Be Sure Your Sins (The Mel Cooper Crime Series) by Harry Fisher @HobeckBooks #NewRelease #BookReview #BeSureYourSins


Six people. Six events. Six lives destroyed. What is the connection?

Detective Sergeant Melissa (Mel) Cooper has two major investigations on the go. The first involves six apparently unrelated individuals who all suffer inexplicable life-altering events. Mel is also pursuing a serial blackmailer but just as she’s about to prove the link between this man and the six bizarre events, she’s ordered to back off. So why are her bosses interfering with her investigations? Who are they trying to protect? And how far will they go to stop her? The answers come from a totally unexpected source.

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I began to read this book, then stopped and read the blurb again. I had wondered if I was reading a selection of short stories as each one sort of came to an end and a new story began, but I wasn’t. Just be patient, and all will be revealed.

The opening chapters are very different, with each one having a crime committed and someone being arrested for it. All of the accused protest their innocence, but the cases seem cut and dry. Of course, for every crime, there has to be a victim, and on one occasion it happened to be the mother of a serving officer. There is something rather weird about it all. DS Mel Cooper is soon looking into local crime a little deeper, with surprising results.

The story is on the gentler side of crime, with nothing gruesome or grisly and more on the Cluedo side of investigating as to why and how certain events are linked. The story is thoroughly entertaining. Even on the short breaks, I had to take, while life got in the way, my mind was trying to get in front and work out who was responsible for the tangle of cases.

Although this is a new series, I felt the central characters are already set up well for a second outing. This story was completely wound up, so it could easily be read as a stand-alone.


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