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The Blood Isles: An action-packed adventure set in Edinburgh (The Pantheon Series Book 2) by [C.F. Barrington]


The second in an action-packed adventure thriller series, where modern-day recruits compete in an ancient fight to the death in the streets of Edinburgh.

New Season. New Rules. Same deadly game…

The Pantheon Games are the biggest underground event in the world, followed by millions online. New recruits must leave behind their twenty-first century lives and vie for dominance in a gruelling battle to the death armed only with ancient weapons – and their wits.

Last season’s new recruits Tyler and Lana have lived to fight another day, but now they face a series of even more lethal clashes before the Grand Battle that will end the Season.

It’s survival of the fittest, in the most brutal fashion imaginable. Lana must face the demons of her past, and Tyler has the mother of all targets on his back.

This action-packed adventure thriller is perfect for fans of Pierce Brown’s Red RisingBattle Royale and The Running Man.


The Blood Isles: An action-packed adventure set in Edinburgh (The Pantheon Series Book 2)


The story carries on seamlessly from where it left off in book one of this series. You do need to read these in order. So if you like Vikings and Romans, you will be in your element as the two constantly clash in battle. The setting as there are others all over the world takes place primarily through the streets of Edinburgh. Money doesn’t only talk money makes the authorities turn a blind eye as life and death skirmishers and battles play out.

In their own time, these soldiers lead ordinary lives, go to work each day, have families and go out with friends but, when the call comes, they are picked up and whisked away to secret locations to prepare for battle. For this, they are paid large sums of money and trained brutally to fight with authentic weapons in hand to hand combat. Huge bets are placed on who will be the victors.

The story follows Tyler and Lana, who met on their first day of training after they had both been abducted and offered the chance to become part of the Pantheon, if they had said no, they could have walked away, but they both had reasons to stay. Tyler had been sure that his sister had been recruited a while ago, and had not seen her since, but it was forbidden for family members to join as it would affect their performance in battles. No one knew about his sister. I liked the new character in Tyler’s day to day life, a bit of a whizz kid and hero worshiper.

Tyler has more brains than brawn and had not only survived through the first book but had got himself into a dangerous position for the start of this. He may as well have put an aim here target on his chest. In the first book, there had been a lot of training and survival tactics. But wow, this book has superbly detailed battles, defence strategies and relationships. The key players are like superheroes to the ones that watch online.

Lana plays a leading role in this story as her past is about to catch up with her. This new character made my skin crawl as I curled into a much smaller form on my sofa. This person is terrifying. I don’t want to go too much into the battles, which blew me away as it builds to the finale for the year. I need the final book in this, as it does leave you with a thirst for more.

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


C.F. Barrington

C F Barrington spent twenty years intending to write a novel, but found life kept getting in the way. Instead, his career took him into major gift fundraising, leading teams in organisations as varied as Oxford University, the National Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

When his role as Head of Communications at Edinburgh Zoo meant a third year of fielding endless media enquiries about the possible birth of a baby panda, he finally retreated to a quiet desk beside the sea and discovered the inspiration for the Pantheon saga.

Raised in Hertfordshire and educated at Oxford, he now divides his time between running over the hills of the Lake District and dog walking on the beaches of Fife.



The Blood Isles: An action-packed adventure set in Edinburgh (The Pantheon Series Book 2) by [C.F. Barrington]

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