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I am delighted to re-share my review with you today to celebrate the publication of the PAPERBACK edition of Something to Live For by Richard Roper.


‘A perfect, quirky summer page-turner. A life-affirming debut’ The Sunday Times
‘Funny, moving and thought-provoking – I loved this’ Clare Mackintosh
‘If you loved Eleanor Oliphant, try this brilliant new read’ Fabulous



Everybody likes Andrew. But they don’t really know him.

They know what he’s told them – that he’s happily married with two kids. Living the kind of life that’s either so boring it’s true, or so perfect it’s a lie . . .


Peggy arrives in Andrew’s life in a burst of kindness and possibility. For the first time in ages, Andrew feels alive again. So now that he has everything to lose, can he risk it all and tell Peggy the truth?

A big-hearted story about love, loneliness, and the importance of taking a chance when we feel we have the most to lose.


Published by Orion Fiction on 23 July 2020

in paperback £7.99, eBook £4.99 and audio £19.99

Something to Live For: If you loved Eleanor Oliphant, try this brilliant new read: the most uplifting, funny and feel-good novel of the year!


This is one gem of a find, that will take you on a journey of the life Andrew would love to be living, which is far from his reality.

In a moment of madness, Andrew went from being a lonely 42-year-old man living on his own to a successful family man with a beautiful career wife, two adorable children and even a dog. It was just chit-chat at an interview, where he never thought he would be successful enough to get the job in question. But that friendly get you relaxed chatter took him off guard and well made him a hit with his now new boss! The pretense had to continue, it was simply too late to say there were no wife, kids or dog.

Andrew took his work role so serious, he was the person that had to go to the former homes of anyone found dead, dig round in their belongings and past to see if there were any life policies, bank accounts, hidden money or long lost relatives that could cover the cost of a funeral. He did it sensitively after all this could be him one day.

Wow! wow! wow! this story really gets under your skin! It kind of exaggerates even more Andrew’s loneliness and makes his life even more empty because of the family he has created. I could feel his love for them grow the more it went on. The lives that he would have wanted for his children and wife. Then someone new arrives at work.

This story knocked the wind out of me, made me sad, made me laugh and made me think about what is important in life. It may sound funny to start with but it really goes much deeper. What a crazy and wonderful character Andrew is, too scared to live and have a real life because of his past. There is certainly a coldness between him and his estranged sister, which just doesn’t make sense at first because he is a caring man. When a whirlwind, in the form of a new work colleague, comes into his life it could be the ruin of him and his made-up family or the end of the rainbow he really deserves.

Beautifully written and heartfelt. Highly recommended.


Richard Roper

Picture the scene. It’s Monday morning and you’re making a cup of tea when someone casually asks how your weekend was.

‘Oh, I just had a quiet one,’ you’ll say, because the truth was you spent the last 48 hours eating crisps and performing Torvill and Dean’s Bolero routine with your confused cat. What I’m trying to say is that we all tell white lies. Unfortunately for Andrew, the protagonist of this book, his has got rather out of hand, leaving him with a choice: stay where he is – lonely, unfulfilled, but comfortable – or tell the truth and risk his life falling apart for a chance to be happy.

Andrew’s story is inspired by an article about the council workers who deal with situations when someone dies alone. Their days are spent sifting through the ephemera of those who’ve slipped through the cracks. While the council workers are required to make funeral arrangements, they are under no obligation to attend them. Yet they do, sometimes dozens a year, just to make sure at least someone is there. Sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most meaningful.

This is Andrew’s story. I hope you like it.

Twitter: @richardroper

Something to Live For: If you loved Eleanor Oliphant, try this brilliant new read: the most uplifting, funny and feel-good novel of the year! by [Richard Roper]

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