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Waking the Tiger by [Mark Wightman]


Singapore, 1939

A young Japanese woman is found dead on the dockside, her throat slashed

Inspector Maximo Betancourt is working a new beat, one he didn’t ask for. Following the disappearance of his wife, his life and career have fallen apart.

A distinctive tiger tattoo is the only clue to her identity

Once a rising star of Singapore CID, Betancourt has been relegated to the Marine Division, with tedious dockyard disputes and goods inspections among his new duties.

Who is she? And why are the authorities turning a blind eye?

But when a beautiful, unidentified Japanese woman is found murdered in the shadow of a warehouse owned by one of Singapore’s most powerful families, Betancourt defies orders and pursues those responsible. What he discovers will bring him into conflict with powerful enemies, and force him to face his personal demons.


Waking the Tiger


Set in 1939 Singapore, this story follows the life of Inspector Maximo Betancourt as well as the death of a young Japanese woman that the authorities had rapidly tried to sign off as a suicide. The woman had been discovered, at the docks, with her throat cut. Betancourt had recently been demoted because of personal reasons. If there were no family to fight for justice for this young woman, then he would.

Betancourt was fighting his demons and losing. He had lost his wife and couldn’t bear to lose his daughter more than he already had. For all his faults, I liked this man. He wasn’t a bad person, he had just made bad choices. Betancourt throws everything into finding out who had killed the Japanese woman and was soon rubbing people up the wrong way big style.

The story has layers that he strips away. I could not put this book down. They say every picture tells a story, and in this case, that is very true. The story goes up another gear, and it put my mind in a spin. What a story this turns out to be. Wow-what a round-up, there has to be more to come from Betancourt. Brilliant!

I wish to thank the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Mark Wightman

Mark Wightman was born in Edinburgh before growing up in the Far East, in Hong Kong and Singapore. The idea of writing a novel set in Singapore had lain, sown but ungerminated, for a long time. He particularly wanted to explore the elements of history that lay at the margins, where the recorded facts have either faded or been hidden. After a successful career in media technology, Mark completed a master’s degrees in Creative Writing, first at the University of Edinburgh, and then at the University of East Anglia, where he received a distinction for his debut novel Waking the Tiger. Mark was the winner of the Pitch Perfect event at the Bloody Scotland Crime Festival in 2017, also for Waking the Tiger, and was selected to be one of the seventeen UNESCO City of Literature Story Shop emerging writers at the 2017 Edinburgh International Book Festival. At Hobeck we feel honoured and privileged to be the publishers introducing Waking the Tiger to the reading world.

Twitter: @mark_wightman

Waking the Tiger by [Mark Wightman]

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