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Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2) by [Adam Hamdy]


A daring escape from a Cairo prison.
An assassin who kills with a single touch.
A vicious drug war on the streets of America.

Suspecting these events are related, ex-MI6 officer Scott Pearce uncovers a chilling plot to unleash a terrifying new toxin on an unsuspecting world. When Pearce’s team deploy to fight the menace on two fronts an undercover operation goes horribly wrong, leaving Pearce in a race against time to stop this deadly new threat.

Pearce has burned the espionage rulebook, but now he is about to find out he’s not the only one who can light a fire, and his enemies are determined to see the world burn . . .

Red Wolves is the stunning second novel in the Scott Pearce series from Sunday Times bestselling author Adam Hamdy. In this adrenaline-charged thriller following on from Black 13, Pearce finds himself trying to stop a sinister new breed of weapon.


Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2)


This is the second book in the Scott Pearce series, and it brings together again four unlikely characters that are the world’s only hope. The story opens with a daring prison break that leaves a massacre behind the escapees. The authorities are baffled, but Pearce has that gut feeling that it isn’t a one-off event. Two more take place and only Pearce link them together, but he is far from solving the puzzle.

It becomes an international problem, as it touches down on different continents. A new life and death race is about to begin that will become all too real. Kidnappings and a ticking clock are on the cards. The stakes have never been higher, with some of the chapters that tear you apart.

Another fabulous storyline with heart in the mouth moments that turn the pages faster. I am growing to love the unpredictable choices that this elite group make. There is a ruthless edge about them, even with each other, which is fascinating, unpredictable, and deadly.

The scary thing about these books is you could see something like this happening. Another terrific read.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Adam Hamdy

British author and screenwriter Adam Hamdy works with studios and production companies on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the author of Black 13, a Scott Pearce novel, and the Pendulum trilogy, an epic series of conspiracy thriller novels. James Patterson described Pendulum as ‘one of the best thrillers of the year’, and the novel was a finalist for the Glass Bell Award for contemporary fiction. Pendulum was chosen as book of the month by Goldsboro Books and was selected for BBC Radio 2 Book Club. Prior to embarking on his writing career, Adam was a strategy consultant and advised global businesses in the medical systems, robotics, technology and financial services sectors. 

Twitter: @adamhamdy

Red Wolves (Scott Pearce Book 2) by [Adam Hamdy]

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