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I felt truly honoured to be invited to read and review Prince Philip’s Century 1921-2021 by Robert Jobson. Many thanks to Mel Sambells for a paperback copy of the book.


Prince Philip’s life and legacy. Read the new and definitive biography of the remarkable Duke of Edinburgh.

For decades Prince Philip shared the Queen’s burden of office without upstaging her, always privately providing reassurance and advice but never overstepping the boundaries of his supporting role. It was an unforgiving position – a challenge for anyone – but one that he met head on. He remained the Queen’s adviser and closest confidant and was known as such the world over. That said, he was wise enough to recognise his limitations and the constraints of his role. He always seemed to instinctively know when it was time to step back and let his wife take the lead. His job was, after all, to allow her star to shine.

Robert Jobson’s magnificent biography of the Duke of Edinburgh tells the full story of his remarkable life and achievements, and how, after his marriage in 1947 to Princess Elizabeth, this dedicated military man spent so much of his life dutifully supporting his wife. Though he created a role for himself as a determined moderniser and environmental campaigner, and through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, encouraged young people to reach their potential, it was perhaps his greatest achievement to have been a loyal husband and companion, and a loving father and grandfather


Prince Philip’s Century 1921-2021: The Extraordinary Life of the Duke of Edinburgh

prince philip duke of edinburgh biography


I felt emotional reading about Prince Philip’s life and what a remarkable life it has been. From the day he was born, Prince Philip has been a talking point for not conforming (he was born on the kitchen table). He has always been the one to stand out. I had to smile at his antics, which brought my memories back of him in the news.

I liked how the book was set out, and how it explained the family tree of Prince Philp. His life as a child was filled with tragic heart-breaking events that would later divide his family. He overcame so much and threw his life into the Navy, which he loved all of his life. He had ambitions, which, would never be fulfilled as he did his duty for Queen and Country.

This book isn’t a one-sided account of a perfect Prince it bears all, a word spoken out of place, confidences broken and at times errors of judgement. He was human and was in the constant eye of the press. You can bet that not every good deed appeared in the papers, but every wrong foot was, it sells more. This book gives a perfect balance of both. I did feel sorry for Prince Philip as it must have been hard to know who he could talk to without his opinions appearing as front-page news.

There are plenty of stories, about other members of the Royal family, he was quite a family man in his later years. It comes across that he was the healer in the family, trying to bring people back together or being there for them. Hurt was evident, he was not one to be crossed and would let it be known.

I can’t recommend this book enough, as it has touched me hugely. I have laughed and cried while reading the book. We have lost a tremendous man as a nation, I can’t imagine the loss his family and the Queen must feel.

I received a paperback edition of this book from the publisher but I also purchased the e-book.



Robert Jobson is one of Britain’s leading royal commentators, dubbed the ‘Godfather’ of royal reporting by the Wall Street Journal. He is Royal Editor of the Evening Standard and regularly appears on television as a royal expert. A best-selling author and award-winning correspondent, he has been at the forefront of royal reporting for a quarter of a century. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Twitter: @theroyaleditor

Prince Philip's Century 1921-2021: The Extraordinary Life of the Duke of Edinburgh by [Robert Jobson]

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