very explicit in the bedroom but it is all part of the core scheme of things and not randomly thrown in to fill out the pages, but you have been warned. Just loved this story because every single character was so very distinctive and introduced into the plot at a steady rate. Then each plot line had its own conclusion before it moved onto the next one. It makes for an easy story line to follow.

I think Collins has to be one of the most gullible characters I have meet, very appealing on the eyes but not the sharpest knife in the door. I did feel sorry for him at times though as he was a bit of a loveable rouge. Juana knew exactly what she wanted in life, cunning clever and definitely a girl that knew how to make the most literally out of everything she had.

This for me was just one thoroughly entertaining read from the first page turn. I really am looking forward to what Chuck Caruso brings to the table next. A refreshing, new and entertaining debut. Brilliant.

I read and reviewed this book from Midas. This is my unbiased and honest review.




Chuck Caruso teaches 19th Century American Literature at Marylhurst University, writer of several crime and horror short stories and two Short screenplays. The first person in his family to go to university, he specialises in Edgar Allan Poe and his fascination with this Mastermind of Crime has inspired his own writing. The Lawn Job is his first novel. @jcdarkly


The Other Twin by L.V. Hay #Blog Tour @LucyVHayAuthor @OrendaBooks

Firstly I wish to thank Anne Cater and Orenda Books for inviting me onto this Blog Tour for THE OTHER TWIN by LUCY V HAY


When India falls to her death from a bridge over a railway, her sister Poppy returns home to Brighton for the first time in years. Unconvinced by official explanations, Poppy begins her own investigation into India’s death. But the deeper she digs, the closer she comes to uncovering deeply buried secrets. Could Matthew Temple, the boyfriend she abandoned, be involved? And what of his powerful and wealthy parents, and his twin sister, Ana? Enter the mysterious and ethereal Jenny: the girl Poppy discovers after hacking into India’s laptop. What is exactly is she hiding, and what did India find out about her? Taking the reader on a breathless ride through the winding lanes of Brighton, into its vibrant party scene and inside the homes of its well-heeled families, The Other Twin is a startling and up-to-the-minute thriller about the social-media world, where resentments and accusations are played out online, where identities are made and remade, and where there is no such thing as truth.



When you are estranged from your family and get a phone out of the blue you know it isn’t going to be goods news you are going to hear. What Poppy heard was the last thing she could have ever imagined happening, her sister India was dead and how she died was even more unbelievable. It is enough to compel her to return to her home town of Brighton no matter who it upsets.

Poppy can’t believe that the sister she left behind could have killed herself no matter how many years had past she knew the essence of her and ending her life would never have been an option. If no-one else was prepared to find out the real truth, not just take a surface conclusions, then she would find out. Watch out Brighton because this lady is unstoppable.

This is quite a complex story with chapters that appeared out of the blue with little voices whispering in my mind then disappearing again as if they were never there.  Then I was unsure whether the coldness that some people had was due to their past involvement with Poppy or because of some sort of cover up. It is a story of mind games and I was now playing too.

This is a very modern themed story with old fashioned values and attitudes, such a cleverly written intricate and devastatingly tragic story that revolves round social media and social acceptance. Lies, cover ups and scandal.

This is Lucy V Halls debut novel, however can she top this!

I wish to thank Anne Cater and Orenda Books for an ARC of this novel that I have reviewed honestly.




Lucy V. Hay is a novelist, script editor and blogger who helps writers via her Bang2write
consultancy. She is the associate producer of Brit Thrillers Deviation (2012) and Assassin
(2015), both starring Danny Dyer. Lucy is also head reader for the London Screenwriters’
Festival and has written two non-fiction books, Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays, plus
its follow-up Drama Screenplays. She lives in Devon with her husband, three children, six
cats and five African Land Snails.




The Forgotten Family of Liverpool by Pam Howes #Blog Tour @PamHowes1 @Bookouture

Firstly I wish to thank Kim Nash and Bookouture for inviting me onto the Blog Tour for  THE FORGOTTEN FAMILY OF LIVERPOOL by PAM HOWES


The war is over – but are their troubles just beginning?
It’s 1951 and rationing is finally coming to an end. But while Liverpool is recovering from the ferocity of war, a family is about to be torn apart…

Dora Rodgers is adjusting to a new life in Liverpool with her young daughters Carol and Jackie. After the fear of the war years and a difficult break up with her husband Joe, Dora is finally building a future with her children.

But then an unexpected knock at the door rips her family in two.

To Dora’s horror, Carol is taken away by a welfare officer to live with Joe. She is determined to fight for her child, but when a tragic accident leaves her mother in hospital, and shocking news from Joe breaks her heart again, she struggles to cope.

With her family in pieces and her marriage over for good, will Dora ever manage to get her daughter Carol home where she belongs?

UK  🇬🇧 

US  🇺🇸 

I have to admit that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the first book in this trilogy, but feel that I was given enough back ground information in the story that covered the key points for me to fully fall in love with the characters in this book. This part of the story begins in 1951 with Dora juggling life as a working single mum of two young daughters, Carol and Jackie after leaving her two timing husband Joe. Now I am not siding with Joe here but he is really a nice bloke, easily lead and a bit blinkered yes, but he does love Dora and his girls. His one night of madness with a work colleague had cost him greatly.

A knock on the door would further destroy Dora and put yet another wedge between them. Someone had reported the Dora to child services and Carol was taken from her and handed over to her husband. No investigation or even telling her what exactly had been said. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Dora got a new determination like she had never had before. She would bring her girls back together.

This is a story about one hell of a strong woman, at a time that if you had kids you were expected to be able to raise them and provide for their needs. Dora, a seamstress, worked all the hours she could with neighbours helping with child care and an understanding employer.

I really loved this story that made me want to cheer some of the characters on and hiss and boo others. I really wanted true love to surface and all be good in Dora, Joe and the girls lives but there was always the other woman with her sharpened claws just using every known reason going to win Joe back.

Pam Howes doesn’t just describe an era she has captured a time when pride and doing the ‘right thing’ even if it was the wrong thing, was what a gentleman did. Dora on the other hand was really quite a pioneer of her time, in what was a still very male dominated world. I am not only looking forward to the next book to find out more about Dora and Joe but also of their girls that are rapidly growing up too. Will little Jackie still be performing? This story closes in 1957.

I wish to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for an ARC of this book which I have reviewed fairly and honestly.


Author Bio: 

Pam is a retired interior designer, mum to three daughters, grandma to seven assorted grandchildren and roadie to her musician partner.
The inspiration for Pam’s first novel came from her teenage years, working in a record store, and hanging around with musicians who frequented the business. The first novel evolved into a series about a fictional band The Raiders. She is a fan of sixties music and it’s this love that compelled her to begin writing.

Long Shot by Jack Steele #Blog Tour #A Detective Joe Stone Novel @JackSteele1961

Firstly I wish to thank Jack Steele  for inviting me on this Blog Tour for his new book Long Shot


Detective Joe Stone and his team investigate a major terrorist attack on one of London’s most iconic buildings. They soon draw up a list of suspects who are highly respected members of the community and government. When most of his team is attacked, it soon develops into a war of nerves and a race against time before a deadly weapon is unleashed with horrific consequences.




 This is the second book in the series but the first book that I have read which revolves round a specialised team headed by Detective Joe Stone and what an incredible riveting read it was!

It seems that the previous book ended on a bit of a dare I say story with unfinished business which Joe Stone is more than determined to solve. Unfortunately the bad guys had other plans for London with an unthinkable terrorist attack on a beloved symbol of British history. For one of the team it becomes all too real on a family outing. A welcome bonus for the team though.

What an absolutely belter of a book. I don’t think that slow burn and gradual build up are in Jack Steele’s vocabulary because he starts in 5th gear and doing 120mph. He definitely made my heart tickle my tonsils!

There is far more to this story than your average terrorist attack as it goes much further than just extremists. It takes it all to a new terrifying level of scary. Joe Stone makes one hell of a determined Detective. A superb story from a wicked author.

I wish to thank the author for this book which I read and reviewed honestly and without biased.




I was born in Hackney, London and grew up on the Bannister House Housing Estate in Hommerton. I now live in Nottinghamshire and married with two grown up children who now have lives of their own, leaving me time to indulge in my favourite passions, reading and writing. I still work full-time in the printing industry which is where I have been for the past 40 years. On many occasions it interferes with my writing, working extra hours or weekends, so it can be a balancing act but one I seem to manage along with an understanding wife of course.
I spent five years researching books, magazines, documentaries, movies and internet articles on various subjects as well as completing a creative writing course and attending workshops run by the Nottingham Writers Studio.
It was a great achievement in 2016 when I published my first Crime Thriller novel ‘Loose Cannon’ with great reviews. It was the first in the Detective Joe Stone series and I was encouraged to write the sequel ‘Long Shot’ which is due for publication on July 29th 2017.
My writing style is a fast-paced page turner with cliff hangers, moral dilemmas and believable characters.
I would like to thank all my readers, editors, bloggers and Crime book club friends who, like you Susan, have been so supportive through this process. Your encouragement drives me on to write the next book in the series.


Social Media sites:

Twitter: JackSteele1961







Red is the Colour by Mark Fowler #Blog Tour @MFowlerAuthor @BloodhoundBook

Firstly I wish to thank Sarah Hardy and Bloodhound Books for inviting me to take part on this Blog Tour for Red is the Colour by Mark Fowler.



Bullying. Corruption. Murder.

It is the summer of 2002. The corpse of a 15 year old boy, missing for thirty years, is discovered in Stoke-on-Trent. The city is on the cusp of change and Chief Superintendent Berkins wants the case solved quickly.
DCI Jim Tyler has arrived from London under a cloud, moving to Staffordshire to escape his past. He is teamed up with DS Danny Mills to investigate the case, but there is tension between the detectives.
When the dead boy’s sister comes forward, describing a bright, solitary child, she points a finger at the school bullies. Important careers may be at stake.
Then one of the bullies is found brutally murdered.
As Tyler and Mills dig deeper they start to suspect a cover-up.
What is the connection between the death of a schoolboy in 1972 and this latest killing?
With the pressure building, and the past catching up with DCI Tyler, will he and DS Mills be able to put aside their differences in order to catch a cold-blooded killer?



Having read Mark Fowlers first three books, which are all independent stand alone novels, I felt that I knew his style of writing but how wrong I was. His books for me have always had a quirkiness about them but this one conforms more with be it for a better word normality.

The grim discovery of a 15 year old boy’s skeletal remains, unearthed by diggers and found by a determined dog after a bone, would finally solve the disappearance, 30 years after the fact, of Alan Dale. This is such a sad story where pure detective work and the right questions gradually build a picture of this young man’s solitary life at school and at home but not like pieces of a jigsaw but more like a precarious game of jenga. This was a matter of finding out who the players had been and the same names kept coming up.

The story falls back to the 1970’s through the interview process which reveals an era of physical punishments by teachers and a very different outlook on bullying. This really is how it was and Mark Fowler captures it all perfectly. Will someone break and tell the truth after all these years?

Set in Stoke on Trent it brings together two unlikely detectives, DCI Jim Tyler and DS Danny Mills or as you could call them chalk and cheese because these two just don’t hit it off. It makes for an interesting partnership and I am really biting at the reigns to find out how these two fair in coming books. I am certainly loving this new Mark Fowler.

I wish to thank Bloodhound books for an ARC of this book for review purpose which I have done in an honest and unbiased way.



Mark L. Fowler is the author of the novels Coffin Maker, The Man Upstairs, Silver, and Red Is The Colour, and more than a hundred short stories. His particular interests are in crime and mystery, psychological thrillers and gothic/horror fiction.
His first published novel, Coffin Maker, is a gothic tale set between our world and the Kingdom of Death. In the Kingdom the Coffin Maker lives a solitary existence, and every coffin he completes signals the end of a life in our world. One day he discovers that he is to be sent two apprentices, amid rumours that the devil is arriving on Earth.
Mark’s second novel, The Man Upstairs, features the hard-boiled detective, Frank Miller, who works the weird streets of Chapeltown. Having discovered that he is in fact the hero of twenty successful mystery novels, authored by The Man Upstairs, Frank has reasons to fear that this latest case might be his last.
In 2016, Silver, a dark and disturbing psychological thriller was published by Bloodhound Books. When a famous romance novelist dies in mysterious circumstances, she leaves behind an unfinished manuscript, Silver. This dark and uncharacteristic work has become the Holy Grail of the publishing world, but the dead writer’s family have their reasons for refusing to allow publication.
Red Is The Colour is Mark’s latest book, a crime mystery featuring two police detectives based in Staffordshire. The case involves the grim discovery of the corpse of a schoolboy who went missing thirty years earlier. Red Is The Colour is the first in a series featuring DCI Tyler and DS Mills, and will be published in July 2017 by Bloodhound Books.
The author contributed a short story, Out of Retirement, to the best-selling crime and horror collection, Dark Minds. Featuring many well known writers, all proceeds from the sales of Dark Minds will go to charity.
A graduate in philosophy from Leicester University, Mark lives in Staffordshire, and is currently writing a follow up to Red Is The Colour. When he isn’t writing he enjoys time with family and friends, watching TV and films, playing guitar/piano and going for long walks.


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Reported Missing by Sarah Wray #Blog Tour @Sarah_Wray @Bookouture

Firstly I would like to thank Kim Nash and Bookouture for inviting me on this Blog Tour for REPORTED MISSING by SARAH WRAY


UK 🇬🇧

US 🇺🇸



Four months ago, Rebecca Pendle’s husband disappeared. So did 14-year-old Kayleigh Jackson.

Just a coincidence? Rebecca wants to believe so… But as the police start to draw parallels between Chris and Kayleigh, it’s getting harder for her to trust his innocence.

Faced with an angry town that believes Chris has abducted the teenager, Rebecca tries to discover the truth.

But what she finds shocks her more than she ever thought. How well does she really know the man she loves?

A completely gripping, suspenseful thriller, with a shocking twist. Fans of Louise Jensen, K.L Slater and The Girl on the Train will be hooked until the very last page.



Rebecca Pendle is depressed but it is very understandable because 4 months ago she had a lovely house, a job, an husband and money in the bank but now she lives in a caravan, hanging by a thread with her job, a missing husband and escalating debt! To top it all off though on the same day as her husband disappeared so did a 14 year old girl from the small seaside town where they lived. Neither of them had been seen since. What a difference a day can make. Just one day and none of it was her fault, she was just collateral damage left behind in the whole scheme of things.

This is such a hard hitting and powerful story about Rebecca, the kicking post for a town that didn’t have any answers to where her husband Chris and the young girl Kayleigh were. Had he abducted her or worse? Were they even connected to each other? I mean surely the wife knew something was going on. All the normal assumptions that people that haven’t got a clue make.  Rebecca was constantly tortured mentally and physically by a gang of teenagers, friends of the missing girl and shunned by a town that should have known better. The whole story is very heart breaking in so many ways.

There is no escape for her, she is determined to be there if or when he comes home and also for her mother in the care home in the town suffering from dementia.  There are some very touching moments that even with her mum being in such a state she could still find comfort and protection just by being near to her. Rebecca battles with bouts of hiding away and throwing herself into some rather dodgy situations in order to find out the truth. Some of which she wishes she could undo and never know. As the story progresses the pace quickens along with the tension.

I really enjoyed this story that high lighted the innocent victims by association of a suspected crime, looked at from different angles including the police investigation.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, this is my honest and unbiased review.



Sarah Wray is originally from Yorkshire but now lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where she works as a technology writer and editor. She won a Northern Writers’ Award (Arvon Award) in 2015 for an early version of her first novel.

Twitter @Sarah_Wray