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Don't Let Him In by [Howard Linskey]


He’s always been there. Now he’s looking for you.

There have always been deaths in the small town of Eriston over the years – more than can easily be explained.

People dying in their houses, behind locked doors.

Sean Cole thought he’d spotted a pattern. Thought he was on the trail of a killer.

Now he’s dead too.

When his daughter Rebecca returns to the town, she realises that her father might have been onto something.

But can she find the murderer before he finds her?

Because if she can’t, her father’s shabby old Victorian house is no place to hide


Don’t Let Him In 


Oh boy, this is one of those books where you can be sitting with your back against the wall and still feel there is someone behind you. Howard Linskey has rapidly become a go-to author for me as he sets my imagination on fire and makes me feel and see everything that is going on.

I liked Rebecca, the main character in the story, who had returned to her home town after her father had died unexpectedly. When she was informed, that his death was suspicious, it throws into a whole new level of thinking. She has to know the truth.

The story jumps between Rebecca and the creepy killer of the townsfolk that hides in plain sight. Rebecca has a history with this town of growing up and taking a giant step, pushed by her parents, to go to college. It is strange for her to return to a place where time hasn’t stood still, and friends have moved on without her. She is, to put it bluntly, like a fish out of water.

The killer is one of the weirdest and creepy that I have come across in a while. My heart raced as I saw things through his eyes and felt what he felt, in the most terrifying way, helpless not knowing how far he would go. Here is one creepy sick dude and he wanted his prize and she had come back home.

A thrilling story enhanced even more as I live on my own. It is the perfect setting for reading this petrifying story.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have read honestly.


Howard Linskey

‘The Chosen Ones’ is the fourth book in a north-east, crime fiction series written by Howard Linskey for Penguin Random House, featuring journalists Tom Carney & Helen Norton with police detective Ian Bradshaw. The other titles in this series are ‘The Search’ ‘No Name Lane’ and ‘Behind Dead Eyes’. He is also the author of ‘Hunting the Hangman’ a historical thriller about the assassination of Nazi General Reinhard Heydrich in Prague during WW2.

His David Blake trilogy ‘The Drop’, ‘The Damage’ & ‘The Dead’ have been optioned for TV by Harry Potter producer, David Barron. They are published in the UK by No Exit Press, in Germany by Droemer Knaur and in the US by Harper Collins. The Times newspaper voted ‘The Drop’ one of its Top Five Thrillers of the Year and ‘The Damage’ one of its Top Summer Reads. Both books broke into the top five Amazon Kindle chart.

‘The Search’ was featured on CBS Reality true crime TV series ‘Written In Blood’ .

Originally from Ferryhill in County Durham, he now lives in Herts with his wife Alison and daughter Erin

Howard’s web site is

TWITTER: @HowardLinskey

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