The Way it Breaks by Polis Loizou @PolisLoizou @CLBPressUK #BookReview #TheWayItBreaks

The Way It Breaks by [Polis Loizou]


Orestis is a young man who refuses to accept his lot in life. He wants a better job, a toned body, his own place, a brighter future. On a night out, he bumps into an old school friend who lands him an interview at her father’s five-star hotel. Orestis feels he is finally on the path to success. That is, until he becomes acquainted with a high-end gigolo who draws him onto a different path – one that takes him to a wealthy Belarusian trophy wife named Darya. Before long, Orestis’ destiny drifts even further out of his control.

Set in Cyprus, THE WAY IT BREAKS is a modern tale about fate and free will; love and boundaries; and the value of a human being.


The Way It Breaks 


Orestis lived in Cyprus and worked for his uncle, who seemed to take Orestis for granted because he was family. He called Orestis to him and told him that yet again, he was cutting his wages as the business wasn’t making enough profit. You can only push someone so far, so when he bumps into an old school friend, she suggests that she can get him a job in her father’s hotel.

Orestis decides to take his life into his own hands he wants more than what is offered. As he works in the hotel, he has access to the pool and gym. His efforts are noticed, and before long he has a desirable body that is admired, but he is a while before he works out what is going on under his nose. He could be earning big money, but how much is he willing to sacrifice?

It is a story that slowly pulls you in, like the new life that Otestis is creating. I liked this young man who had begun seeing family values as being more important than anything else. He has an innocence about him that is endearing, probably the thing that made others attracted to him too. But how rich are you if you don’t own yourself?

This is a slow burn story that I found myself right in the middle of it before I realised. Well written it kept me wanting to know where all this could end up. The nearer to the end it got and the edgier I felt.

I wish to thank the publisher for a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.



Polis Loizou is a playwright, filmmaker, and performance storyteller. Born and raised in Cyprus, he moved to the UK in 2001. His debut novel, ‘Disbanded Kingdom’, was published by Cloud Lodge Books in 2018 and went on to be longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize. His short stories and creative non-fiction have been published in various anthologies. Having co-founded an award-winning theatre troupe, with which he has toured the UK festival circuit, Polis has delved deeper into the world of folk storytelling to per-form a couple of acclaimed solo shows. Polis currently lives in Nottingham with his husband and cats.

Twitter; @PolisLoizou

The Way It Breaks by [Polis Loizou]

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