Annihilation Origins and Endings (Decimation Book 3) by Richard T. Burke @RTBurkeAuthor #BookReivew

Annihilation: Origins and Endings (Decimation Book 3) by [Richard T. Burke]


The third and final book of the ground-breaking Decimation trilogy

Against all odds, Antimone Lessing has twice escaped from those who want to understand how she survived the deadly Orestes virus. But the greatest threat to her life still lies ahead.

The world knows the pandemic originated in a British laboratory. Keen to enhance the country’s damaged reputation, the Prime Minister sets up an international research effort to rid the planet of the disease once and for all.

But not everybody is working towards the same goal.

As past and present collide, Antimone once again finds herself sucked into a conspiracy that could spell the end of the human race.


Annihilation: Origins and Endings (Decimation Book 3) 


This is the third book in this super series, and what a tremendous story this has been. This was my favourite as it brought all the pieces together, with the trip to the past and how it all began. Some of the characters had changed because they could not deal with things they had done in the past. It was sickening as they all had a choice.

Antimone, Jason and their son Paul are back under guard, this time for their protection as the world wants answers. This story is just one that I gorged on from the first page to the last. I could not function or concentrate on anything else. Then I couldn’t move on because I knew what had happened.

The events that had occurred in the past was a minefield of tragedy, heartbreak and ruthless decisions. I was blown away by every page. It had been a perfect series so far but now, wow. The beginning revealed at the end of the story magnified my feelings100 times more. An ace of a card to play. Bravo!

You need to read the series, three books, which are fast-paced, thrilling and scary because this could be our future someday. Huge congratulations to the author.

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly


Richard T. Burke

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Richard T. Burke is the author of six novels including the Decimation trilogy and standalone books, Assassin’s Web and The Colour of the Soul.
His novels are thrillers and contain elements of present day, hard Science Fiction.
He comes from a technical background and is the author of ten patents.
Richard lives with his wife, Judith, and daughter, Emily, in the village of Rotherwick in north-east Hampshire, UK. When he’s not writing, he can be found walking his dog, Elvis (Smelvis), around the local countryside.



Annihilation: Origins and Endings (Decimation Book 3) by [Richard T. Burke]

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