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Motive by [Alan McDermott, Scott Bury]


Drummed out of the army, Ryan Anderson is looking for a new career. When the opportunity to work for a Manchester gangland figure arises, he jumps at the chance.

Retired DCI James Knight is arrested for a murder he swears he didn’t commit.

Scott Davison is recovering from a traumatic incident when Kelly Stone walks into his life. Is it a chance meeting, or is she part of the past Scott is trying to escape?

Karen Harper has killed before, and she’s planning to kill again…and again.

Their lives are entwined, and it’s up to Detective Inspector John Latimer to unravel the threads before it becomes personal.

Motive is the latest thriller from million-copy bestselling author Alan McDermott, creator of the explosive Tom Gray and Eva Driscoll series.


UK Motive





Well, Alan McDermott takes off at full speed in this new series so please fasten your seat belts because it is one hell of a ride!

Wow, I bounced between the storylines at the beginning of this book wanting each one to continue, hating leaving the characters behind to join a new storyline then hating leaving that one which I was equally involved in. Some became entwined early on but the reasons why things were happening was a mystery.

I love the anger that I could feel from some of the characters and the seeing and not believing by others before everything is too late for them. I liked getting to know DI John Latimer a determined man that feels what he sees. He is loyal to his friends and goes with his gut instinct. The connection already feels like it is there and I am already wanting to know more about him has his character develops in the future.

Ryan is a real focused character that has to control his emotions or risk losing his life in situations where his choices could mean life or death not just for him. Oh my, stomach-churning moments that still make me shudder. This author knows how to through a punch that counts and this story hits hard for some characters.

All the pieces click into place of the who is who, the whys, the when and the what-ifs. It has all been there tucked away. A brilliant beginning to what promises so much more as a series.


Alan McDermott

Alan McDermott is a full time author from the south of England, married with beautiful twin daughters. He used to write critical applications for the NHS, but now he spends his days writing action thrillers.

His debut novel, Gray Justice, has been very well received and earned him membership of He was subsequently picked up by Thomas & Mercer, who published his first 10 books.

Alan’s 7th novel Trojan was shortlisted for an ITW thriller award, and his 8th and 9th books were published in 2018. The 10th, Fight to Survive, will be released in June 2019.

Twitter: @jambalian

Motive by [Alan McDermott, Scott Bury]

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