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A Parent Apart by [Gary Wright]


Decisions define us. Decisions have consequences. Who lives… And who dies.

In Beachbrook, on the south coast of England, Andrew had a choice to make. Save his daughter, or save her friend. A decision no parent should have to face, but one that sets in motion a tragic series of events.

With the decision came a dark secret, one that Andrew thought he could keep hidden from his family, his friends and the police.

Two families collide as grief-fuelled recriminations expose the human flaws that haunt us all. The protection of self, the security of family and the fear of losing it all.

From the back cover:

A day at the beach. A momentary lapse in supervision. A parent’s worst fears realised.

Andrew Wicks would do anything for his family. When tragedy strikes, he is forced to make a split-second decision, one that is layered with deception, desperation and self-preservation. As a tenacious police officer unravels his web of lies and exposes the truth, worlds collide.

There is no greater pain than losing a child. There is no greater torment than knowing it was avoidable.

Gripping, haunting and totally compelling, this is a novel that will make you question how far you would go to preserve the sanctity of family life.


A Parent Apart


Andrew almost drowns when he is a young boy, and the fear of the ocean has stayed with him ever since. He is married and a father himself now, still petrified every time his young daughter is near the sea. One day, while he and his wife are looking after their friend’s little boy, tragedy strikes, and Andrew is faced with a terrible decision. Save his daughter or his best friend’s son. Still in shock, when Andrew is questioned about the accident, he lies about the choice he made which child should live and which should die.

Oh my, just a few chapters in and I am torn into a thousand pieces. I still have images created from the sorry of seeing this child release what will happen.

It is a heart-wrenching story of a family fighting to know what happened to their son, and that gut feeling that they aren’t being told the truth, by Andrew. A police force not knowing if the death is by accident or foul play, and Andrew’s torment not only about the choice he made but the lies he is telling now. Andrew’s daughter knows the truth, but she is traumatised by the events that day herself.

The story is told from everyone’s perspective and how it affects them personally. It is like walking in all these characters shoes and being them. I went through every emotion, from guilt and regret to despair and utter insanity. It is very hard to believe that this is the author’s debut novel as he not only captured each of the characters to perfection, he captured me too.

The author takes this story much further than I could have imagined that he would. I still shudder thinking about this story and have waves of emotion roll over me like a violent stormy ocean. An author to keep your eye on. Superb writing.


I was a police officer for ten years before several cardiac arrests caused me to retire at the age of 29.  I was diagnosed with a life limiting, hereditary and incurable disease of the heart muscle (ARVC), which is the leading cause of sudden death in young people.  I’m so lucky to still be here as it is normally diagnosed post-mortem.  I was incredibly sporty, and to be told that I needed to quit all of that changed my life dramatically.  Writing filled the void.  Writing, and my two wonderful children who came along in the past few years (Florence is four and Sully will be two in August).  I now own a coffee shop in Ramsgate harbour with my beautiful wife, and we have the winter off each year.  That is my time for writing!  From a cardiac perspective, I am now stable.  I have gadgets and gizmos attached to my heart to keep it ticking, and am on various medications.  Life is good, and life is for living!

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A Parent Apart by [Gary Wright]

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