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Firstly I wish to thank Michelle Fitzgerald at FSB Associates’ for inviting me to read and review the Winter of the Wolf by Martha Hunt Handler.


A tragic mystery blending detective work & spirituality. An exploration in grief, suicide, spiritualism, and Inuit culture, Winter of the Wolf follows Bean as she searches for the truth of her brother Sam’s “”suicide.”” Unconvinced her loving brother could commit such an act without warning, Bean pulls herself from her grief to become a part-time detective and shaman. With assistance from her friend Julie, Bean retraces Sam’s steps and delves into his Inuit beliefs, seeking clues from beyond material understanding. Both tragic and heart-warming, this twisting young adult novel will not only have readers diving deep into the customs of native peoples, but also gaining a greater understanding of the effects of suicide and loss. Bean is an empathetic and driven fifteen-year-old who readers will quickly gravitate toward and follow as she struggles with family tragedy, high school drama, and understanding the people around her. Through Bean’s eyes, Winter of the Wolf urges readers to seek out the truth-no matter how painful-in order to see the full picture. An environmentalist and award-winning author, Martha Handler has brought together two important pieces of her life-the death of her best friend’s son and her work as president of the Wolf Conservation Centre-to craft an empathetic and powerful story with undeniable messages. Martha’s passionate debut novel will capture the hearts of a young audience.


Winter of the Wolf


This book can be read in a few hours but it will be one that imprints itself in your mind and doesn’t go away. I love to read something that is different, something that stands out from the crowd, yet I can still connect with at my level. This is such a book.

Bean, the only daughter in the household and youngest child at 15 years old, is the central character of the story. You could say it isn’t about her it is about her brother Sam but is it a journey of discovery as she finds a Sam she didn’t know. We are after all unique to everyone in every relationship we have with them. We all have numerous personalities.

Bean and Sam have a very special connection between them that they don’t have with their older two brothers. In fact, the closeness they have is rare between siblings to this degree. Sam is at one with nature and practices Inuit Cultural ways. He really knows how to work the system at home too and can wiggle his way out of most situations if dealt with by his mother. His father is much stricter.

After a really bad day where everything that can go wrong does, Sam is found dead in his bedroom and it is put down to suicide, something that his sister Bean cannot accept.

Bean has her own journey of discovery in this story. I loved her character and the way she went about hunting down the truth, especially respecting her brother’s beliefs and ways. I was fascinated with the Inuit Culture as she used her own knowledge he had taught her and discovered paths she never thought she would need. The author joins nature and the old ways of the tribes combined with good old investigating to get to the truth.

This is a heartfelt read, at times I felt helpless and sad myself but it is so much more. It is about moving on and finding peace with yourself and others. Beautifully written.

I wish to thank Michelle Fitzgerald of FSB Associates and NetGalley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Martha Hunt Handler

Martha Hunt Handler grew up dreaming of wolves and has always understood that her role in this lifetime is to tell stories and be a voice for nature. She has been an environmental consultant, a magazine columnist, an actress, and a polar explorer, among other occupations. When she and her four children relocat

Red from Los Angeles to New York more than twenty years ago she began to literally hear the howls of wolves. This marked the beginning of her work advocating on behalf of wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center ( Winter of the Wolf is Martha’s debut novel.

You can learn more about her at

Facebook at Martha Hunt Handler

Instagram at @marthahunthandler.

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