The Dogs of Lamu and The China Twelve (#Book3) by Raoul Morris #BookReview #ScienceFiction #CrimeThriller #KindleUnlimited

The Dogs of Lamu and The China 12 by [Raoul Morris]


Another job and the China 12 are vulnerable. The last two months have taken their toll, old ops gone, new ops not embedded, friends still in hospital. The unknown is still out there, defeated, not likely, planning their next move, certainly. Nothing to do but go forward toward the sound of gunfire.
Non stop story, in a world revealed to have changed forever.


The Dogs of Lamu and The China 12


This is one sensational series of thrills, chases and outwitting people that could be trusted not long ago. The story literally continues as if there has been a page turn from the end of book two. I must say now that it isn’t a story you can come in on in this third book, you have to read the whole series to understand the complexity of the stories and characters. There is a lot to get your head around but believe me, it is more than worthy of your time.

The books are set a few years from now, which gives the author licence to make some pretty cool scientific advances, non more than an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) called Julia, who is functioning, unknown to others, quite contentedly in the mind of Milo. Milo can see Julia and have full-blown conversations with her in his head, which makes for some quite funny situations. Milo is a top character in the series for me and between him and his now constant companion, just entertained like the best of partnership’s that I have ever read about before.

Different sections of the book follow characters as they try to make their way to safe havens, while others still live lies and play both sides. After all, would you trust someone who betrays their friends? Old friends and colleagues become deadly enemies, while battles for power on a larger scale smoulder through the book. You realise that no-one is safe, everything has a price.

I was wowed by the ending but obviously cannot disclose it. This is something to be experienced. I read then re-read again the last few chapters as I was numbed. Just Brilliant!


Raoul Morris

Raoul, of Irish, French, American, Spanish and Scots origin, grew up on the mean streets of Dublin, (not very mean). He has lived in eight different cities on three different continents and currently lives in Canterbury UK. He has an abiding love of history and an ongoing affair with science and science fiction, but, more than anything, loves stories.

Raoul has worked as a screenwriter and filmmaker, in theatre as a lighting designer and in restaurants as a cook and dishwasher, (not at the same time).


Author Page:

Twitter: @ThreeHeadsInc


Brancusi's Head and the China 12

Brancusi’s Head and the China 12

A Sao Paulo Samba and the China 12: A different kind of detective

A Sao Paulo Samba and the China 12: A different kind of detective

The Dogs of Lamu and The China 12 by [Raoul Morris]

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