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Firstly I wish to thank Sarah Hardy of Book on the Bright side Publicity and Promotion for inviting me on the Blog tour House of Straw by Marc Scott

House of Straw by [Marc Scott]


‘Beautifully brutal, dark and twisted’
Traumatised by the tragic death of her twin brother, Brianna falls into a state of deep depression, isolating herself from the world and all those that care about her. When a twist of fate reveals that she has a half-sister she finds a new purpose in her life and sets out to find her sibling, desperately hoping she can fill the void left in her world.

Poppy has not enjoyed the same privileged lifestyle as her sister while growing up. Abandoned into the care system at the age of eight, she has encountered both physical and sexual abuse for most of her life. Passing through the hands of more care homes and foster families than she can remember, the damaged product of a broken upbringing, Poppy has never found a place to feel truly safe. Kicking back at society, she turns to drug abuse and acts of extreme violence to escape from reality.

When the two siblings are finally united, they discover that they have much more in common than their DNA. Their paths are shrouded with sinister secrets of betrayal and regret and both girls share a deep-rooted hatred for one of their parents. As the dark truths of their lives are unveiled they realise that nothing can ever be the same again…  


House of Straw


Wow, now this story has a flavour of nature versus nurture about it as you follow the lives of two half-siblings, sisters who have the same father, and how each of them turns out. The story begins with tragedy. I really can’t imagine what life would have been like if my brother had died but I think you must feel like part of you has been torn away when that sibling is a twin. Brianna or Bree as she will only answer to and Jamie were extremely close to the point of a few steps too far and their mother had worryingly separated them. But one particular night in a terrible fluke accident that they were both involved in, Jamie died. Bree fell into a severe depression.

Poppy, her older half-sister that she hadn’t known the existence of, had a very hard life and after her mother died her father put her in care at just age eight. Poppy suffered abuse throughout be it in a foster home or communal children’s home. Not long out of prison she was pulling her life together on days her abusive boyfriend wasn’t pulling her down.

The story drops back to how and when their mothers crossed the path of their father and the stories of each of their childhoods and the relationship of Bree and Jamie. Bree and Poppy seem opposites in everything, to begin with. Bree is desperate for a sibling connection while Poppy wants no hangers-on.

There is something really disturbing that niggles you as you read, a clever story, and explicit writing, impulses and twists. I became entwined in it all, pulled in and invested in the two oddball sisters’. I am smiling because I know them now. This is quite a story and quite an ending.

I wish to thank Books on the Bright Side for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Marc Scott was born and bred in the heart of East London. His dark and gritty writing style has earned him much praise with readers. 

He worked in the film and video industry for more than twenty years, the highlight of which was spending twelve months based in Hollywood, organising marketing campaigns for a UK film distributor. 

More recently he spent several years working with young offenders as part of his role associated with the court service. It was during this time he became deeply moved by the tragic story of one young girl who was struggling to come to terms with the neglect and abuse she had suffered throughout her life. Her tragic case inspired him to write his first novel HOUSE OF STRAW. 

The book has already received excellent reviews from bloggers and buyers and his second book is planned for release at the end of 2020. 

His favourite book is Birdy by William Wharton, which he confesses to have read at least half a dozen times. He also enjoys the works of Kazuo Ishiguro. ‘I love authors that can find something that is extraordinary in ordinary people’ he says. ‘A reader wants to feel like a bystander all through the journey and that only happens if they can feel an emotional attachment to the main characters’. 

Marc lives in Buckinghamshire and has three grown-up children George, Marissa and Amie. He says his daughters have been the main motivation behind his love of writing. ‘I always run everything past them. Their honest appraisals definitely keep me on the right track’ he says. 

He is a keen sports fan and has an undying passion for Leyton Orient Football Club.

TWITTER: @marco1918253109

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