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Night Falls, Still Missing by [Helen Callaghan]



On a cold, windswept night, Fiona arrives on a tiny, isolated island in Orkney.

She accepted her old friend’s invitation with some trepidation – her relationship with Madison has never been plain sailing.

But when she approaches Madison’s cottage, the windows are dark. The place has been stripped bare. No one knows where Madison has gone.

As Fiona tries to find out where Madison has vanished to, she begins to unravel a web of lies.

Madison didn’t live the life she claimed to.

And now Fiona’s own life is in danger . . .


Night Falls, Still Missing


This is one of those creepy gets under you skin reads. When Fiona travels from Cambridge to Orkney after receiving a phone call from her best friend Madison saying that she needs her, she isn’t there to meet her when she gets there. When Fiona makes her own way to the cottage where Madison is supposed to be staying, no-one is there. Fiona is becoming pretty angry at this point. It is dark and cold then she finds the door is unlocked and goes in. Madison has been working on an archaeological dig with a very prestigious team and it seems that they thought she was ill not missing.

Now there is more than a couple of strange characters on this island, from people that own the cottage to the team that Madison worked with. Throw in a court order against a very unsavoury ex-boyfriend that turns up and it makes for quite a lot of possibilities, none of them looking good.

I really enjoyed this story, the atmosphere that the author created and the isolation that felt like it was controlled by the weather and the tides. It seemed like everything was working against Fiona finding out where her friend was. This is a very clever story that made me think. Loved the ending.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Helen Callaghan

My name is Helen Callaghan and I write fiction whenever I’m left unsupervised. I live in Cambridge amongst teetering piles of books.

I’ve always written, it’s my one constant. I was at various points a student nurse, barmaid and drama student. Eventually I settled into bookselling, working as a fiction specialist and buyer for a variety of bookshops, and did that for nearly ten years. In the end I became restless and studied for A-levels at night school. I achieved a place at Cambridge University as a mature student, where I studied Archaeology.

My debut novel, Dear Amy, was a Sunday Times bestseller and my second novel, Everything Is Lies was published in 2018. My latest, Night Falls, Still Missing, will be available in July 2020.

Twitter: @hecallaghan

Night Falls, Still Missing by [Helen Callaghan]

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