The Wolf Mile: An action-packed, historical fantasy adventure by C F Barrington @barrington_cf @HoZ_Books @AriesFiction #NetGalley #TheWolfMile #NewRelease

The Wolf Mile: An action-packed, historical fantasy adventure by [C.F. Barrington]


A forbidden contest. An international game.

Bankrolled by the world’s wealthy elite and followed by thousands online, two teams of warriors vie for dominance … and the streets of Edinburgh run with blood.

Into this secret struggle steps Tyler Maitland, seeking his lost sister, and Lana Cameron, grieving her dead child. When they are accosted by figures in black hoodies and each handed a silver amulet, they recognise the Triple Horn of Odin – the talisman of the Valhalla Horde.

They are being recruited into the great game known as The Pantheon. And one day they will change everything.

Now they must risk their lives and join the ranks of seven ancient warrior teams which inhabit this illicit world. Their journey will be more wondrous and horrifying than anything they could have dreamed, taking each of them to the depths of their souls … and testing them to breaking point as they search for loved ones and for the meaning in their lives.

Let the Season begin.

The Wolf Mile is a thrilling ride and a heck of a debut. C.F. Barrington knocks it out of the park’ MATTHEW HARFFY

The Wolf Mile blurs the boundary between fantasy and real life with authoritative panache. The moment you ask yourself if it could just be true, the story has you’ ANTHONY RICHES

The Wolf Mile had me hooked from the first page. Gripping and original – a terrific read!’ JOE HEAP


The Wolf Mile


Here is the first book in an exciting trilogy, that will be published between now and May 2022, so not a long drawn out wait. If the following two books are anything like this, it could well be a big-screen series, because someone will snap it up!

The story takes place around Edinburgh, where all the action happens. Everyday life is very similar to ours, but with one addition, The Pantheon Games, which occur in the city. A blind eye is turned, with authorities as huge betting is placed on which side will be victorious.

The story follows the life of Tyler Maitland, whose sister had disappeared some years before. When Tyler is abducted along with a group of others, they are told that they have been chosen to train for the games. They can walk away, but if they stay, they will have riches beyond their dreams. They are each given a silver amulet which has the Triple Horn of Odin. If they succeed through training, they will become part of the Valhalla Horde. Another character emerges as a key player through the story, Lana Cameron, she has her reasons for wanting to take part.

The story takes you through training of them before a couple of wild cards are thrown in. Now the story heats up. There is a lot of characters to remember, but believe me, they get thinned out as time goes on. You soon have your love them or hate them lists. Each chapter builds up for the battle that is coming.
There have already been some unexpected shocks at the games, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Roll on Book 2.

I wish to thank the author for inviting me to read and review his book via a Net Galley link and to the publisher for approving the e-book.


C.F. Barrington

The Wolf Mile is C F Barrington’s debut novel and the first instalment in the Pantheon series. It will be published by Aries Fiction in May 2021 and will be available in all good bookshops, as well as in e-book and audiobook formats. 

He was raised in Hertfordshire and now divides his time between Fife and the Lake District. Fell runner, beach wanderer, book devourer, tea addict, whisky explorer, dog dancer.

Twitter: @barrington_cf

The Wolf Mile: An action-packed, historical fantasy adventure by [C.F. Barrington]

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