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Is available in Pperback,

ebook & Audio

Pub Date: 4th June 2020

Pages – 336


Can a game change the world? The Ten are chosen – they are reckless, driven and strong. They are tested. Ten become Four. In a country where everyone is tracked, how can the Four hide from the police? DI Clive Lussac hates the system that controls everything, but he’s ill and it’s helping him. He must decide: conform or fight. As Clive’s world unravels, he and his partners DC Ava Miller and DS Zoe Jordan can’t believe the entry price to the game. They strive to answer the real questions. Why does the ultimate Augmented Reality game have four different finishes? And how is a simple game wrapped up in politics, religion and the environment?

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Having read Proximity a while ago, I was biting at the reigns to get back and see how DI Clive Lussac was fairing. Set in the future the world is very different from how it is now but some find the changes that have taken place hard to live with. Everything is controlled by the government who know where you go, who you see, what you do and your full medical history via the iMe which is embedded under the skin. Even the foods that you are allowed, to maintain a healthy body and exercise are personally planned for each person. Any breaches are costly. Lucas, in the last book, had been put on a strict diet as he loomed towards diabetes but he had found a way to cheat for him and his partner. A day in the life of a detective normally entailed sitting at a desk and taking the odd call that reported a problem. If a crime was committed the suspects could be swiftly identified and tracked down, some crooks never learnt!

This story centres around the hype of a new game that required physical skills and intelligence. The top ten out of all the players had been chosen and were to face each other for the final four places and the cash prizes for them all that would be life-changing. Serge is the man with all the tasks that each of them has to complete with huge cash prizes there for them all to win.

This is another belting story from this author. It is fast-paced, shocking, funny and has such a real feel with it that this could be how it will be in a few years down the line for us all. I love Lussac he is a brilliant character that seems to remember what life was like before and struggles with the changes. His sweet tooth could be the death of him as the boredom of almost not existence crime forces him and others behind a desk, with the only excitement being who can answer the phone first.

This is a brilliant story which I didn’t work out until things happened. It has everything, loveable characters, action and full-throttle pace. Although it is set in the future this one is a very believable one, just take a step back and see what you have already, we aren’t that far from this. So looking forward to the third book. Superb!

I wish to thank the publisher for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.


Jem Tugwell is a crime fiction author with a Crime Writing MA from City University. NO SIGNAL is the second book in the iMe series and follows his thrilling debut novel PROXIMITY. Jem is inspired by the fascinating possibilities of technology, AI and the law of unintended consequences. In a past life, Jem had a successful career in technology and investment management, and he lives in Surrey with his wife and dog. He has two great children. Outside of his family and writing, Jem’s loves are snowboarding, old cars and bikes.


Twitter: @JemTugwell

Facebook & Instagram JemTugwellAuthor


Copter Prize: As part of the blog tour, Serpentine Books is running a Copter competition to give away 2 signed copies of Proximity (it is open to UK addresses only).


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