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Coming Home to the Four Streets: A beautifully written historical saga by a Sunday Times bestselling author by [Nadine Dorries]


In equal measure gritty and tender, Coming Home to the Four Streets is the latest instalment in the Four Streets saga, from Sunday Times bestseller Nadine Dorries.

Trouble is coming to the four streets, especially for its redoubtable women, who’ve struggled through a bitter winter to put food on the table. The Dock Queen Carnival is only weeks away, but there’s no money for the usual celebrations. No sign of a tramp ship with illicit cargo to be quietly siphoned off by the dockers.

Peggy Nolan, with seven boys and a husband too lazy to work, has hit rock bottom and is hiding a terrible secret. Little Paddy, her mischievous eldest, is all too often in trouble, but he’d do anything for the mother he loves. How can he save her from selling herself on the streets – or worse?

Maura and Tommy Doherty always looked out for any neighbour in trouble, especially Peggy, but they’re far away, running a pub in Ireland and corrupt copper, Frank the Skank, is moving into their old house on the four streets. Can anything bring them home in time?


Coming Home to the Four Streets


This author certainly knows how to bring an era to life with the harsh conditions, little money and a community that looks after its own. Times were very different for the women in Liverpool. Women had few rights, often big families, and only the money that their husbands gave them. Of course, some men were good to their families, but the ones that weren’t, caused terrible hardships. If they didn’t work, they didn’t get paid. Peggy Nolan was run into the ground trying to look after her seven sons and lazy good-for-nothing husband.

Stories are going on around the streets where she lived, but the heartache rests with her. Her next-door neighbours are good people. Maura always made sure that the boys had something to eat, but when good fortune fell on Maura, and her husband Tommy, they took the chance to move to Ireland, and the promise of a good life for their family.

Once Maura and Tommy were gone, there was no one else to drag Peggy’s lazy husband to work. He always made sure he had his cigs and booze. Things just crumbled without Maura to help out, and Peggy hits rock bottom.

What a tremendous story this is! There is such a kinship between the women that binds them to look after each other’s kids whenever they can. The author captures the desperation, that these women lived every day. The times were unsettled with the men not knowing from day to day, if they would be working on the docks.

There are so many stories going on here that will be life-changing for the whole community. There are stunning characters that I felt responsible for, wanting to jump in on each page and be able to do something. A fabulous story that makes you look back at your own family and think wow, these were special people. How humble it all made me feel.

It is a brilliant storyline, and although this is the fourth book about this community, it was my first, and I loved it.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book that I have reviewed honestly.


An image posted by the author.

I feel blessed to have been born and raised in Liverpool. A vibrant, creative city that looks out across the Atlantic, to Ireland and America. As a child, my Irish grandmother, Nellie Deane, would often whisk me away to her rural village on the west coast of Ireland and immerse me in the scent of raw peat and Holy Smoke.

My books are based on the streets of Liverpool, or in the Liverpool hospitals where I trained as a nurse, or at one of my favourite places in the world, the west coast of Ireland.

I write sagas and create communities, often linking one to the other. If you buy one of my books, I really do hope it brings you hours of pleasure.


Coming Home to the Four Streets: A beautifully written historical saga by a Sunday Times bestselling author by [Nadine Dorries]

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