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Having killed his father’s nemesis and gotten away with it, Hilo, Hawai`i Chief Detective Koa Kane, is not your ordinary cop. Estranged from his younger brother who has been convicted of multiple crimes, he is not from a typical law enforcement family. Yet, Koa’s secret demons fuel his unwavering drive to pursue justice. Never has Koa’s motivation been greater than when he learns that an elementary school was placed atop a volcanic vent, which has now exploded. The subsequent murders of the school’s contractor and architect only add urgency to his search for the truth. As Koa’s investigation heats up, his brother collapses in jail from a previously undiagnosed brain tumor. Using his connections, Koa devises a risky plan to win his brother’s freedom. As Koa gradually unravels the obscure connections between multiple suspects, he uncovers a 40 year-old conspiracy. When he is about to apprehend the perpetrators, his investigation suddenly becomes entwined with his brother’s future, forcing Koa to choose between justice for the victims and his brother’s freedom.


Fire and Vengeance, Volume 3 (Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery)


This is the third book in this series but my first. It reads well as a stand-alone novel. Set in Hawaii the story gets off the mark straight away with a huge disaster at the local elementary school, when a volcano vent literally erupts inside it, killing young children and teachers. Chief Detective Koa Kane is the man that has to make sense of what just happened and how the plans for a school could have been passed by so many high officials in the first place.

Kane is also dealing with personal issues when he learns that his younger brother, who has constantly been in and out of trouble and currently serving a sentence, has been discovered to have had a brain tumour. After removing the tumour, his behaviour is completely changed. Now he wants Kane to try to get him an early release but nothing is ever so simple.

The story shifts between the two stories with dips back into the past to connect the dots between the high ranking officials involved in the disaster. Gosh, this is a busy book and so fascinating that it is easy to keep track of everything clicking into place. I really took to Kane who has had to prove himself more than others because of his background. It isn’t just a matter of working out who is at the back of the disaster, it is a matter of working it all out while there is someone left to charge.

Well written with a steady pace so that you can digest each step, it is a brilliant but heartbreaking story.

I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Robert B. McCaw

Robert McCaw grew up in a military family traveling the world. After graduating from Georgetown University, he served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army before earning his law degree from the University of Virginia. After law school he spent a year as a judicial clerk for Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black. Thereafter, he was a partner in a major international law firm with offices in Washington, D.C. and New York City, representing clients in complex civil and criminal cases. For a number of years, McCaw maintained a home on the Big Island of Hawaii, studying its history, culture, and people. Putting himself in the shoes of Detective Koa Kane, he has walked the streets, courthouse corridors, and parks of Hawaii’s Big Island. Fire and Vengeance is his third Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery.

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