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ELVIS and the STONE PHILOSOPHERS by [Kramer Wolf]


On Planet Stone the Fat Professors have banned laughter. But during one of Professor Walton Flowers’ pompous sermons, Elvis, the rebel genius, and brightest star of the Stone Academy, gets the biggest laugh ever.

Exiled to Earth, Elvis takes Flowers with him. But in no time the Professor is implementing his evil philosophy. Elvis sets up secret Laughter Dens to keep the gift alive, and save Earth from becoming as humourless as Stone.

Then one day a message arrives. A Fat Professor far more terrible than Flowers is destroying Stone. Can Elvis find a way to get back home in time to save his family, his friends, and all he loves?




This is the first in a new series of books by this author, aimed at age eight years upwards. The story is set around breaking wind, farting and trying not to laugh, so I am sure it will make for hilarious reading for this age group. Set on the planet Stone laughter has been banned but as the sounds of laughter die around Stone Academy amongst its pupils one young man has to let one zip!

Elvis is the star of this story. His punishment, for breaking the new rule is banishment to Earth. As he is exiled, he grabs on to Professor Flowers, so he is sent there as well. Earth is worse off for having them here, and planet Stone is going down the pan because they have left! If the pair of them were to make this right, they have to work together.

Now there is more ‘wind’ in this story then a tornado in the Wizard of Oz and getting home isn’t going to be just a matter of clicking their heels for the pair. I had got right into this story and the potty mouth suggestions. It makes for a super read with villans that sometimes need pulling back on track and heroes that can trump the best!

 I hope to see much more real soon. I wish to thank the author for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Kramer Wolf writes wild and strange and funny stories for young people, children and adults aged 8 to 108. Grab a copy, pull up a chair, and let the fun begin.

ELVIS and the STONE PHILOSOPHERS by [Kramer Wolf]

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