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Throttled (The Quirk Files Book 2) by [A B Morgan]


Scott Fletcher is dead – his lifeless body in a pool of blood.

Sarah Holden’s life is turned upside-down the day she is discovered with her fiancé’s body next to the motorbike he’d been working on. She has blood on her hands, but the screams do not come.

If she didn’t kill him, then who did?

The answer seems too easy. The likely culprit too obvious.

With a dead husband and now dead fiancé, is Sarah just unlucky in love?

Peddyr and Connie Quirk, husband-and-wife private investigators, are brought in to unravel the tangle, prove Sarah’s innocence and find the true culprit. As they are about to discover, the truth is sometimes much more than skin deep.

Throttled is the second novel in the brilliant Quirk Files crime series, full of cleverly drawn characters, quirky humour and dark plot twists to leave you gasping for more.


Throttled (The Quirk Files Book 2)


I jumped up and down and clapped my hands when I saw that the Quirks were back in business in their second outing in this hopefully long series. This husband and wife team are the perfect pairing for this intriguing story, which has thrills, tension and laughable moments. Peddry is the frontman, but his wife Connie is just as much the star. Connie is impulsive, especially when she knows that she is onto something. It is like her caution catches up with her and goes into over driver about everything that could go wrong. She makes me as giddy as her.

From the first page of the story, I knew that this would be a one-sitting book and cringed at everything Sarah Holden did after discovering her fiancé’s dead body. I nodded my head at rapid speed, knowing that the reaction she had to what she saw was how I would behave. She laughed uncontrollably, which did not help her situation one bit. I had to laugh!

I could not take to Sarah, with her rose-coloured spectacles, where her dead fiancé Scott and spoilt annoying son Ryan was concerned, though I did feel sorry for the son. For someone who was used to getting his own way, Ryan was slow at realising just what a catch twenty-two situation he was in.

There weren’t many characters in the story that are nice but believe me, the Quirks make up for that. They dig that bit deeper, ask the prying questions that bit more and entertained me again page after page. Connie knows how to get the best from people, and she does it in style.

I enjoyed the background on the motorbikes, they hold a place in my past, which I treasure as one of the best times in my life. When the smell of them was mentioned, I could bring it to life in my mind.
It is a top story, brilliant characters, and the Quirks. I could not ask for more!

I wish to thank Hobeck Books for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


AB Morgan

Alison Morgan: A former mental health nurse, Alison sings along to the radio, argues with the TV, and chats to the dog. People are her inspiration and she watches them closely… all the while plotting a murder. Not that she would ever do such a thing, because she loves to laugh, eat sausages, paddle in the sea, ride a motorbike and banter with family and friends.

Her crime thrillers have a strong cast of characters helping to define the style and pace of each story inspired by her life, her career and her fascination with the extremes of human behaviour.

AB Morgan, critically acclaimed author of crime mystery and suspense, has been applauded for being ‘refreshingly different within the genre.’

Her latest series The Quirk Files is published by Hobeck Books.

Twitter @AliMorgan2304

Throttled (The Quirk Files Book 2) by [A B Morgan]

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