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The A to Z of Us: The new funny and feel-good romantic comedy novel of summer 2021 by [Hannah Doyle]


Can love ever be as easy as ABC?

If you want to know the A-Z of love then it starts with Alice and ends with Zach.

Alice is a self-confessed cynic when it comes to love. She’s never had a serious relationship herself and after supporting her best friend through a devastating break-up, she’s not about to let down her barriers anytime soon. Relationships always end badly.

Zach is a romantic. Even after his parents got divorced, he still believed in love and is eager to settle down and have a family of his own. He just hasn’t met The One yet.

After a chance meet-cute at an art gallery, Zach is immediately intrigued by Alice and realising their names bookend the alphabet suggests that their next date needs to begin with a B. Alice agrees to one date while Zach is determined to make her believe in love. But can love ever be as easy as ABC?

A fun and feel-good romantic comedy with dating as you’ve never seen it before, for anyone who’s missed Happy Hour drink dates and meet-cutes in real life. Fans of Sophie Cousens, Mhairi McFarlane and Sophie Ranald won’t be able to put down this heart-warming page-turner.


The A to Z of Us: The new funny and feel-good romantic comedy novel of summer 2021


I love a book that makes me snort, and it was like I had my own personal farm when I was reading this. Alice has no intention of ever getting hurt from a relationship, so she has a three-date rule, then she ends it. Or she did until she met Zach, who is quite a romantic guy. After managing to insult Zach, they end up going for a coffee. He persuades her to begin an alphabet date night as her name begins with A and his Z. Each, in turn, takes the following alphabet letter and arranges a date with it. And so it begins.

It is brilliant any time of the year read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The pair are very different and yet perfect for each other too. Alice and Zach’s banter had me in stitches, and I loved how unusual some of the dates were. From rock climbing to digging in her allotment, it was well thought out and fun.

I enjoyed how inventive the author was with the places they went to, and how each date played out. Friends and family play a big part in the story too. I liked too that not every date was a success and that they didn’t always see eye to eye. It is about taking chances and loving what you have had and could have in the future. A great pick me up story.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Hannah Doyle

Hannah’s third book, THE A TO Z OF US, is out now! From the bestselling author of THE YEAR OF SAYING YES and JUST MY TYPE.

Former Hearst magazine celebrity journalist.

Twitter: @byHannahDoyle

The A to Z of Us: The new funny and feel-good romantic comedy novel of summer 2021 by [Hannah Doyle]

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