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Way Beyond A Lie by [Harry Fisher]


Your wife goes missing. She leaves no trace.

You have no idea where she’s gone.

How would you try to find her?

When Ross McKinlay’s wife, Carla, vanishes during an afternoon shopping trip he’s left bewildered and grief stricken. As Ross uncovers the reasons for his wife’s disappearance, his life begins to unravel. He’s determined to find her. He needs answers. But the deeper he delves, the more confused he becomes and the closer he edges towards danger.

As Ross is soon to discover, he isn’t the only person looking for his wife.

One man wants the truth.

Another wants blood.

Who will find her first?

The prequel to the DS Mel Cooper Series, Harry Fisher’s fast-paced story of love, friendship, fraud, intrigue and murder will keep you guessing until the last page.


Way Beyond A Lie


This is the second book that I have read from this author, and it is a little beauty. The opening chapters had me immediately connecting with the main character, Ross McKinlay, probably a gentleman that I would not have been aware of in normal circumstances. He wasn’t anything special, in the way that he would get on with things unintrusively, but this particular day he needed to be heard.

I felt his frustrations taking over this usually rational man as people looked at him as if he must have just misplaced his now absent wife. They had gone shopping and one minute she was there then she was gone. But how can you lose a grown woman in the supermarket? When he has exhausted every possibility, he has no choice but to phone the police.

It is a thrilling and exciting read from the start, but the mystery was only just beginning. The writing is fantastic as the author, time and time again, re-shapes Ross into sides of him that he didn’t know even existed. Nurture was overtaking what nature had made him, as huge life-changing events were crashing around him, pushing him into dangerous situations.

What you find out early on is Ross is very well-liked and has a brilliant relationship with his boss, Martin. It is a rollercoaster trip they take, with this is it moments, and the anticipation of success just before your stomach drops back down with another dead end. When you feel like you can nearly taste success, another spanner will fly your way.

A brilliant story that feels fresh, and new, with an unpredictable ending. Highly recommended.


I’m Harry Fisher, I write crime thrillers. They are:

Be Sure Your Sins – published Oct 2021

Way Beyond A Lie – self-published 2019 (republishing Nov 2021)

Yes, I Killed Her – due Spring 2022.

I live in Aberdeen with my wife, Shiona and our dog, Harry. And there it is – the lie exposed. Harry Fisher (the writer) is a pseudonym and here’s why. Despite the fact that in my entire life I’ve never met anyone with the same name as me, when I came to self-publish Way Beyond A Lie I discovered a namesake down south who writes crime thrillers. Honestly, what are the chances? (Mutter mutter.)

I’m a native of Edinburgh and that’s where Way Beyond A Lie is (partly) set. Write about what you know, and all that. It’s also set in Prague. We went there for a long weekend in 2000 so you can see a theme developing. We’ve been to Ballachulish a couple of times too but I couldn’t fit it into the story. Sorry about that, folks.

My second book – Be Sure Your Sins – involves six events, suffered by six people, leaving six lives destroyed. It’s not a sequel but Way Beyond A Lie readers said two of the police characters were strong enough to lead in their own series. So DS Mel Cooper is the central character in Be Sure Your Sins, and DC Andrew Young is her sidekick.  It was published in Oct 2021. Here’s the first sentence:

“When Celia Fraser, who only had one arm, had left her Edinburgh home that morning with her granddaughter and her dog, she could never have imagined that only one of the three would return home safely.”

I’m now writing my third book, Yes, I Killed Her, continuing the DS Mel Cooper series. Here’s the first sentence:

“Philip Walker reckoned he had less than twenty-four hours before the police came to tell him they’d discovered his wife’s body hanging upside down in a dense tangle of undergrowth: better get a move on, he thought.”

Things I’m into apart from walking the canine Harry every day: travel, outdoor stuff, wine and food, and if all four can be combined then so much the better.

Twitter: @HFwritesCrime


Way Beyond A Lie by [Harry Fisher]

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