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Kate trusts Della, and Della trusts Kate.
Their downfall is each other.

When Kate moves to London after the disappearance of her sister, she’s in need of a friend. A chance meeting leads Kate to Della, a life coach who runs support groups for young women, dubbed by Kate as ‘the Janes.’

Della takes a special interest in Kate, and Kate soon finds herself entangled in Della’s life – her house, her family, and her husband. It’s only when she realises that she’s in too deep that Della’s veneer begins to crumble, and the warnings from ‘the Janes’ begin to come true.

Why is Della so keen to keep Kate by her side? What does Kate have that Della might want? And what really lies beneath the surface of their friendship?

A twisty psychological thriller for fans of Louise Candlish and Harriet Tyce.

‘This twisty thriller is jam-packed with tense moments and a growing sense of unease’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

‘Dark, smart and classy’ GILLIAN MCALLISTER

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When an old school friend contacts Kate to tell her that she has seen Scarlett, Kates sister that disappeared fifteen years ago, she feels compelled to look for her. Once Scarlett had gone, it felt like the rest of the family could not move past it. Kate had only been ten at the time but had since suffered from depression. There had been a time when she had to stay in a psychiatric unit for a while. Kate did not want to raise her parents’ hopes, so had kept the sighting to herself. Kate moved to London to try and find Scarlett and got work there.

Della Hunter, a well-known life coach, had called into the cafe where Kate was working and suggested that Kate looked like she needed to talk to someone. Della invited her to join her ‘Janes group’ where women could open up to each other, without knowing their true identity. Kate soon felt a strong connection with Della, and a strange relationship began.

I thought that this book sounded good, but I was wrong. It was brilliant. I must admit to feeling quite smug thinking that I knew where this story was going, but I was PC Plod at the side of Sherlock Holmes, where solving this mystery was concerned.

The characters are transparent in so many ways, and yet we all play different roles to people and depending on who we are with determines the role we play. There are some great characters in this story that you see many sides too. It has its shocks and wow moments that I had to read again. I do like twisty chapters that take me by surprise, and this has more than its share.

A highly recommended read. Excellent story.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Charlotte Northedge

Charlotte Northedge is joint Head of Books for the Guardian. She has previously written for a range of newspapers and magazines, including the Guardian, Psychologies and Cosmopolitan.
She has an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature from Birkbeck and is an alumna of the Curtis Brown Creative writing course. The House Guest is her first novel.

Twitter: @charnorth

The House Guest: the latest gripping new debut psychological thriller with a twist that will keep you up all night by [Charlotte Northedge]

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