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The Turn of The Tide (The Sturmtaucher Trilogy Book 3) by [Alan Jones]


The Turn of the Tide is the third book in the Sturmtaucher Trilogy: a powerful and compelling story of two families torn apart by evil.

As Hitler’s greed turns eastwards to the fertile and oil rich Soviet heartlands, life for the Kästner and the Nussbaum families disintegrates and fragments as the Nazis tighten the noose on German and Polish Jews. Implementing Endlösung der Judenfrage, the ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Problem’, Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich and Eichmann plan to have Germany, and Europe, Judenrein, ‘cleansed of Jews’.

General Erich Kästner, increasingly alone, fights a losing battle to protect his friends, and their fellow Jews, putting himself and his family in jeopardy.

As the tide of war turns, he looks anxiously to the Soviets in the east, and to the Western Allies, desperately hoping, despite his patriotism, that Germany is defeated before there are no Jews left in the countries occupied by the Third Reich.
When an assassination attempt on Hitler and his henchmen fails, Erich Kästner himself comes under the scrutiny of the Gestapo, and his own survival, and that of his family, becomes uncertain.

As the war draws to an end, with Germany in ruins, time is running out for the Kästners and the Nussbaums…

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I didn’t want to start this book, because I knew that once I did the story would end, and I simply didn’t want it to. It is the third and final book in this series which has blown me away on every turn. Each of the books has been huge, the equivalent of between three and five books in each one. Just don’t be put off with its size. It is a masterpiece. It is all-consuming, at times horrifically graphic, and contains characters I will never forget.

It isn’t a book that you can drop into you have to read the first two books to understand the deep connection that the Kästner family, headed by Eric Kästner, a high ranking officer in Germany, has with the Nussbaums, a Jewish family that served his family for generations. The story has had me sobbing in the past, but all it has been doing is preparing me for the horrors that were still to come, as the German forces make the fatal error going up against Russia. The Gestapo are at their height of the worst atrocities, which will flatten you. While in Great Britain, the Kästner brothers face terrible retribution.

The story goes further than the end of the war and the aftermath of war and how the people work to regain what they have left and mourn those that won’t ever get the chance.

It is my top series for the year, with books one, two and three taking respective places in my top three books. They are not to be missed. It is magnificent. I cannot recommend this series enough. Perfection.

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly. The hard copies will be a Christmas box for me from my family.


Alan Jones

Alan Jones is a Scottish author with three gritty crime stories to his name, the first two set in Glasgow, the third one based in London. He has now switched genres, and his WW2 trilogy will be published in August 2021. It is a Holocaust story set in Northern Germany.
He is married with four grown up children and four wonderful grandchildren.
He has recently retired as a mixed-practice vet in a small Scottish coastal town in Ayrshire and is one of the RNLI volunteer coxswains on the local lifeboat. He makes furniture in his spare time, and maintains and sails a 45-year-old yacht in the Irish Sea and on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. He loves reading, watching films and cooking. He still plays football despite being just the wrong side of sixty.
His crime novels are not for the faint-hearted, with some strong language, violence, and various degrees of sexual content. The first two books also contain a fair smattering of Glasgow slang.
He is one of the few self-published authors to be given a panel at Bloody Scotland and has done two pop-up book launches at the festival in Stirling.
He has spent the last five years researching and writing the Sturmtaucher Trilogy.

Twitter @alanjonesbooks

The Turn of The Tide (The Sturmtaucher Trilogy Book 3) by [Alan Jones]

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