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Buried Lies: One of the most gripping detective crime thrillers of 2021! (Detective Gaby Darin, Book 5) by [Jenny O’Brien]



Hannah Thomas returns home one morning to every mother’s worst nightmare: a missing child and a dead fiancé. When DI Gaby Darin questions her, Hannah insists she can’t think of anyone who’d want to hurt her family – and yet it all feels disturbingly personal.

Mere hours into the investigation, a second body is found. As Gaby and her team dig into the victims’ lives, they hit dead ends at every turn – particularly when it comes to Hannah’s past. What is the grieving woman hiding?

But when Gaby stumbles upon Hannah’s tragic secret, it doesn’t bring her any closer to the truth. Can she connect the dots before the killer strikes again?

Unnervingly twisty, this thrilling police procedural will keep you gripped to the very last page. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, LJ Ross and D. S. Butler.


Buried Lies: One of the most gripping detective crime thrillers of 2021! (Detective Gaby Darin, Book 5)


Oh my, this story is full of tragedy from the start to the end. Hannah hardly ever leaves her young son to go anywhere on her own, but she had been in a relationship with her fella a while now, so she trusted him. She had been invited to a night away with a new friend for an all-expenses-paid weekend break. They have a great time even if they do have hangovers. When Hannah gets home, there is no one around. When she goes to their garage, to get the car and look for them, she finds her partner is dead, and her diabetic son is missing.

This is the 5th book in the D I Gaby Darwin series, but I believe my first. Gaby is heavily involved in wedding preparations when she receives a call about the case. When they arrive at the scene, someone recognises the dead young man as a police officer. The investigation goes up a notch, but things take a turn for the worse when another dead body is found.

I liked getting to know Gaby Darwin, she is brisk and likes things to move at her pace. This case is quite complicated, with some false leads to throw the team off the right track. Hannah is a mystery, and Gaby is sure she is hiding something from them. I found this story ever so sad. It is well written. A series that I will have to go to the start of.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Jenny O'Brien

Jenny O’Brien was born in Dublin, Ireland. From an early age, she always hoped to write something, anything other than just her name on the bottom of a cheque. Then with the introduction of automated banking she lost that pleasure. Therefore, she had to pick up a pen and pad and begin scribbling.

Twitter: @ScribblerJB

Buried Lies: One of the most gripping detective crime thrillers of 2021! (Detective Gaby Darin, Book 5) by [Jenny O’Brien]

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