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Traitor in the House: The brand new absolutely gripping and gritty gangland crime thriller set in Liverpool (Bad Blood, Book 5) by [Caz Finlay]


Blood is thicker than water…

Old Game

When several young prostitutes are found murdered in Liverpool, DI Leigh Moss knows there is only one person she can turn to for help with the case.  Gangland queen, Grace Carter, knows the streets of Liverpool better than anyone and can ask questions Leigh can’t…but will Grace help?

New Rules

Grace doesn’t trust easily, but when she discovers that her family might be linked with the gruesome murders, she decides to give Leigh a chance. But helping Leigh is risky and as Grace is dragged deeper into the murky world of vice, her own life is put in danger.
Can these two sworn enemies work together?  Or is that a line they will never cross?


Traitor in the House


Here is one almighty gritty gangland thriller that made a tingle through me like fingernails scraping glass. Characters felt real, threatening and as scary as hell. When a new spate of murders begins, there is a couple of common factors. All the girls are known prostitutes, and they all grew up in the same place.

DI Leigh Moss isn’t long before she contacts Grace Carter, wife of one of the biggest, gangland bosses. Grace was looking forward to her and her husband taking it easy, while their sons took over the family business. The thing is, Moss suspects that there are some connections that Grace may need to address. They have had dealings before. Grace is walking on dangerous ground, but she must protect their boys.

It is a gripping story that is impossible to look away from, and believe me, I had to swallow hard on some of these pages. As the reader, you soon become aware of behind the scenes happenings which heighten the storyline because it put me on edge when certain people came together.

Grace is a cracking character, she has done a lot more than most hard men, but she has her stop point unless you mess with her family. Her gangland boss husband, Michael, is quite a character. He does what he has to do, but he has his limit these days, unlike his brother. This deadly duo is an unforgettable pair.
There are a couple of stories twisted together, and both are nail-biting corkers’. If you like the thrill of gangland Liverpool, dive in, this is perfection.


Caz Finlay

Caz Finlay lives in Liverpool with her husband, two children, and a grumpy dog named Bert. She has two BA Hons in Criminal Justice and Community Justice. A Probation Officer for fifteen years, Caz has always been fascinated by the psychology of human behaviour and the reasons people do the things they do. However, it was the loss of her son in 2016 which prompted her to rediscover her love of writing and write her first novel, The Boss. Caz is currently writing the sixth instalment in the Bad Blood series and is also the co-founder of Perfect Crime festival.

Twitter: @cjfinlaywriter

Traitor in the House: The brand new absolutely gripping and gritty gangland crime thriller set in Liverpool (Bad Blood, Book 5) by [Caz Finlay]

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