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Firstly I wish to thank Amber Choudhary of Midas Public Relations for inviting me on the Blog Tour for Whispers in the Shadows (Black Winter #3) by Darcy Coates


This propulsive, suspenseful series is:Perfect for fans of V.C. Andrews and Peng ShepardFor lovers of horror and paranormal thrillers

The mist is full of evil things–dark, twisted beings that think only of their own hunger–but Clare has clawed her way through. She and Dorran are alive against all odds, though relief is only temporary. Dorran is sick, and declining fast. The only way to save him lies in the mysterious Evandale Research Station, supposedly one of the few remaining places safe from the predators that lurk in the shadows. But the station is a three days’ journey away, and it’s unlikely their small group can endure that long out in the dark.

Because the danger they’re facing comes not only from the ravenous hollow ones… but from each other.

This terrible new world has left scars, and the people left behind in it are nearly unrecognizable. As Clare fights to protect her ragtag family, she begins to realize a horrible truth: not everyone can be saved. And sometimes the worst monsters wear a human smile.


Whispers in the Mist (Black Winter Book 3)


The story continues seamlessly as the third book in this series begins. Clare has the two people she loves and cares about back in her life but things are anything but smooth. Beth seems to take an instant dislike to Dorran, while Dorran’s mind and body are fighting the effects of Ezra’s scientific experiment on him.

When Clare discovers she has something that could play a vital role in bringing this nightmare to an end, decisions have to be made that will divide the trio as loyalties are tested. Clare holds the deciding vote as to where the three of them should go. From woods to shopping malls, from shopping malls to freeways the action never stops!

I am loving this series and although for half the book there are only 3 main characters in the story it is heart-pounding perfection with new obstacles to overcome every mile of the way. The transport that Beth has acquired is pretty cool and perfect to get through any obstacle that is in its way. The new scenarios are riveting with some of the apocalyptic abominations evolving into more than just mindless creatures.

Every page brings new dangers so letting their guard down is costly. There are shocking reveals, heart-breaking choices and fist in the air moments with even the smallest victory. The first half of this book is awesome the second half inspiring. The second half of the book puts the main characters in new situations again, loved this part of the book.

The author has developed her main characters superbly, just how far they have come and the survival skills they have acquired show dramatically with the comparison to others in the second half of the story. A cracking end ready for book four to bring this amazing series to a closure. I can’t wait!

I wish to thank Midas pr for a copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Darcy is the USA Today Bestselling author of Hunted, The Haunting of Ashburn House, Craven Manor, and more than a dozen horror and suspense titles.

She lives on the Central Coast of Australia with her family, cats, and a garden full of herbs and vegetables.

Darcy loves forests, especially old-growth forests where the trees dwarf anyone who steps between them. Wherever she lives, she tries to have a mountain range close by.

Twitter: @darcyauthor


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