Spilling Blood Friends. Secrets. Revenge. by L Penn @leahpenn7 #BookReview #KindleUnlimited

Spilling Blood: Friends. Secrets. Revenge. by [L Penn]


When teenager Toni Simms is horrifically betrayed by her boyfriend David Hilton, she enters a world of bloody revenge.
As her best friend Rebecca Hayes comes under attack, they decide to take the law in to their own hands with events leaving a trail of untold plight.
Left physically and mentally broken, each girl discovers emotions and thoughts they would not have believed possible, rearing unbridled acts of attrition as secrets are revealed surrounding family and school life.
Toni and Rebecca cross boundaries no teenagers should cross, and walk a path only they understand, even accepting their lives, will never be the same again.


Spilling Blood: Friends. Secrets. Revenge.


This isn’t a read for the squeamish, it has scenes of rape and violence, which are quite graphic at times so it won’t be for everyone.

Leah Penn always tackles her stories head-on and holds nothing back, you get the full horror of events that take place, with both the physical and emotional damage to a victim.

When teenager Toni is raped by someone she thought she could trust, she doesn’t feel that anyone would believe her, except for her best friend Rebecca. The two decide to make a stand but are no match for David Hilton. He makes it clear that Toni is his and she doesn’t have a say in it, he is in charge. Petrified the girls hatch a plan to put a stop to him for good. This is pretty powerful stuff where taking the matter into their own hands seems like the only option that they have.

As the story goes on it gets into really some dark areas where they spiral pretty well out of control. Lines were crossed and choices made that couldn’t be erased. They began to see the effect their actions were having on other people. They are both sitting well and truly on the wrong side of justice.

This story makes you think about how far you are prepared to go not to defend yourself but to take action first. Could you discover ‘a you’ that had been hidden away?


Hi, all you authors and readers out there, I am new to this publishing world so I am still finding my feet. Believe it or not, I’m so busy writing I don’t have a current photo but will be uploading one shortly. Have to get someone to take a shot of my non-photogenic mug first.
Anyway, I started writing stories as a kid, like most of us do, and during secondary school I received a commendation for a special story I penned which I later turned in to my first full-length novel. In the Eighties I wrote nine books tackling controversial subjects and still do today as my first self-published work, Spilling Blood, drew film production interest.
So, I penned my second novel, Missing Him, and my writing this book has been a real love affair indeed. I enjoy not knowing where my characters are taking me and yet they reveal a something not even I ever foresaw.
From Toni Simms and Rebecca Hayes, to the enigmatic Emery Pearson, I cannot wait to find who will enter my head next to tell me to pen their revelatory story.
Now middle-aged and forever battling life’s challenges, I keep on growing and learning, and here’s to hoping you out there enjoy my style of writing.

Twitter: @leahpenn7


Spilling Blood: Friends. Secrets. Revenge. by [L Penn]

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