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The Family Friend by [C. C. MacDonald]


Erin lives an idyllic life by the seaside with her baby boy and handsome Australian fiancée. She’s upbeat and happy – a natural mum. At least that’s what her thousands of followers on Instagram think.
In the real world, Erin is struggling with anxiety and finding it difficult to connect with her screaming son. So when a famous agent offers to make her the biggest instamum out there, she’s over the moon. And when Amanda, a family friend who’s visiting from Australia, says she’ll move in and babysit to help make it happen, it seems like the stars have finally aligned for Erin’s exciting new career.

But when a devastatingly revealing video is posted online by an anonymous troll, Erin’s brought crashing back to earth. As everything she’s worked for starts to slip away, Erin must find out how far she can trust those closest to her.


The Family Friend


So many people post their lives on the various internet platforms these days to get massive numbers of followers for their posts. Erin posted regularly on her Instagram account and was updating all of the time. The number of likes grew too, to the point that she now has full backing from an agent. Erin had grabbed it with both hands, knowing that the life she showed the world of the perfect little family doesn’t reflect her real life, but it would bring in much-needed cash for her. All she had to do was more of the same, loving pictures, tips and advice to other young mums.

Erin gained a troll, who it seemed was determined to ruin her and the relationship with her Fiancée, as pictures were posted online of when she was off guard and not coping. The frightening thing was that someone had got so close to her physically, someone she would know.

The story feels very current with today’s trends, but I loved that the author turned it into the worst possible scenario that could happen. At times it felt uneasy at how quickly people could turn on you.

It is so easy in the story to jump to a conclusion as there was more than one candidate that I could see doing this to her. The story at first seems quite cut and dry but it is much more than that. I thought that the author caught the stress and paranoid reactions perfectly. How can you trust anyone if something like this happens? I liked that ending.


C. C. MacDonald

I’m a novelist, playwright, screenwriter and actor. I live in Margate, AKA Shoreditch-on-Sea, with my wife, two small children and a co-dependent cockapoo called Frankie.

The Family Friend by [C. C. MacDonald]

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