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I wish to thank Zoe Farrell for inviting me on the blog tour for Amalie by E. J. Wood

AMALIE by [E.J. Wood]


It’s not wise to murder the family of a budding assassin. Created by Auschwitz, her skill is honed by revenge.
A very different type of serial killer is loose in 1950s Europe. In Britain, a Brotherhood of powerful men takes notice and enhances the expertise and artistry of a killer.
DCI John Owen was born to serve. Recruited by MI6, he tracks an accomplished executioner whose love of luxury and the arts is second only to the love of watching an early death come to those who truly deserve it.




There are sometimes debates on whether serial killers are born that way or if life creates them. Well, this one was created by things experienced and seen. The story begins in pre-war Germany and follows a family as they move from Germany to Brussels. Then the father returns to Britain but, the mother, son and daughter are sent to Auschwitz. The chimnies are belching out thick white smoke when they arrive by train, they will never see their mother again. To survive, they have to do things that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The story jumps quite quickly through the pre-war years and the time that they spend in Auschwitz until the day when the children have to choose, what to do as the war comes to a close. So many war criminals return to normal life, but what they did will never be forgotten. When relatives in the UK are found it means a new start for the child, who will live with a very wealthy uncle.

Now things become interesting, and money is no object. In Auschwitz, you learn quick, and now that knowledge could be put to the test. There was a lot of war criminal targets and an organisation to back getting even. There was only one problem, an ex DCI assigned to the new spate of killings John Owen, now working for MI6 and he is after the one named the executioner.

It is not a story for the faint-hearted as war criminals pay the price of their crimes in some very imaginative ways. The executioner is skilful and enjoys the work a little too much. It is a great cat and mouse game between them both, with banter galore. I instantly liked Owen, who works out of Stafford, ironically not far from me. That always makes it more interesting. You don’t have a lot to work out in this book, but the story is still brilliant.

I wish to thank the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


E.J. Wood is a thriller writer from England.
Although British born, she now resides in Spain, speaks English, and Spanish, and is currently learning German.

She has two English bulldogs, one of which she features in The Forgotten Man. Wood also has three cats, she rides a motorcycle, and is currently writing two more novels.

Twitter: @E_J_Wood



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