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Firstly I wish to thank Michelle Fitzgerald at FSB Associates for inviting me to read and review this book.

Primal Calling by [Barry Eisenberg]


While rummaging through the attic, high school senior, Jack Davies, is surprised to find his never-before-seen birth certificate, revealing a startling bit of information that changes his life. The story his mother told about his birth, he discovers, is revealed to be a lie, shattering long-held beliefs and the trust he had for her. Jack becomes obsessed with discovering the truth, leading him down a dangerous path. Faced with unanswered questions and confounding obstacles at every turn, Jack finds himself deeply enmeshed in an intricate world of national security and international intrigue. Relationships are tested as his every move is tracked by a group of mysterious people. Who are they? Whose side are they on? Who can he trust? And, most importantly, who will he ultimately become?


Jack is a confident high school senior who has a great relationship with his mum until he discovers his birth certificate. Jack’s world went into an almighty spin as he secretly decided to trace his biological father down. It isn’t your run of the mill story of tracking down a parent, this story is the one in a million, frustrating and dangerous step into the unknown. It isn’t just dangerous for him and the father he never knew he had but for countless others too.

This story strips relationships and emotions back to raw nerve endings that manipulate and distort feelings to something more primal. He had once asked a question about who his father was and been answered and accepted it. But now he was angry that his life had been a lie. He had to find out who his dad was and he had some leads to go on.

Jack is more mature than his years, I liked his character and felt that the author captured his reaction to events in a realistic way. Lisa, Jack’s mum, had always known that these events were a ticking time bomb but, the story gets across how one lie leads to another, even with good intentions, until time runs out.

I liked how this story didn’t follow the expected route and took on a more thrilling conclusion. All in all, this is a story that will keep your interest from the first to the last page.


Primal Calling


Barry Eisenberg is an associate professor of health care management in the School for Graduate Studies at the State University of New York Empire State College, a health care management consultant and a former hospital administrator. He and his wife, Amy, live in New Jersey. They have three grown children and one grandson. Primal Calling is his first novel.

Primal Calling by [Barry Eisenberg]

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