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Darkness Falls: The unmissable new thriller in the pulse-pounding Kate Marshall series by [Robert Bryndza]


Kate Marshall’s detective agency takes off when she and her partner Tristan are hired to investigate a cold case from over a decade ago. Twelve years previously, a determined young journalist called Joanna Duncan exposed a political scandal that had major repercussions. In the fallout she disappeared without trace and was never found.

When Kate and Tristan examine the case files, they find the trail long cold, but they discover the names of two young men who also vanished at that time. As she begins to connect their last days, Kate realizes that Joanna may have been onto something far more sinister than anyone first believed: the identity of a serial killer preying on the people who few will ever miss.

But the closer Kate comes to finding the killer, the darker things become.


Darkness Falls


I am delighted to have read the latest book in this series. Kate Marshall formed her own Detective Agency after quitting the police force. She still has a few contacts in the department that help on the quiet when she needs it. Working for Kate is Tristan, a keen young man that she can wholly rely upon. They have had some rather tricky cases so far, and the one they are about to take on is no exception.

Twelve years ago, a bright newspaper reporter Joanna Duncan disappeared after work. Her car was found abandoned in the multi-storey car park she used daily. No sign had been seen of her since that day. In a last-ditch effort, her mum’s wealthy husband asks Kate if she will take on the case to find her, be it dead or alive.

Joanna’s mum isn’t anything like what Kate had expected. She is brassy and loud but has a heart of gold. She wants to know where her daughter is. Money talks, as they say, and Joanna’s stepdad has acquired the files and investigation documents surrounding her disappearance. Kate and Tristan set to work on these, and soon discover something that had been previously missed. It is an unusual case for Kate and Tristan as the story takes on a detour.

Robert Bryndza is on top form with his writing as he captures the essence of the characters in his story. The emptiness of Joanna’s mum, the ambitious detective after all the glory and the terrifying confidence of a killer. But the victims, oh my, that hit home. I had to stop just for a little while because it didn’t seem right just to carry on reading. The writer makes it all seem so real. The story twists in ways I hadn’t thought of. It was so easy to jump to conclusions. It is an awesome story. Wowed!

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Robert Bryndza

Robert Bryndza is an international bestselling author, best known for his page-turning crime and thriller novels, which have sold over four million copies in the English language.

His crime debut, The Girl in the Ice was released in February 2016, introducing Detective Chief Inspector Erika Foster. Within five months it sold one million copies, reaching number one in the Amazon UK, USA and Australian charts. To date, The Girl in the Ice has sold over 1.5 million copies in the English language and has been sold into translation in 29 countries. It was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Mystery & Thriller (2016), the Grand prix des lectrices de Elle in France (2018), and it won two reader voted awards, The Thrillzone Awards best debut thriller in The Netherlands (2018) and The Dead Good Papercut Award for best page turner at the Harrogate Crime Festival (2016).

Robert has released a further five novels in the Erika Foster series, The Night Stalker, Dark Water, Last Breath, Cold Blood and Deadly Secrets, all of which have been global bestsellers, and in 2017 Last Breath was a Goodreads Choice Award nominee for Mystery and Thriller.

Most recently, Robert created a new crime thriller series based around the central character Kate Marshall, a police officer turned private detective. The first book, Nine Elms, was an Amazon USA #1 bestseller and an Amazon UK top five bestseller, and the series has been sold into translation in 15 countries. The second book, Shadow Sands was published in November 2020.

Robert was born in Lowestoft, on the east coast of England. He studied at Aberystwyth University, and the Guildford School of Acting, and was an actor for several years, but didn’t find success until he took a play he’d written to the Edinburgh Festival. This led to the decision to change career and start writing. He self-published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels, before switching to writing crime. Robert lives with his husband in Slovakia, and is lucky enough to write full-time.




Darkness Falls: The unmissable new thriller in the pulse-pounding Kate Marshall series by [Robert Bryndza]

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