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Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece by [Conn Iggulden]



‘An epic piece of historical fiction, full of political intrigue and vivid action’ Robert Fabbri
‘Vivid, atmospheric, gritty . . . you’ll believe you’re on the battlefield fighting for your life’ 5***** Reader Review



Themistocles stands as an archon of Athens: the might of the city is his to command. Yet he is no nobleman, distrusted by many for his modest birthright.

For his presumption.

But those who stand against him cannot argue with two things: his victories as a warrior and the vast Persian force heading their way.

And so Themistocles must fight. To survive the game of politics, to make his name, he must prove himself again and again in battle. On the sea. On land. In the arena of public opinion.

His enemies are legion, his allies do not trust him and the Persians would corrupt him – but history belongs to the courageous . . .

‘Brings war in the ancient world to vividgritty and bloody life. I’m blown awayProtector stand alongside the best of Mary Renault – an epic with the learning of the classics‘ ANTHONY RICHES

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What an epic series this is! The story continues with three massive forces in history, the Greeks, the Persians’ and the Spartans. This chapter in history will determine the way that nations will be moulded. The balance of power is literally on a fine line. The Greeks were facing defeat from the Persians, as Athens is burnt to the ground, while they hide out on one of the islands and helplessly watch. Cimon, Xanthippus and Themistocles, takes on the impossible task to turn the tables, not on land but by sea.

The battle scenes are a work of art that comes alive in every detail. The vastness of the armies and the choreography of the battle plans that play out. The gruesome aftermath of the dead and dying, the smells of blood and body fluids. It is all brought to technicolour life. The impossible had happened in the battle, that should not be lost. Themistocles is like no one else, the square peg in a round hole. His battle skills are second to none, but he is not noble like the others.

I like the fact and fiction blend in these books. The way the author plucks out parts of history to give it a little theatrical flair because he is so darn good at it. From opening these books, I felt part of the different communities. I don’t know where the last book will take me, but this will take some topping. Superb, shocking and utterly gripping.

I wish to thank Net Galley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Conn Iggulden

Conn Iggulden is one of the most successful authors of historical fiction writing today. He has written three previous bestselling historical series, including Wars of the RosesDunstan is a stand-alone novel set in the red-blooded world of tenth-century England, and The Falcon of Sparta is a stand-alone in which Iggulden returns to the Ancient World. The Gates of Athens, his latest book, is first in the new Athenian series. –This text refers to the hardcover edition

Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece by [Conn Iggulden]

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