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Twenty Years a Stranger (The Stranger Series Book 1) by [Deborah Twelves]


Is it possible for anyone to really know another person?

That is the question Grace King must ask herself when she receives an email informing her that the man she has been married to for the last twenty years is an accomplished con-man, leading multiple lives with at least four different women. Worse still, she learns he has children with these women, but Daniel always told Grace he didn’t want children…

In a split second, Grace’s world is torn apart. She is forced to face up to the fact that her marriage is a sham and the enviable lifestyle she enjoyed with Daniel was all based on lies and deceit. With Daniel suddenly threatening to go bankrupt, Grace decides to turn amateur detective in an attempt to salvage anything she can from her old life and avoid financial as well as emotional ruin, but can she cope with what she finds out?  

As increasingly disturbing secrets about Daniel emerge, events spiral out of control and Grace begins to see just how far he is prepared to go to protect those secrets. A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues, but it is clear there can only ever be one winner. Pushed to breaking point, Grace is about to discover what she is truly capable of.

Everyone has choices and those choices always have consequences.

Based on true events, this compelling story is filled with twists and turns and sadness and laughter that will keep readers gripped until the very last moment.


Twenty Years a Stranger (The Stranger Series Book 1) 


Here is an incredible story where fact and fiction blend to perfection, so what I got was a book that went everywhere with me throughout the day until I reached the end. I closed the book and just said three words. OMG!

Grace is the central character in the story she, seems to have everything, a glamorous lifestyle, fabulous holidays, cars and houses, but it all had its price. Daniel worked long hours and had to travel such a lot, leaving her on her own. He had been adamant that he didn’t want children even though Grace had longed for a child.

Grace had been married for twenty years to Daniel when she got an e-mail from another woman. So many things made sense now to her, but one betrayal hit her much harder than the rest. It was game on Grace was determined that she wouldn’t lose everything.

The story has a brilliant build-up with chapters devoted to different prominent characters in the story, their thoughts and that of the ‘man’ in their lives. The women are all very different from each other, some slim, others curvy but the thing they had in common was being compliant in the bedroom. I particularly enjoyed the unpicking of Daniel and what made him tick. I must say here though that some of the images I have created are now firmly fixed in my mind, which are causing random outbursts of laughing.

The story moves to a darker side which made me sit up. What a tremendous build-up there is in this book, the tension grows and grows. Great writing. Awesome ending. Bring on book 2!


Deborah Twelves

Twenty Years a Stranger is my debut novel and I am proud to share it with you. This book is very personal to me, being based on true events in my own life, and I would love to know what you think of it.
A little bit about me…
I was born in England in the Yorkshire town of Sheffield, but grew up from the age of four in the village of Ponteland, near Newcastle upon Tyne, with my mum, dad and brother. I studied French and Spanish at Edinburgh University, then taught languages for a number of years, living in France, Spain and Northern Quebec, as well as various parts of the UK. I now divide my time between my beach-front home in Pwllheli, on the idyllic Llyn Peninsula of North Wales and my family home in the equally stunning county of Northumberland.
I have always loved travelling (Thursday’s child has far to go) and my recent role as translator/interpreter with Bespoke Rallies has given me the opportunity to visit some amazing locations such as Madagascar in 2019, which inspired the setting for my next novel Ghost of a Stranger, coming soon. I am looking forward to the Amazon Adventure in 2021 and maybe more ideas for future books!
I adore my animals and have a black Labrador called Nala and a black Lusitano horse called Recurso (Ric), who are my pride and joy.
I began sailing at an early age with my father at Sunderland Yacht Club and it remains my great passion, particularly the racing. I am a fan of all water sports and am also a keen skier. In quieter moments I enjoy playing the piano.
I have written a number of articles for the sailing press over the years, but have always aspired to write a novel of my own. When events in my own life took a particularly shocking turn, I suddenly found myself with the inspiration to do just that! How true the saying that everything happens for a reason!

Twitter: @Deborah_Twelves

Twenty Years a Stranger (The Stranger Series Book 1) by [Deborah Twelves]

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