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The Rising Tide by [Sam Lloyd]



The news doesn’t strike cleanly, like a guillotine’s blade. Nothing so merciful. This news is a slovenly traveller, dragging its feet, gradually revealing its horrors. And it announces itself first with violence – the urgent hammering of fists on the front door.

Life can change in a heartbeat.

Lucy has everything she could wish for: a beautiful home high on the clifftops, a devoted husband and two beloved children.

Then one morning, time stops. Their family yacht is recovered, abandoned far out at sea. Lucy’s husband is nowhere to be found and as the seconds tick by, she begins to wonder – what if he was the one who took the boat? And if so, where is he now?

As a once-in-a-generation storm frustrates the rescue operation, Lucy pieces together what happened onboard. And then she makes a fresh discovery. One that plunges her into a nightmare more shocking than any she could ever have imagined . . .


The Rising Tide


Lucy and Daniel Locke are the perfect successful dream couple. Daniel had a tough start in life, but he had worked hard and had a successful business with his partner until recently. Lucy, an artist, has a constant flow of customers for her pictures where she can display and sell them at the Drift Net Cafe, that she manages. Lucy has two children, a teenage daughter Billie, who she had before she met Daniel, and Fin who is seven, Daniel’s son.

The family live on the top of the cliffs overlooking the harbour at Skentel on the Cornish coast. When Daniel’s boat, The Lazy Susan, is found drifting and Daniel is missing, Lucy is determined to go out and find him. The weather takes a turn for the worse with no chance of it improving soon. The sea is rough and threatening. Then things go downhill fast when a further horrific discovery is made.

What a terrific story this is! My emotions ran high as my feelings were all over the place as more of the story unfolded. One of my favourite characters was DI Abraham Rose. Rose, quite a religious man, was hiding his secret. He didn’t take what he saw and heard at face value, he had a lot of experience on the force and had a sense of knowing when something didn’t sit right. Nothing about this couple felt right. They weren’t reacting as they should.

The story has plenty of depth, terrible consequences and strength, that can only be gained, with fight or flight situations. I couldn’t help but feel involved as so many chapters took my breath, whilst others made me cry. I liked this iceberg story, which had far more going on under the surface than I first thought. Cracking characters and story.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd grew up in Hampshire, where he learned his love of storytelling. These days he lives in Surrey with his wife, three young sons and a dog that likes to howl. His debut thriller, The Memory Wood, was published to huge critical acclaim in 2020. This is his second thriller. 

The Rising Tide by [Sam Lloyd]

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