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This Might Hurt by [Stephanie Wrobel]


Welcome to Wisewood. We’ll keep your secrets, if you keep ours.

High-flier Natalie Collins always has a plan.
Her younger sister Kit rarely does.

Until she finds Wisewood.
When Kit insists on joining the self-help retreat on a secluded Maine island, Natalie has concerns.
Why does it forbid contact with the outside world? Is it a cult?

Then, after six months of silence, Natalie receives a message:

Would you like to come tell your sister what you did – or should we?

Who is digging into the Collins’ past? How did they discover Natalie’s secret?
She will have to go to Wisewood to find out if this place of healing has more sinister motives.
Can she rescue Kit? Or might Natalie be the one who needs saving?

Because Wisewood is far easier to get into than to leave . . .

This Might Hurt is a whipsmart thriller of sisters, secrets and sanctuary and what fear will do to those we love.


This Might Hurt


Natalie and Kit couldn’t be more different. Natalie is outgoing and confident, while Kit is a worrier, thinks things through and always falls on the side of caution. When their mother dies, Kit decides that she needs to get away and moves into a retreat. The place is strange from the outset, as Natalie is informed that she can not contact her sister for six months. No contact with the outside world is allowed at all.

When the six months is up, Natalie receives an invite to the island. Natalie is told to tell Kit what she has done in the past, or they will. There is no way Natalie wants anything disclosing, but how do these people know about what she has done? There is only one way to find out, that is to go herself.

This is a weird and compelling story that plays with the minds of the people that live there. A place where broken people feel there is nowhere else. The cultish methods used in this place are, at times, humiliating and manipulative, stripping the mind back to reform it to be part of this place, trusting no one but the leaders in charge.

Natalie forms a friendship with a couple of other women, but seeds of betrayal are planted in her mind, making her isolated and paranoid. Will Natalie ever see her sister again to tell her the truth? It takes a long time to work out just what has happened in the past. The story is nicely rounded up.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Stephanie Wrobel

Stephanie Wrobel is the author of The Recovery of Rose Gold, a Sunday Times and international bestseller that has sold in twenty-two countries. This Might Hurt is her second novel, an attempt to answer the questions: what sort of person joins a cult? And what sort of person leads one?
Wrobel grew up in Chicago but has lived in London for five years with her husband and her dog, Moose Barkwinkle.–This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.



This Might Hurt by [Stephanie Wrobel]

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