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Firstly I wish tom thank Sofia Saghir of Midas PR for inviting me on the Blog tour for Blue Running by Lori Ann Stephens.

Blue Running by [Lori Ann Stephens]


In the new Republic of Texas, guns are compulsory and nothing is forgiven. Blue Running is a gripping coming-of-age thriller for fans of Station Eleven and Thelma and Louise.

Fourteen-year-old Bluebonnet Andrews is on the run across the Republic of Texas. An accident with a gun killed her best friend but everyone in the town of Blessing thinks it was murder. Even her father – the town’s drunken deputy – believes she did it. Now, she has no choice but to run. In Texas, murder is punishable by death.

There’s no one to help her. Her father is incapable and her mother left the state on the last flight to America before the secession. Blue doesn’t know where she is but she’s determined to track her down. First she has to get across the lawless Republic and over the wall that keeps everyone in.

On the road she meets Jet, a pregnant young woman of Latin American heritage. Jet is secretive about her past but she’s just as determined as Blue to get out of Texas before she’s caught and arrested. Together, the two form an unlikely kinship as they make their way past marauding motorcycle gangs, the ever watchful Texas Rangers, and armed strangers intent on abducting them – or worse. When Blue and Jet finally reach the wall, will they be able to cross the border, or will they be shot down in cold blood like the thousands who have gone before them?

Some things are worth dying for.

Blue Running pulls no punches. A fast-paced, page-turning, chilling book which looks unflinchingly at what the future could hold.

A novel for both adults and young adults, Blue Running is gripping and addictive from the first page. Readers will cheer for Blue and Jet in their pell-mell rush for freedom.


Blue Running


Fourteen-year-old Bluebonnet Andrews is quite a loner, but not by choice. Blue lives with her father, who has a known drinking problem, and only just holds on to his job as a deputy in Blessing. Texas is now a Republic and has its laws, one being that everyone above a certain age has to carry a gun for their protection. Blue’s mum left just before the borders closed when she was only a little girl. Now she more or less brings herself up at home, where she and her dad don’t have much.

Blue thinks she has found a friend when a new girl moves into the area in the school holidays, but once the holidays are over, so is the friendship. When Blue tries to make amends, a terrible accident occurs, and Blue goes on the run. The story follows her across Texas to the border.

Blue’s journey is fraught with danger at every turn. Who can she trust, how can she get money, and how can she evade being turned in when her picture is on the news channels? She begins her journey as a naive girl, that has to adapt and grow up very quickly. The art of survival arrives in the form of another girl on the run. The pair of them make for a heart in your mouth read.

The places and people that they come across are believable, with the author being realistic about the situations that the pair get into. It is a scary future. A fabulous read for teens and above.


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Lori Ann Stephens is the award-winning author of novels for adults and children, including 2018’s Middle Grade novels NOVALEE AND THE SPIDER SECRET (Dragonfeather Books) and PIERRE FRANÇOIS: 5TH GRADE MISHAPS. SOME ACT OF VISION (ASD Press) was the 2013 YA novel winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award, hosted by the Romance Writers of America, OK. She’s also the author of SONG OF THE ORANGE MOONS (Blooming Tree Press, Nov 2010) and several short stories, poems, and opera libretti. When she’s not writing or teaching writing, she reads, takes on DIY home remodeling adventures, and eats the best gourmet, home-cooked meals. She is usually not the cook. She lives in Texas with her family.

Twitter: @lorifromtexas

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