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Firstly I wish to thank Fern Lindsey-Tolley of Lion Hudson Ltd for inviting me on the blog tour for The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson by Lauren H Brandenburg

The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson by [Lauren H Brandenburg]


‘I was completely charmed by The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson. What a marvelous sequel to The Death of Mungo Blackwell. Lauren is a refreshing, talented storyteller. She’s an author I’ve added to my favorites list.’ Rachel Hauck, NYTimes Bestselling Author

Roy Blackwell has proposed to Margarette Toft. A controversial decision given their families are sworn enemies!
Soon Coraloo’s feuding clans are competing to organize events for the most talked about wedding of the year… and glorious chaos ensues! But as the depth of the two families’ animosity becomes clear, Roy and Margarette’s relationship begins to falter.
Then Roy unearths a town secret involving the mysterious marriage of Innis Wilkinson and a murder. Parallels between the past and present rock the couple even further.
But, as the whole truth comes to light, Roy and Margarette learn more than they could have imagined about love, family, and finding a place in the world.
Heart-warming and charming, The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson will inspire joy and laughter.


The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson


Coraloo is a place that seems trapped in its own little time warp. A place where it follows its own fashions and traditions to the letter. A place where the world seems to pass it by without even realising its existence. They say that there are two sides to every story and well there are definitely two sides to this strange and fascinating place, the Tofts’ and the Blackwells worlds are about to collide.

Although this is the second book in this series, I am coming to the story from book two, although I certainly didn’t feel like I shouldn’t be there. Roy Blackwell, Coraloo’s only law enforcement officer has fallen in love with Margarette Toft, who teaches the children of Coraloo and they are planning to marry. The two feuding sides certainly don’t want the pair to marry but at the same time neither wants to be outdone by the other. So let the antics begin!

There I was reading chapter after chapter while flipping back to the title wondering where Innis Wilkinson would fit into the mix, I was a little while in finding out and it still makes me smile thinking about her own story. The characters are quirky and unforgettable and loved the beauty parlour where snippets of gossip would outweigh a bad hair cut any day.

Lauren H Brandenburg weaves an unforgettable story within a story and it felt like I was transported back to the days of fairy tales of true love. It was magical. Loved the end and hope to return to this place again soon.


Lauren H. Brandenburg

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lauren H. Brandenburg is a mentor, speaker, and author who happily blurs the lines between traditional genres in both middle grade and humorous family fiction. She has currently written six of the ten books in her middle grade series The Books of the Gardener. The Death of Mungo Blackwell, a humorous family fiction(Lion Hudson, 2019) is a finalist for the People’s Book Prize in the United Kingdom as
well as a finalist for the Carol Award in contemporary fiction. Lauren is a former junior high and high school English teacher who stepped away from her profession to raise and homeschool her two children. She currently lives with her husband, Jamie, and their children in a lovely little town just south of Nashville, Tennessee where they eat and
laugh a lot.

Twitter: @LHBrandenburg

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