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Firstly I wish to thank Tracy Fenton, of Compulsive Readers, for inviting me on the Blog Tour for All the Fun of the Fair by Caroline Hulse

All the Fun of the Fair: A hilarious, brilliantly original coming-of-age story that will capture your heart by [Caroline Hulse]


The Fair is the only good thing that happens every year. And Fiona Larson is the only person in town who’s never been.

She’s pretended to go – but she’s never been allowed. Because, before Fiona was even born, her sister died there.

This year, everything will be different.

Fiona is about to turn twelve – older than her sister was. This summer, Fiona will save some money, make new friends, and finally have some fun at The Fair.

But what she’ll actually do is:
– Find a mysterious bag in a bush
– Spy on everyone
– Lose her only friend
– Make a lot of lists
– Learn the truth about what happened at The Fair…

Fresh and hilarious, All the Fun of the Fair is a deeply poignant coming-of-age novel from sensational talent Caroline Hulse.


All the Fun of the Fair


The story steps back into the 1990’s with eleven years old (almost twelve) Fiona making plans to go to the fair when it comes to town in a little over a month. There is a buzz in school, especially about the Waltzer and the young man that spins all the pretty girls in their cars as they giggle. Fiona longs to be one of them, but she has never been allowed to go because her sister Danielle had died there before Fiona was born.

The story is told by Fiona, as she makes endless lists all revolving around either the fair or finding out how her sister died. At eleven, her imagination is an explosion of possibilities. School isn’t easy for her as the ‘mean girls’ taunt her when all she wants to do is fit in. There are some lovely characters in the story. Lewis was another child left on the outside, and so they have each other. Fiona does try to be in charge most of the time. There is a sweet innocence about them that you know won’t last much longer.

Although Fiona lives in a three-bedroom house with her mum and dad, she has the smallest bedroom as Danielle’s bedroom is still a shrine to her. She only hears how perfect her sister had been. It is impossible to compete with someone that her mum can only remember the good things about her. I just wanted to take Fiona out of these pages to hug her and weep for her mum at the same time.

There are some brilliant lighter moments too, a find in the park and what follows had me laughing out at times. It is a story that winds around your heart from the first page. Talk about group hug stuff! Just brilliant.


Caroline Hulse

Caroline Hulse lives in Manchester with her husband and a small controlling dog.

She is the author of The Adults, Like a House on Fire, and All the Fun of the Fair.

Her books have been published in fourteen languages and optioned for television.

Twitter: @CarolineHulse1

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