Two Murders Too Many by Bluette Matthey @HardyDurkin #BookReview #NewRelease

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Barn burning in a sleepy farming community is a serious enough matter, but a grisly murder or two in a small midwest town is a showstopper. Throw in a serial blackmailer who has his claws in some of the town’s leading citizens and you have one big recipe for disaster. Charlie Simmons, newly sworn in as Shannon’s policeman, takes on the challenge of investigating this cauldron of crimes in stride, untangling one thread after another from the fabric of the town of Shannon to find the simple truth.


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Two Murders Too Man is a step away from the Hardy Durkin series and opens in a small mid-west town as the first few chapters set the scene and introduce the new characters. The town is a place where everyone knows everybody and their business but someone knows more than they should. When a barn burns down, a woman goes missing and a body is discovered the towns police department becomes a hive of activity and the key players begin to stand out of the story.

Charlie Simmons steps up to the mark as he begins to dig into the town’s folk affairs. I really took to Charlie who doesn’t take things at face value, he is methodical, trusted and doesn’t jump to conclusions. The story is set in the 1950’s so it is a more hands-on type of policing than today. There is a lot of leg work and treks to farms, banks and dropping in on people. Not everything is done strictly by the book but results are gotten.

The momentum builds gradually throughout the story and the real detective work began with me as well as Charlie. I love a book that develops into a whodunnit for me to get involved with too. There are some shocking discoveries and a brilliant ending after I thought that it was all winding up. It certainly spiked my adrenalin. I really enjoyed this book and I hope to see more of these characters in the future.


Bluette Matthey is a third-generation Swiss American, an avid lover of Europe and its cultures, and a keen reader of mysteries. Her love of travel is shared by her husband, who formerly owned a tour outfitter business in Europe. Bluette maintains a mental list of hikes and pilgrimages she still wants to do throughout Europe. She currently lives in Beziers, France, with her husband and pair of loving cats.


Twitter: @HardyDurkin

55202045. sy475

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