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Tales from the Red Sun Village: Volume 1 by [Mark Swaine]


The legendary warrior Kamui Li visits the people of a settlement in the badlands of Purgatoria. In a bid to build morale, the dangerous Samurai recounts three campfire stories to the nervous people of the village to help them overcome their fears of this dangerous new world.

The Midnight Foot Masseuse
A down on his luck chef encounters a demon living under his bed, a demon with a penchant for giving foot massages that somehow improves his life, but at what cost.

Plus a Few Upgrades
A tech savvy girl purchases a cursed videogame console from a car boot sale, and now she’s in the fight for her life whilst avenging her brother’s.

The Child’s Ward
A monster seeks weapons of mental mass destruction as an ignorant teen keeps vigil over a sick infant in the children’s ward of a hospital.


Tales from the Red Sun Village: Volume 1


I couldn’t help but be drawn in with these campfire stories, the curtains drawn and a drink at my side, I felt like I was there listening with the people from the village as the master of storytellers shared his tales.

Mark Swaine is a new author to me and I hope to many more readers too very soon. He creates the perfect setting and makes it all very visual, I felt part of this very special group of people waiting on his every word. Three stories, all very different and unique, it was like entering the twilight zone of bizarre weirdness that kept me transfixed to the unbelievable, but only because it hadn’t happened yet……

I won’t go into the stories as there is enough in the blurb to make you want to know more without giving too much away. The stories are all unique with unsuspecting victims and heroes in each one. You won’t always find a happy ending and some could have more to come but what I can tell you is that I gripped onto every sentence and wanted more.

I can’t even pick out the best story, each is so different and equally entertaining. One did make me laugh though and ashamedly it was at someone’s demise. I won’t ever to be able to see kebab meat again without thinking of a certain gentleman. (Gentleman is a loose term here)

The author says this book took many years to perfect, I do hope he can publish Volume 2 real soon though. I am hooked and need more!

Highly recommended!


Mark Swaine Swaine

Mark Swaine (1979) was born in Blackpool, England to Glynis Lawford, a hard working social worker and Arthur Swaine. Mark grew up in Rochdale, Lancashire and moved to Spain, Cadiz in 1999 and lived there for eleven years whilst working across the border in Gibraltar working various barman and Construction jobs. Mark eventually moved to Gibraltar to live with his fiancé, where he lives happily with his large family.

He had his first short story/poem published in the local paper ‘The Rochdale Observer’ at the age of ten and wrote short stories in his spare time. In 2004 he bought his first laptop and began work on his first (as yet unpublished) book ‘Legend of the Red Sun Village: Day of the Dead’. In 2011 he began writing solidly for six years until finally publishing his first book in an intended trilogy ‘Legend of the Red Sun Village’ 28th January 2016.

His second book in his long planned epic saga ‘Legend of the Red Sun Village: The Crenshaw Serpent’ was published on 25th July 2016. His third book ‘Legend of the Red Sun Village: Interpol and the Public Enemy of Diyu’ was released on 24th July 2017. Taking a break from the main story of the Legend of the Red Sun Village, Mark is now focussing on writing short stories set in the legend of the Red Sun Village mythology. The first in a planned volume of short stories ‘Tales from the Red Sun Village Vol.1’ was released on 30th May 2020 with many more planned. Hopefully one day when he has a few more marbles rolling around his head he’ll be able to finish his epic saga Legend of the Red Sun Village’.

Tales from the Red Sun Village: Volume 1 by [Mark Swaine]

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