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Mummy’s Little Secret: An utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists by [M. A. Hunter]


Four little words can ruin a life.

When Jess meets five-year-old Daisy and her mum, Morag, in a local London park, they seem a perfectly happy and loving pair. Until Daisy whispers four little words that send ice seeping down Jess’s spine…

She’s not my mum.

Determined to save Daisy, Jess becomes obsessed with unearthing Morag’s secrets. As she digs ever deeper, her friends and family start to question her own increasingly paranoid behaviour…

Four little words can end a life.

But Jess knows what she heard and she’s certain the fear in Daisy’s eyes was real. Of course she isn’t imagining things… Or is she?


Mummy’s Little Secret: An utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists


Jess has had more than her share of emotional and physical health problems this last year and was still finding life very hard. While at the park with her young daughter, they meet Morag and her daughter Daisy. Daisy waits until her mummy is out of range of hearing her, before whispering to Jess, that Morag isn’t her mum. The little girl looks frightened, and Jess isn’t sure what to do now. She knows that she can’t just let the little girl go but can’t tackle Morag about it either.

A strange relationship begins between the two women, one desperate to fit in for her daughter to start school with children she knows and the other determined to dig into her new friend’s past. But poking the past becomes an obsession. The story is told in the present time, and a gruesome investigation by the police, and in the past with chapters from both women.

I liked how the author toyed with me, revealing little by little of the two women’s pasts. The intrigue of the present-day story had me racing through those pages to find out more about them both.

The story keeps that edginess throughout that had my heart pounding with the choices that they made. It is frustrating and heart-breaking in so many ways, with a brilliant storyline that will make you count your blessing. I constantly had mixed feelings about the characters in the story, but that is a human fault judging people before we know the truth.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


M. A. Hunter

M.A. Hunter has been a huge fan of crime fiction since a young age, and always fancied the idea of trying to write some. That dream became a reality when One More Chapter signed The Missing Children Case Files series.

Born in Darlington in the north-east of England, M.A. grew up in West London, and moved to Southampton to study law at university. It’s here M.A. fell in love and has been married for fifteen years. They are now raising their two children, on the border of The New Forest where the family enjoys going for walks amongst the wildlife. They regularly holiday across England, but have a particular affinity for the south coast, which formed the setting for the series, spanning from Devon to Brighton, and with a particular focus on Weymouth, one of their favourite towns.

When not writing, M.A. regularly binge-watches the latest shows from streaming services, or can be found with head buried in the latest stories from Angela Marsons, Simon Kernick, or Ann Cleeves.

Twitter: @Writer_MAHunter

Mummy’s Little Secret: An utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists by [M. A. Hunter]

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