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The first book in a gripping new detective crime series.

The DMT detective agency is struggling when Beth Hilary, an attractive and wealthy widow, walks into the office. Her son Simon, a philosophy student, was found dead in his university lodgings, having apparently taken his own life. She wants answers that the police appear unable to provide.

Following a recommendation from a concerned friend, she asks William Twist, one of the partners at DMT, to look into the case. Twist has good reasons not to get involved, until Beth Hilary makes an offer that he is in no position to refuse.

But soon Twist is regretting his decision … and cursing the day Beth Hilary walked into his life.




The name of the book is the surname of one of the detectives who tackles the first case in this new series. William Twist is a partner in the DMT detective agency. He had been recommended by someone he knew to take on a new case and look into the suicide of a young man at university. The university is the one he went to himself.

What I found straight away was how different it was to a police investigation. The pace was slower, and there were more toing and froing between people he talked to. There are some strange characters in the story, as Simon, the young man that had died, resurrected with how different people saw him, and it was sad.

I liked how Twist had thought of his own past, at university, and how he had seen his lecturers when he had been there. He saw them in a different light now, many years later. I liked Twist. He is not someone that takes short cuts, although he does make a couple of very dodgy decisions. I feel that this is going to be a good series. It wasn’t the ending that I expected, a good solid story that kept me intrigued to what had really happened.

I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


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Mark Fowler writes detective fiction and psychological suspense.

His books include the popular Tyler and Mills crime series. RED IS THE COLOUR, set in 2002, was shortlisted for the 2018 Arnold Bennett Book Prize, and involves the discovery of a schoolboy missing since 1972. BLUE MURDER investigates a missing singer and his murdered guitarist. THE DEVIL WORE BLACK, the latest in the series, opens with the corpse of a crucified priest. All three books can be read as standalone crime mysteries.

Other books include SILVER, a dark psychological thriller about journalist and writer Nick Slater’s obsession with a strange, unpublished manuscript that a best-selling author was working on when she was murdered. SEXTET exposes the explosive rivalry between twin sisters, and the weird game they played as children, recently resurrected.

COFFIN MAKER finds Death being sent two strange apprentices as the devil arrives on Earth. THE MAN UPSTAIRS introduces hard boiled detective Frank Miller, who discovers he’s a fictional detective, his author plotting to kill him off and end the series


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57195750. sy475

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