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Resistance: The gripping new WWII espionage thriller by [Mara Timon]



May 1944. When spy Elisabeth de Mornay, code name Cécile, notices a coded transmission from an agent in the field does not bear his usual signature, she suspects his cover has been blown – something that is happening with increasing frequency. With the situation in Occupied France worsening and growing fears that the Resistance has been compromised, Cécile is ordered behind enemy lines.

Having rendezvoused with her fellow agents, Léonie and Dominique, together they have one mission: help the Resistance destabilise German operations to pave the way for the Normandy landings.

But the life of a spy is never straightforward, and the in-fighting within the Resistance makes knowing who to trust ever more difficult. With their lives on the line, all three women will have to make decisions that could cost them everything – for not all their enemies are German.


Resistance: The gripping new WWII espionage thriller 


Having read City of Spies last year, I was thrilled to hear that the follow up to that story was to be released. Resistance continues where the previous book ended, and although I would recommend reading City of Spies first, just because it is excellent, this can be read as a stand-alone.

The historical detail is engrossing but doesn’t bog you down in the storyline at all. The two are combined naturally as the author tells a captivating story filled with danger and sheer terror, then adds the human element of betrayal, friendship and love.

Elisabeth is back in Britain working for the Government, de-coding operatives messages from overseas, but when she finds an anomaly she brings it to her superior’s attention. It isn’t long before she and two more women spies are being dropped into occupied France to help set up the Normandy Landings. They know that if their parachutes are seen, it will be presumed that they are men.

There aren’t any allowances for their gender, they have a job to do. It isn’t long before Elisabeth, now Cécile is caught up with her past. What a tremendous story this is. Heart racing, heart-breaking and butterflies.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Mara Timon

Raised in New York, Mara Timon moved to the UK almost 20 years ago; and fell in love with London and the way it melds the old and the new. Growing up with one parent fascinated with literature and the other with history, she started writing from an early age, although it wasn’t until a programme on the BBC caught her interest, and one ‘what if’ led to another, that her first book began to take shape. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Twitter: @MaraTimon

Resistance: The gripping new WWII espionage thriller by [Mara Timon]

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