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Firstly I wish to thank Rebecca Collins of Hobeck Books for inviting me to read and review Over Her Dead Body (The Quirk Files Book 1) by A.B. Morgan

Over Her Dead Body (The Quirk Files Book 1) by [A B Morgan]


Gabby Dixon is dead. That’s news to her…

Recently divorced and bereaved, Gabby Dixon is trying to start a new chapter in her life.

As her new life begins, it ends. On paper at least.

But Gabby is still very much alive. As a woman who likes to be in control, this situation is deeply unsettling.

She has two crucial questions: who would want her dead, and why?

Enter Peddyr and Connie Quirk. husband-and-wife private investigators. Gabby needs their help to find out who is behind her sudden death.

The truth is a lot more sinister than a simple case of stolen identity.

Over Her Dead Body is a ‘what if’ tale full of brilliantly drawn characters, quirky humour and dark plot twists.


Over Her Dead Body


Gabby had been all set to start her new life after her mother had recently died and her marriage had ended. The plan, was to buy her sister out of her half of the house, they had been left from their mother, using the money from her divorce settlement. But things went downhill quickly when the bank put a stop on her account.

Gabby was dead, or so the bank had been informed, then her whole life crumbled as everywhere else that could confirm her identity followed suit. Her life became impossible to live as a registered dead person. It wasn’t as easy as just ringing people up and saying she was alive. Someone had gone to great lengths to do this, but why?

Entre this dynamic duo of Private Investigators, husband and wife Peddyr and Connie Quirk. They were Quirk by name and quirky by nature. I took to them immediately and loved watching the real them come out when they were alone. The story fascinated me as layer after layer, was peeled away, before I could fully understand everything.

The story doesn’t race away, it is one of discovery looking back as well as looking forward and connecting the dots to make a full picture. I got more than I bargained for. What a conclusion. I am, looking forward to more of The Quirk Files again soon.

I wish to thank the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


AB Morgan

Alison Morgan: A former mental health nurse, country bumpkin at heart, married to a hairy biker, fascinated by words, loves live music and she has an innate ability to make people smile and laugh.

Her crime thrillers have a strong cast of characters helping to define the style and pace of each story inspired by her life, her career and her fascination with the extremes of human behaviour.

AB Morgan, critically acclaimed author of crime mystery and suspense, has been applauded for being refreshingly different within the genre.

Her latest series The Quirk Files is published by Hobeck Books.

Twitter: @AliMorgan2304


Over Her Dead Body (The Quirk Files Book 1) by [A B Morgan]

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